3 person Caricature in Progress
A great time lapse video of digital at work in Nashville. Thanks to Carter May of Buffalo Wild Wings for sending it to me!
Worked at Alec Aaronson's Bar Mitzvah this past weekend at 200 Peachtree, thanks to Lethal Rhythms Entertainment. Client loved the idea of having a projector and it worked out great. I had folks coming up afterwards to me saying they enjoyed watching the show - from a safe distance. :) Here's a quick time lapse video of one of the guests.

Some samples of the 127 faces drawn at CMPX in Toronto last week (Canadian Mechanical & Plumbing Expo.) Many thanks to OS&B for inviting me. A repeat customer, they were extremely gracious and hospitable the entire visit. I had a wonderful experience and can't wait to go back (when it's slightly warmer, 'natch.)

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Caricatures by Tony updated their cover photo.
February 21
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A few photos from the Int'l Roofing Expo in New Orleans. Many thanks to Hover3D for inviting me to their booth. Was even able to catch the start of the Mardi Gras parade Wednesday night - from my hotel room. Too cold and rainy to be outside.

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Some samples from KBIS in Orlando last week. In conjunction with IBS (Int'l Builders Show) definitely one of the biggest shows I've ever worked. Many thanks to OS&B for bringing me in. It was a pleasure working with you guys.

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Recently completed my biggest commission ever; a 4' x 8' poster of the guys at WSB 750 Radio/Bulls & Bears, along with some of their staff. Adam and Champ also bought a copy to hang in their houses. Great guys, fun project!

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A few samples from an event this past weekend for a local law firm. Great people, great band.

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Back up in Nashville last week for the Remodeling Show & Deck Expo. Many thanks to AGS Stainless for having me at their booth!

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Some examples from the Jack Henry Annual Conference in Nashville this week. Many thanks to Computershare for having me! #tonybrischler #caricaturesofatlanta #digitalcaricaturesofatlanta #caricaturesbytonybrischler #computershare

A few examples from APTA Expo 2017 in Atlanta. Drew for 20 hours over three days. Exhausting but had a great time! Many thanks to GenFare and The Producers, Inc for the opportunity! #tonybrischler #digitalcaricaturesofatlanta #caricaturesofatlanta

A few pics from the NASF SUR/FIN show this week in Atlanta. Many thanks to Associated Rack Corporation for having me at their booth; had a great time and the cookies were delicious!

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A few photos from the ATD 2017 show here in Atlanta this week. Met a lot of fun people (you ladies know who you are!) Many thanks to Mindmarker for having me.

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In Nashville earlier this week for the AiSTech 2017 conference, which focused on technologies related to the steel industry. Many thanks to American Chemical Technologies, MRSI and the other exhibitors who made up the Super Booth for inviting me. This was probably the most fun I had at a show. Here's a sampling of the 165 faces drawn in three days.

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Some examples from the Int'l Door Association (IDA) Expo here in Atlanta. Many thanks to Matt of Artisan Custom Doorworks for inviting me - I had a great time!

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Was invited to entertain at the MacGyver Season 1 Wrap Party last night here in Atlanta. No MacGyver sightings but met a lot of cool, fun people. Very busy so only managed a few photos.

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Just got back from HIMSS'17 in Orlando. Had a great time, drawing for 20 hours over three days. Many thanks to Endosoft for inviting me to entertain at their booth.

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Love the idea of digital but have too many guests to draw them in color? Go black and white! Here's a few examples from an event I did last week for Home Depot. These average 15/hr, compared to 10/hr in full color. The gray wash only takes a few seconds and combined with a color background, really helps make it all pop!

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