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Ariel Nichole Popa
· October 8, 2017
To anyone thats actually willing to read these. There are plenty negatives to say, but no one seems to have anything positive to say. We have lived on post for a little over 5 years now. Do I love cam...pbell crossing? No.. do i hate them? No.
Yes the houses are over priced, but they have started a "flat rate" system to try to work with residents.
The housing rules do seem to change based off the neighborhood you live in, rank, and general appearance of the house. We havent had too many issues, but the ones we have had notices for were uncalled for. Especially when you see other with the same things that dont get notices.
As for the yards? Yeah they dont do the best but the way I look at it at least Im not mowing it. It would be nice if they didnt speed through it and miss huge chunks. They have do take care of every yard for housing. Thats a lot for even the best of teams. It would be nice if they would do edging, gutter work and things like that every so often without you having to call about it. I would recommend housing check from time to time to see how they are doing themselves instead of having us to call them. Housing is the ones paying them and everyone wants their moneys worth.
Maintenance cant be blamed for company policy. Yes there are those who just wanna slack off and not do their job to the full extent. There are others that are amazing to work with. They can only do what the company allows though. If you take care of the issues completely less people would complain so much. Especially with mold issues. That is a serious problem that can cause health issues and almost every house has issues with it. Remember if you have an issue with a specific maintence worker let housing know. As for the notorious Jeff. Yess he did an amazing job, but everyone gets fired for a reason. Thats between the company and him.. not all of us.

Over all to anyone that actually looks at this and considers living on post.. it really just depends on the type of person you are. Do you complain about every little thing that isn't right? Or are you the type that doesnt sweat the small stuff and will let them know accordingly?

Its about like any other neighborhood/ landlord situation. Its not your house and its not going to be perfect. My advice is if you are curious try it for a year and if its not for you move off post. Its definitely not for everyone. We've been on post five and a half years and we havent had any serious issues to where I'd rather be off post.

To housing- everything can be approved upon. Hear your residents out and improve where you can. You're definitely not the worse, but you could definitely improve. I've saw small improvements through the years so keep it up.
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Alli Alex
· December 13, 2017
Grab a snack! It’s going to be a long one! Campbell Crossing gave us an amazing home for the past year in Werner Park. After living in Werner Park, I don’t think I will be able to live on post anywher...e else and I’ll tell you why. Everyone in that office,(Kacey, Cathy, Deb, Judy and Amber) have set the standard SO HIGH of what a community office should be, that I strongly believe I would be disappointed at any other installation. We have always lived off post until we got here, and to be honest our hand was forced due to a situation. I have never once regretted it. The minute we walked Into the leasing office, we were warmly greeted and helped by Lea, Sonya, Iris and Jennifer, we had nothing but exceptional customer service. From that point, Werner became home, not because of the house we were given but because of the team that came with the home, to include the team behind the scenes, (shout-out to Derek, Jimmy, Big Mike and Claude). I am going to miss living here and miss everyone who made this a true community. Thank you for a wonderful year and giving us the most amazing housing experience possible. See More
Sam Kan
· January 9, 2018
This review is strictly in reference to emergency maintenance.

Had a pipe burst over the weekend. Mr. Jimmy Miller responded immediately and didn’t panic when I was already attempting to turn the off. He was honest and truthful about the organizations failure to winterize the pipe.

He called water clean up and got them to my house in a timely manner and gave me advice on what needed to happen next. Monday morning I followed up with the housing office who essentially told me I needed to follow up with maintenance (I had water bill usage concerns and wanted to know when they would fix the pipe and properly winterize it.)

The maintenance number - while helpful - simply told me they were tracking it and would correct as soon as possible. Before I arrived home that evening I had a voicemail from Jimmy. He wanted me to know insulation and pipe correction had already occurred. He asked about the water extraction crews and when I expressed concern for me rug? Brought me two humidifiers to dry them out.

He turned what couldn’t been a bad situation into something quickly taken care of. Thank you Jimmy for everything!
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Melissa Nicole
· January 3, 2018
We recently moved to Fort Campbell, but have been in contact with Campbell Crossing for close to 6 months prior to this move. Sonya in the leasing office has gone above and beyond to help us find the ...right home for when we arrived, which wasn't easy because of issues with my husband's orders. She found the perfect home for us, which we are absolutely loving! Once we got here, both Sonya and Roslynn have been so kind and helpful in this process! We have been with LendLease communities for almost 6 years now at other military posts, but Campbell Crossing is by far the best to work with. Our home is wonderful, they made the whole process incredibly easy, and I believe we are going to love our stay here thanks to them! Would definitely recommend! See More
Ash-Lay Boo-Dro
· November 16, 2017
My experience with Campbell Crossing has been a very positive experience overall. We moved in with no problems or issues and it was a pretty quick process. Any time we needed anything, they were good ...about fixing it in a timely manner. (We didn't have many issues). When we did have issues, the maintenance crew was awesome! They were super friendly and didn't mind explaining whatever the problem was for us to understand. 2 maintenance gentlemen stuck out in my mind, unfortunately I didn't catch one of their names. The other was Mr. Chuck (#12). Thank you both so much for helping us out! The neighborhood we live in has been super nice and we haven't had any issues with it. The only thing i can think of them to work on is customer service. A few times i have called them and the person on the line has been rude. Maybe it was a bad day for them or they aren't a people person. Either way when you are in that position its your job to be nice to all customers. But like i said, it was only a couple of times, the other times i had no issues. Overall, i am glad i chose to live on post through Campbell Crossing. Thank you for everything. See More
NeilandHelen Myres
· November 9, 2017
We just wanted to take a few moments here to speak freely. Too often we only take the time to recognize the faults of certain organizations on this installation and usually when we are on our way out.... We as a family are not immune to this and recognize our faults. We wanted to take this time to outline the positive support that we have received from Campbell Crossings in the past and continue to receive today.

Whether it has been with last minute work orders or simple support to providing an extra recycling bin, the staff at Campbell Crossings has been nothing but supportive of our needs. When we moved in, our siding was damaged, but a team was at our residence within days to remedy the situation. The workers that have been to our house have been wonderful and considerate. They are hard workers and with a community of demands, always come to the door with a smile and a “can do” attitude.

Too often it is easy to highlight the bad things that happen, but Campbell Crossings does more good than they are recognized for. As we continue to enjoy our time here at Fort Campbell, we look forward to the continued support provided by the team at Campbell Crossings as well as their dedicated work force to ensuring our stay here is truly first class.

~ Overly pleased in Harper Village
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Brittany Otte
· January 30, 2018
Really disappointed in the company and employees that run Leadlease here on Fort Campbell. We signed a 9 month lease at the end of June and were told we could go month to month at the same price as we... were paying, UNLESS the rent rate went up at the beginning of the year. The rent rate has not gone up, however as of April 1st we will be charged "the average BAH for our area (Drennon Park.)" We would be going from $1375, which is already preposterous, to $1860. That is an almost $500/month increase. I can totally get behind a 10%-15% rent increase, or even extending to complete a full 12 month lease. They absolutely refuse to work with you. What if we couldn't afford the increase? Technically in order to qualify (per the application guidelines) we would need to make twice the rent. What if we did at $1375 and no longer do at the new price? Seems appalling that they could just up a rent by that much! We will never, ever live on another military post that is powered by Lendlease. See More
Destinie JessicaLynn
· January 29, 2018
I’m only giving 3 stars because I have to say up until now I’ve been pretty happy with them but we recently did a move over and they told me multiple times that I wouldn’t pay full BAH for the home I’...m in. We are now paying full BAH 2 months into our lease and when I called to ask what the issue was they said that was always the case and we were never offered a flat rate amount. It’s quite fraudulent to tell me several times that we would be paying a lower amount and now that I’ve signed the lease you can’t do anything to help me knowing I’m not making it up because your agent even put the flat rate amount where the prorated amount goes for the first month and told me that would be our rent amount for the duration of our lease. Housing called to let me know even that was a mistake considering the fact that I moved in on the 1st and there never should’ve been a prorated amount in the first place! It’s completely ridiculous that it’s a constant thing for you guys to say one thing and do another and tell different people different things. I don’t have an issue with the housing but there’s a serious lack of professionalism and Campbell crossing DOES NOT CARE about the tenants it’s all about the money. See More
Sarah Bixler-McLellan
· January 24, 2018
We have lived here 2 1/2 years and have been happy with our experience so far. There were small things that got on our nerves, but nothing major. We were good UNTIL it came to the move out process. We... were force moved into another home due to renovations. Not only was the process dragged out from October to January, but we were told a certain set of guidelines for our move out. Once we did the actual move out process, it has suddenly become a whole new set of guidelines, and we are being charged an astronomical amount. There are some things that we can definitely see being charged for and had planned accordingly, but we are being charged for stuff that we were told we did not need to do or worry about. The best part is, they are supposed to be gutting and renovating these houses before any new tenants move in. It's definitely frustrating to say the least. If we were given a more accurate set of guidelines for our move (especially since it's a different than typically situation) then we would have been better prepared. See More
Stacey Wilcox- Burkepile
· January 6, 2018
After being here for 5 years I guess it was time to review Campbell Crossing. I have to begin by saying when we arrived here EVERYTHING that had anything to do with Fort Campbell was nothing but awful.... The experience we had on this post (not just housing) was awful. This is not my first military installation at all and this ranks on the bottom of my list. No one on this post knows anything about their job! With that being said housing was not the worse of them all. We had several obstacles when we first moved in and felt I had to do way to much in order to get them rectified however they were fixed. Our concerns were heard and things are much better now. There are pros and cons to living on post and what many forget to remember is that this is government housing not some big fancy neighborhood. When we first got here I was not happy with housing at all, but after living here for so long and seeing what they have to deal with on a daily basis it has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. Most of the housing staff is gone from when we first got here except for Jolene. Recently we have had to have some things done and her and Angela have been wonderful and very helpful. I visit the gym often and they are very helpful and super nice. See More
Christine Gordon
· December 19, 2017
My overall experience with Campbell crossing has been positive. Maintenance always came ina timely manner and they frequently had events going on. Definetly was a bonus to have parks maintained on j...ust about every corner of Lee. Angela did our outprocessing and she was very helpfull. The only con is the housing is a little small for the price. Towards the end of our stay they did cut the cost a little :) See More
Camillia Henry
· December 23, 2017
We lived in lee park for the last 2 years and it’s been great from the office staff at the community center they were always helpful, to the amazing maintenance guys every problem we had they fixed it... they were alway nice and respectable and a big thank you to mrs Roslyn who did our walk thru thank you for making our experiences a great one happy holidays from the Henry’s See More
Stephanie LeMarr Lawson
· January 3, 2018
So many are quick to complain when things get rough. Especially with the frigid temps and heat/water loss issues. However, I would like to commend Campbell Crossing for their attention to these matter...s. They aren’t miracle workers. They can’t control Mother Nature or even who built these homes. What they can do is react, adapt and create action to issues. Our AC/Heating Unit literally caught fire New Years Day. The fire dept had to cut power (which they saved they day and our home!)...Maintenance was on skeleton holiday after hours man power. Dealing with frozen pipes and busted pipes all over Post. They still came to my home and worked for over an hour trying to secure heat for us. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get it that night. However, the next day they were. It took a while, over night cold temps (2 degrees) and another day of no heat. However, the guy was sooooo nice and very empathetic to our situation. You could tell he was exhausted. He was frozen too. He mentioned a little about just how many issues they were dealing with. It’s crazy and many people don’t understand these guys working long cold hours having people complain to them 24/7. Yet, here they were still helping more people and continuing to work away from their own families on a holiday. But, all in all, we now have heat. It was a lose-lose situation for everyone. There’s no right answer or miracle work that can be done in these situations. So, instead of complaining, I say THANK YOU. Thank you for doing the best you can and staying kind through the whole process. See More
Anthony Luevano
· September 28, 2017
The area isn’t bad but...even when you have all of your electricity turned off while you’re on vacation your bill can be over $50 when it should be nothing like my last one was because they take the a...verage of the area. The bugs in the yard are ridiculous I’ve had to spray my own yard to get rid of mosquitoes fleas and chiggers because they hardly ever spray. I have complained several times before and nothing is ever done. Unless the rude maintenance personnel decide that something is wrong with anything they won’t do anything about it. The lawn care is a joke and when it’s not done right we get notices saying that we need to take care of it. My neighbor had his wife’s flower bead ripped apart because the mowers did not pay any attention to it. I will not be staying here anymore after my lease is up and I recommend that everyone else find some where else to live or buy a house. See More
Brynn Riley
· November 6, 2017
We are getting ready to leave Campbell after being here for 3.5 years. We will miss living here. We have loved our house on post and would not hesitate to live on post if we are stationed here again. ...Any issues we have had have been dealt with in a satisfactory and timely manner. The ladies in the housing office are always willing to help and love my kids. See More
Jessica Williams
· October 29, 2017
Please Bear with me, going to be a LONG post. Here’s a short story of what happened

***please keep in mind while reading this im 14 weeks pregnant ***...

We live in pierce village on post near gate 7. Let me say this housing sucks and is not worth the 1250 in BAH because of all the problems we are acquiring . Both housing and maintenance keeps leading me around in circles . It all started with a leak in my kitchen , water dripping from my light fixture . We had a hand full of maintenance come and go to check out the problem. Each one contradicting the other . Campbell crossing in the pierce village community office got on the ball when I asked what ice was so they sent out the supervisor the very next day . (This is after 3 months of living with mold after the leak. )

The supervisor came out to check out the mold . He didn’t test it or anything . Some was the penicillin mold he spoke of because it was blueish green (I’m still allergic to penicillin it’s even noted with my doctors ) the mold on the kitchen ceiling had grown back since putting different chemicals in it . It’s not the blue green mold ... ITS BLACK! well anyways he made me clean the mold knowing I’m pregnant , he of course gave me black gloves but still it made me kind of mad . He then assessed my vents everywhere and told me I needed to put my vacuum on a chair to vacuum the ceiling to remove the mold and dirt . Again I’m pregnant . He then checked out the big damp decaying wall in my living room and said it was really moist and I had a leak ... well hmmm the thought of mold didn’t cross his little mind .... also it’s starting to grow on all of my decor . And new cracks are showing up everywhere .

The next day miraculously my ceiling started to leak.. a lot. They came out within the hour and didn’t fix it . They cut a hole in the ceiling and ants fell all over the guys head . They just put a tarp over the hole they cut and I’m on a waiting list for a week because I guess this isn’t high priority .
The bug man came out the next day and didn’t spray because he told me it got to cold last night and they’re probably all dead now ... hello it’s the inside of a warm house .... and now I have ants crawling on me randomly throughout the day and night in various places without the house . He also didn’t treat my infestation of brown recluses ... But let’s get back on track. The maintenance man who came out for the leak in my living room brought a de humidifier so they didn’t have to replace my wall that has been soaking up water for months .

I’m so sick and tired of these lazy workers sending me around in circles .

Pictures and videos in comments .
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Monique Brown
· February 7, 2018
Campbell Crossing LLC was very attentive to my needs and place me in a very nice home the same day. Pierce Village RSC, Roslynn, thoroughly went over my leasing agreement with me and made me feel very... welcomed to the community. I can say I enjoyed my meeting with her, she was very professional, family oriented and funny. Thanks Roslynn!! See More
Tonya Cooper
· February 5, 2018
Housing is a JOKE! We went to request being moved over as soon as possible due to a domestic with the neighbor and they refused to move us! Said we have to wait 12-24 months on the waiting list! I get... there is priority to incoming soldiers, but seriously a domestic and you can’t accommodate? Now we’re stuck living in a place we are not comfortable anymore and constantly have to worry about locking our doors so nobody just walks in again to assault! Straight up ridiculous! See More
Carmen Abrams
· February 15, 2018
I have visit with my daughter who's a new resident the Turners and Ms. Iris in particular has been absolutely wonderful, she has veen such a great help to her and I would just like to let her know how... much she is appreciated and for being so kind and professional.

Thank you so much on behalf of the Tuner Family �
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Tammy Haley
· December 11, 2017
The maintenance staff are absolutely amazing! From Ms. Robin who answers your calls all the way down to the individual maintenance person, they get the unit fixed up as fast and as efficiently as they... can. Jimmy, Nelson, Kacey, Mr. Hahner - they are all caring and compassionate individuals and I am so thankful that they are part of my community maintenance team! See More

We know! The near 80 degree temperatures yesterday probably has many of you itching for spring and opening up all your windows to let the sun and fresh air in! We can definitely get on board with more of that! Since spring will be here before we know it, we just wanted to take the time to talk to you about important window safety tips, especially when it comes to small children around the home.

It’s estimated that more than 5,000 children each year are treated in emergency r...ooms specifically due to window falls, many of them in the 0-4 age range. This is scary to think about, but window falls can be prevented! Check out these window safety tips from Safe Kids Worldwide, courtesy of Campbell Crossing:

Keep furniture - or anything children can climb (beds, toy chest, clothes dressers, step stools/ladders, etc.) – away from windows. Take the time to walk through your home to ensure that areas around all windows are clear of items that can be used as a climbing aid. For more information about window safety visit the National Safety Council Website.

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Good Evening Campbell Crossing Residents!

This is just a friendly post to let you know all Campbell Crossing Office's will close tomorrow Friday, February 16th at 1pm in observance of Presidents Day and will reopen for normal business Tuesday, February 20th.

Due to the holiday, Waste Indurstries will be working on a holiday trash pick-up schedule for next week. There will be no pick-up on Monday, all pick-ups will shift a day to the right and will resume Tuesday, February 20t...h. For the full trash and recycle schedule please visit

For any after hours maintenance emergencies please contact 931-431-3966.

Thank you and enjoy your long weekend!

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