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If you think that the medical industry is interested in finding cures for disease, read this article. You'll be surprised to learn what happens when a cure for a disease is found.

Indeed, cancer is a highly profitable disease. In 2015, the world spent $107 billion on cancer drugs, and according to 2016 projections, that number was expected to grow to $150 by 2020.

Check out this Facebook page about vaccine injuries

The #crazymothers community was created in hopes of bringing awareness to vaccine injury. We hope to give a voice to all of the crazymothers.�

When your doctor says, colonoscopy, run for your life.

The procedure known as colonoscopies as a prophylactic for colon cancer is a multimillion dollar industry. Every year, over 14 million perfectly healthy individuals age 50 and up, submit themselves to this invasive procedure hoping to detect colorectal cancer. But is it really effective? It’s a Pa...

Are Dentists Dying From Mercury Poisoning?

In June 2017, the CDC reviewed medical records from 894 patients diagnosed with IPF and treated at one clinic from September 1996 to June 2017, looking for those with an occupation of dentist, dental hygienist or dental technician. Nine of the patients, or 1 percent, were dental personnel. Consideri...

Italian Scientists Find Toxic Substances in Vaccines

(Naturalhealth365) According to the National Institutes of Health, up to 23.5 million Americans suff...
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Canadian Natural Products Alliance
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Natural Strategies for Raising Healthy Kids. This interview is tremendous. presents "Raising Healthy Kids - Natural Strategies Revealed with Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Wolfson Missed a show? All recordings are available inside the NaturalHea

The Truth about Vaccines

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GMO Dangers

A complete overload of chemicals only damages the immune system...

Psychobiotics: Bacteria For Your Brain

Every functional medicine psychiatrist has case stories of the 'probiotic cure' – of a patient whose debilitating symptoms remitted completely with dietary change and probiotic supplementation.

How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Below is a video of Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, clearly explaining how THC (the main psychoactive constitute of the cannabis plant) comp…

Fluoride and the pineal gland

Fluoride may well be one of the most underrated causes of bad health. It can damage many parts of the brain including the pineal gland. Most antidepressants like Prozac are high in fluoride and this might explain the mechanism by which drugs like Prozac cause brain damage.

The pineal gland has been known as the 'seat of soul' for hundreds of years. Could fluoride, a ubiquitous vector of toxicity in the modern world, actually be calcifying this gland and literally turning it to stone?

Teen Girl Develops Leukemia after Gardasil Vaccine. Mother Gives Her Cannabis Oil to Recover

Hayley Willard was one of the first to receive a Gardasil vaccination at 15 years of age in Newfoundland, Canada in 2010. Up until then, she was a very active extroverted person who was actively involved in figure skating competitions. Her mother Dana explained that Hayley was a healthy, enthusiasti...

This event replaces the Weston A Price meeting scheduled for Sunday at 3 PM.

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BC Herdshare Association

Let's make this the year for the raw milk community to have a voice!

It is time that British Columbia catches up with the 43 US States and ALL OTHER G8 Nations ...that have already legalized and regulated raw milk. Come hear about the progress in our campaign working toward legalization and how you can make a difference.

WHEN: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 7:00 pm

WHERE: University of British Columbia - Room MCML 166…


Mark McAfee of the Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) has come up from California to share information on:

> The Raw Milk Institute and how RAWMI-listed farmers are producing clean milk.

> The Fresh Milk Pilot Project.

> The nutritional benefits of raw milk and its effect on the gut biome.

> BCHA and RAWMI meetings with government and researchers.

Alice Jongerden, BCHA Volunteer, Agister, and RAWMI Trainer

> The Past Journey: A compilation of actions surrounding Fresh Milk in BC.

> The Future Journey: Where we go from here and the important part that we as citizens can play.

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When the media and others talk about the pandemic of drug addiction in the homes and on the streets of our nations they neglect to point out that all these drugs were originally introduced by the pharmaceutical industry as seen below:

If you live in the lower mainland of British Columbia and want to learn more about the health benefits of drinking raw milk make sure you attend the Vancouver chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation's presentation this Sunday at 3 PM. Please share this with your lower mainland friends

This event was canceled
This event was canceled