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  • is a service aimed at building a community promoting agriculture trade in the Caribbean region.
    Join our group and take part in building the community. is a free service establish to help the building of a community promoting agriculture trade in the Caribbean region.
    The Caribbean region has unified itself as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). At present twenty countries and territories in the Caribbean region are members of this community. This community promotes single market economy (CSME). The single market economy enables free movement of goods between CARICOM members. is the only website which lists the agriculture inventories of farmers in the region so that buyers can access the system and increase the share of produce they buy from CARICOM members. This immediately translates to up to 35% savings of import taxes imposed by the various countries on produce imported from outside the CARICOM community (primarily the US and Canada). is building this community based on its strong ties to the local farmer community, primarily in Antigua and Guyana. The site is update daily and great efforts are done to collect up to date information about farmer produce and inventories.

    As a community, does not take any position on the stocks and only distributes the information between its members. This means that members of the community interact among themselves to inquire information and complete transaction. The main function of is to facilitate this trade and monitor its members for legal and prober business conduct in their dealings with other members.

    In addition to this primary function, sells many trade supporting products, such as farming equipment, transportation services, financial insurance and more. This is aimed at supporting farmers and buyers in growing produce and completing trades, helping to facilitate produce trade in the region. publishes general information sections that provide access to help and support organizations in the region, consulting services and more.

    If you have any information you require which is not provided here at, please submit a ticket and we will consider adding this information for the benefit of our community. As as member community, we promote information sharing, if you have any information you consider of value to our community, including links to websites, product and service offerings, etc. please open a ticket so we can evaluate this information and post it.
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