This is why Calgary will have a hard time implementing the "sustainable transportation hierarchy" (…/uploa…/2015/01/green-hierarchy.jpg). Just to note, Brussels is at 72 out of the 100 cities ranked ( and has a 100 out of a 100 Walk Score ( Calgary has a Walk Score of 48 ( By the way, Vancouver's Walk Score is 97 (

Calgary is the best Canadian city to drive in, according to a global ranking system devised by a German auto parts retailer.
Car Less in Calgary - Teaser Trailer - September 5 2012

The director of Car Less in Calgary, Peter Tombrowski, is featured in a Canadian Press article about cutting the costs of vehicle ownership.

CALGARY — Nineteen years ago, Peter Tombrowski and his wife decided that giving up their paid-off vehicle made sense for them and their six-month-old baby.“We were living downtown, and …
Car Less in Calgary Movie was celebrating another year.

#Today marks 18 years of our family living without a vehicle in #Calgary.

The XVIII Walk21 International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities will bring as many as 600 attendees from around the world to the University of Calgary campus.

#CALGARY will be hosting Walk21 from Sept 19-22, 2017! Walk21 is an International Conference of Walking and Liveable Communities. The Call for Contributions is now open. For more information, visit

The University of Calgary and partners at The City of Calgary are honoured to have been selected to host the XVIII Walk21 International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities in September 2017.
Car Less in Calgary Movie is feeling concerned.
May 8, 2016

All proceeds from the sale (until May 31, 2016) of these ‘#FortMcMurray fire - Unity, Generosity & Strength’ products (…/21766206-fort-mcmurray-fire-unit… ) will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross, which is providing relief to evacuees. Or, don't buy anything and give directly to Canadian Red Cross right here:

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They need some help. Please checkout this Portland carfree family GoFundMe page. Happy Earth Day.

Dear friends and supporters,
We are joyfully looking forward to spring and 3 spring birthdays ahead - yippee! Celebrations will be extremely limited or delayed,... however, because primary concern now is April's rent. Mom is currently losing a week's work due to flu , and those wages amount to roughly 1/4 of monthly rent cost. Please help if you can and continue sharing our campaign. Even $5 means a lot - what to others is the cost of a Starbucks coffee, to us means 20-25 bananas, with food and shelter remaining of foremost importance in our needs, far above the dream items on our wish list. Thank you so much for your support! Happy Spring to you, with love and gratitude from all us Suburban Bike Ninjas

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Please join us in celebrating 5 years carfree with a household of 5 teens! Our family of 7 ditched the minivan for bikes and have been happier and healthier ever since, especially Dad, who, while still disabled and unable to work, lost over 100 pounds and regained enough mobility to help around t...

Excellent article in Swerve today. Happy Earth Day!

The children’s sobs, when they came, were deep and long. Our trusty Honda Civic had just died. Died—that’s a good word to describe the moment when a car goes kaput. Yes, it’s a ma…

We have been helping out with this international disability film festival ( for several years now. If you are in Calgary, come on down and enjoy some great films (March 16-18). If you're not in or near Calgary then we encourage you to look within your own community and see what your local disability arts community is doing. You might just get entertained, inspired and educated.

Today is the start! Join us for fabulous film, fun and free popcorn!

This morning starts with shorts...lots of 'em! Filmmakers
Jamie and Julien Escallon (Canad...a) will be on hand to talk about "A world for all" and Jenna Kanell about her award-winning film "Bumblebees".

For festival details visit

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IMPORTANT: Film submissions are now closed. For the latest news and updates: >>Please see 2016 Festival Schedule, Film Catalogue, Award Winners and Honourable Mentions below! Mark your calendars! 2016 Picture festival "Celebrating 15 years of fabulous, fantastic and fun film." What: Pict…
Car Less in Calgary film is available for rent or purchase through Vimeo OnDemand -

Check out Baconfest 3 today for some "engaging dialogue about urban planning."
Dates: February 3 and 10, 2016.
Time: 5:30 - 8 p.m. (doors at 5:30 p.m., discussion to begin at 6 p.m.)
Location: Dutton Theatre, Calgary Central Library (2nd Floor, 616 Macleod Trail S.E.)

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
City of Calgary – Your Local Government

You're invited! Join us for Baconfest 3, starting this Wednesday, for urban planning films and discussion... and yes, bacon.

This year’s films explore personal ...narratives of residents impacted by issues of conventional public housing in America; explore the ways of architect and planner Daniel Hudson Burnham who built some of the world's first skyscrapers; examine how contemporary Japanese architects strive to unite the ways of modern man with old construction philosophies; and much more.

Baconfest is FREE to attend. Learn more about the dates, films and Edmund Bacon at

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"Start Here" - a poem by Peter Tombrowski the director of Car Less in Calgary Movie.
There is no indoors, only outdoors.
Everything we do is outdoors.
Outdoors is not a place we go to....
Outdoors is where we are all the time.
I live in the outdoors.
Outdoors is my home.
I am the master of my home.
You are a guest in my home.
I take care of my guests in my home.
I am a guest in your home.
I count on you to take care of me in your home.
I am a guest in the outdoors.
We are outdoors together.
COP21 #COP21 #ClimateChange

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In Deep Space Comics is feeling like I sold my soul for money.

Dear planet occupant,

Environment Removal Corp. is pleased to inform you of our upcoming special. For a limited time only with the purchase of our TWERP (Total ...World Environment Removal Package), we will remove for FREE any unsightly moons orbiting your planet. Please see the attached sponsored In Deep Space Comics accurately depicting our cosmic-leading process.

Please contact us about your Environment Removal needs!

"No environment, less problems."

-Environment Removal Corp.

PS- Please feel free to spread the word of this special to your planet's pertinant individuals and groups: COP21 #COP21 Al Gore #ClimateChange #Environment #LoveEarth Greenpeace International David Suzuki United Nations The White House

"No environment, less problems."

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We keep on wanting THEM (politicians, governments, industry, organizations, etc.) to make the visionary changes. But THEY are only half of the solution. YOU are the other half. What are you doing to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover” in your own environment that is beyond your norm? What visionary changes are YOU going to implement and are willing to accept in your life? It is a process that takes time, but it's necessary and worthwhile. BE BRAVE. COP21 #COP21 #ClimateChange