So excited to be a part of this new event! Join me in April in Owensboro, KY, for pet and people readings. SO many amazing vendors, healers, readers, and celebrities will be there. And a cool is that?!

Apr 13 - Apr 15Owensboro Convention CenterOwensboro, KY
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Happy Monday! Let’s see your Bitmoji!

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PLEASE don’t declaw your cat. I have talked to a lot of cats who have been traumatized by owners who didn’t know the truth about it. Education and awareness are key. Please share with your cat-loving friends! 😻

Bring your pups or a photo of your furry friends! I’ll be at the Mystical Fair: Lexington this weekend. Come play and see all of the wonderful vendors, readers, healers and artists. Visit…/1B74E4KP26ENA/mystical-fair-lexingto… to pre-book an appointment. 🐶🐱🐴🐰🦆

Pet Wants Lex is graciously hosting me on Saturday, March 10 from 12-5 pm. I’ll be doing pet readings inside the store, so bring your pups (or a clear photo) and buy some good quality dog food while you’re at it!

Sat 12:00 PM ESTPet Wants LexLexington, KY

We might rescue them, but animals rescue us right back. What a story! 🐱🇺🇸

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is sadly a common affliction for many soldiers who have witnessed conflict, an invisible wound that continues to cause incredible suffering long after the guns have fallen silent.
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Four Nine

Wait for it... 😂😂

Beautiful. ❤️

We all hope that our loved ones can do this after they pass away.

A wonderful example of a soul contract between a human and her animal companion. ❤️

A microchip shows the senior dog Nicole Grimes adopted after seeing her on Facebook is the same dog her parents forced her to give up when she was a child. ❤️🐾


Grimes spotted the dog looking for a home on Facebook and thought in looked like her old childhood pet

Tomorrow's the big day and I'm getting excited. Bring your pets (or a picture on your phone) and your curiosity!

Did y’all know that I do people readings, too? It’s how this whole crazy journey of mine started! I am a psychic medium, intuitive empath, and spiritual adviser. I do individual phone readings or in-person parties (5+ people) all the time. I can tune in to your angels and beloveds on the other side and focus on past, present, and future. A lot of times I answer questions about health, relationships, finances, life path, etc. Message me if you’d like to schedule a phone reading or book me for a party!

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I love the special bond these two share. So precious! 🐱🐎

A cat started following his human mom to the stable as her most loyal companion, but little did they know that the clever Siamese has a natural talent as a feline equestrian.Meet Louis! Emma Massingale Louis was a kitten when Emma Massingale, a professional horse tr...

I can't wait to do pet and people readings this weekend. Come play!

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Funniest thing you’ll see all day!

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Wear snow shoes, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

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Puppy Bowl with BISSELL.

Good boy, Bear! You're the Puppy Bowl XIV MVP!

Happy Caturday! Share the first pic of your cat that you see on your phone.

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Look what’s happening next weekend in Lexington! I’ll be there all weekend doing pet readings. 🐶🐱🐢🐇🐎