Serious Cineflexing
We spent a few days this week chasing Baloo In The Wild and #zulu with the Freefly Systems MōVI Pro. But honestly Baloo would rather chase rabbits. He's a good buddy though for participating in my addition of shooting old locations with new toys. #movipro @rudy.le@northernalpineguides @alisannsays @taylorfreesolo @great.white.snark
The #NepaliLoveYou movement is all about love for the country and it's people. And to know Nepal is to go there! If you've been to Nepal in the past, we are encouraging you to go back. If you've had dreams of going to Nepal for the first time, we are pushing you to make the jump! Our friend Jared Leto has the dream to visit Nepal and has sensed the wonder and love that surrounds her. If you're like him, make the commitment to book your ticket to Nepal so that the country can continue to thrive off of visitors, soul-searchers, trekkers, artists, mountaineers and lovers.

One of our favorite film festivals is happening next week; and they knocked it out of the park with this trailer. Powerful words from legendary Alpinist Michael Kennedy in a letter to his son, Hayden Kennedy, who tragically died this year. Much respect to Hayden's mother, Julie, for starting this intimate adventure festival that we love being part of.
If you're heading to 5Point Adventure Film Festival keep an eye out for our films The Last Honey Hunter / Life Coach / and Shots From Above!!

The annual 5Point Film Festival trailer reminds us to reach for our highest ideals and live our best adventure. This year is no different. In 2007,…

Skip the religion and politics, head straight to the compassion. Everything else is a distraction.
- Talib Kweli

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