If I were straight this is how terrible I would be on a date. Count the sleazy looks I give. #datingwithchampagne #champagne #pretenddates #sydney #harbour #yacht
Croc spotted! Holiday goal achieved ✅⛴ #ladydouglas #fnq #portdouglas #portdouglaslife
We voted yes ✔️🌈 #PostYourYes📮

Yesterday I was on The Project denouncing political correctness for new ways to diagnosing obesity without saying obesity. #politicalcorrectness

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Wtf @thexfiles finale was that. Chris Carter has got to hand over the show to someone else. @jjabrams perhaps? The truth is catastrophe of epic proportions. #TheXFiles


What’s genius for Obama is scandal when it comes to Trump

The scandal involving Cambridge Analytica's abuse of Facebook data underscores the point.

Yep. Hey remember that?

The recent fury over news that data on Facebook members was used by the Trump campaign exposes a massive double standard on the part of those now raising holy hell over Facebook.

The Labor party disease has begun its cancerous spread in the Victorian Labor party.

The Labor Party in Victoria has repaid the $388,000 in misused taxpayer funding.

Put data aside, the Labor party paid people to dress up as fireman and emergency services to steal your votes. One of the lowest of lows.

TWENTY-ONE Victorian Labor MPs, including 11 who are still serving, breached parliamentary guidelines in a $388,000 rort at the 2014 state election.
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A shortcut on a forklift could cut your life short. Are you #ForkSafe? Check out our website for free safety materials for your workplace.

The Greens in disarray is a good thing for Australia.

“If the @Greens move to replace @RichardDiNatale as leader, then they really have lost their collective minds, writes #Insiders panellist @vanOnselenP #Insidersreading #auspol #Batman

Looks great for NSW

“Pleased to release a great vision for NSW bringing together the housing, infrastructure and liveability needs of our communities. Our strong economic management has meant we’ve been able to deliver a massive pipeline of infrastructure investment worth $200 billion. #NSW

Victorian Government: Allow legs out for Puffing Billy. - Sign the Petition!

Victorian Government: Allow legs out for Puffing Billy.

Labor voter fury over losing 30pc of income under Shorten plan via @smh

Fully-self-funded retiree, Margaret Osborne, 64, is a rusted-on Labor voter but will abandon the party at the next election.

Today his deepest questions may be answered. #Mindofourtime

“"Where did we come from? How did the universe come into being? Are we alone in the universe? What is the future of the human race?" Stephen Hawking on some of the biggest questions of our time:

Vale! What a mind! What a man.

“Physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76, a spokesman for his family has said

The Hillary divisiveness and delusion in full swing. Why? well... most States that voted for Trump voted for Obama, not once but twice.

“Bitter Hillary Clinton suggests to audience in Mumbai, India that voters who supported Trump in 2016 did so because they “didn’t like black people getting rights,” or women getting jobs.

Infrastructure and services should take priority, then population growth #qanda

Good on the ABC #4corners #Credlin and #Boltreport for kickstarting the debate on population and immigration a debate we need to have. We have no strategic population plan. How big do we really need to be and when do we stop growing our populous?