"Andy Trench made $2,000 a day in 2015 taking sky-high photographs along the East Coast with a drone he made himself. Now, that same work fetches about $175."

Companies big and small look for ways to make high-flying business pay off

"Parks Ontario ecologist David Legros says there has been a spike in the number of people trampling through sensitive habitat, blocking roads, laying down food or chasing wild animals in the quest for a photo — and he believes social media platforms such as Instagram are partly to blame."

MONTREAL — While some wildlife photographers dream of that perfect shot of a majestic moose or a swooping snowy owl, some observers say more and more people are stooping to unethical practice…
Canadian photographer has been working with scientists to draw attention to man's impact on the planet

"I like to think of photography 1.0 as the invention of photography and photography 2.0 as the evolution of photography to digital and the move from film and pa...per to everything on a chip. Now, for me, photography 3.0 is the use of the digital camera to capture an object in the third dimension,” said Burtynsky, who has been exploring expanding his work into the third dimension for more than five years.

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LONDON, UK, May 14, 2018, 8:00 a.m. (GMT+1) — World-renowned artist Edward Burtynsky will be unveiling his first Augmented Reality (AR) Installation as part of his special exhibition during Photo London at Somerset House in London, UK, May 17-20, 2018 where he is being honoured as this year’s Ma...
Canadian nature photographer Dave Sandford spends weeks at a time in the Arctic Circle searching for polar bears.

Canadians can apply until May 11, 2018. All you have to do is follow @NetflixCA, tag #GrammastersNorth and @NetflixCA in your Insta-submissions and you may find yourself part of a Netflix production! Visit to apply!

Netflix is about to give someone their dream gig in Canada. They have launched #GrammastersNorth, a search for talented Canadian

In case you were wondering...

Photographer Ricardo Scipio wants to celebrate sexuality in whatever size and form it takes
After watching the spread of the selfie stick over the past several years, photographer Peter McKinnon recently decided to try one himself for the first time. But then he decided he wanted something better... so he built himself a $10,000 ultra-Canadian selfie stick. The 8-minute video above documen...
A bookend made of a zebra's hoof, a bear's gallbladder, rhino horns and dead turtles. These are some of the confiscated wildlife an Ottawa photographer is bringing to the public through a new photo series.

"Laura Kaye, a Canadian photographer who specialises in birds, says there is nothing wrong with photographers documenting captive creatures provided they are well looked after, but they should disclose the techniques they use to capture their work. Kaye is more concerned by the baiting of certain wild animals such as owls."

After a photographer lost an award for allegedly using a taxidermy anteater, colleagues describe cases of glued insects and trained tigers

I wonder if this decision by the CRA could have implications for some photographers as well.

A Halifax sculptor says he was shocked and insulted by a Canada Revenue Agency ruling demoting him to the status of "hobby artist" and giving him a $14,500 tax bill.
The secrets to achieving a hyperreal look through the eyes of the Canadian photographer and CGI expert Dan Couto By Stela Glushkova Have you ever wondered how an image of an ice cream commercial looks so real that you just want to grab it and have a bite? The truth is CGI plays a key role in order t...
Photographers commonly deal with photos being used without permission these days, but oftentimes infringements can be resolved in a friendly and agreeable way. Concert photographer Adrienne Row-Smith recently experienced the opposite: after asking nicely that her misused photos be taken down, Row-Sm...
The photographs of Britney Spears, Donald Trump, and others aren't what they seem.

World Press Photo award winners, including Canadian photographer Kevin Frayer.

Judges reviewed 73,044 images by 4,548 photographers from 125 countries for the 61st World Press Photo contest. An image of a man on fire was selected photo of the year.

Some stunning drone photography by Toronto photographer Gary Cummins featured on National Geographic site.

This photographer provides a bird's-eye view of urban and natural wonders.

Check out this short documentary made by Canadian photographer Take Kayo and filmmaker Ryan Savella, who spoke to a number of amateur and professional photographers to find out why they still shoot film.

Why shoot with a film camera when you can use your smartphone? We talk to both professional and amateur photographers to find out why they love film. -------...