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ShellEy Warren-Sabata
· April 3, 2018
The last year has been an ongoing battle with rats and bugs. Disgusting neighbors that the let stay even though that's where every rat has been caught. Can't sleep at night, my dog is constantly n...ervous and anxious. They say it could be squirrels in the wall now but it's been rats before. Well whatever is in the wall, get it out and fix where they are getting in. I never had this issue the first 2 years I was here. Country Hollow is not what it used to be. I hate that I'm going to have to move now because I've loved this area and a couple neighbors. See More
JessicaLynn Nazarian
· February 6, 2018
I am a current resident of the Courtyard Apartment of Tulsa. Since I moved in my car has been broken into 3 times, the weights in the gym have been stolen and have yet to be replaced (that was a year ...ago), and the other morning I walked out to my car and saw a homeless lady in her pajamas with a sleeping bag walking out from our gym which happens to be right next to my apartment. Is there absolutely no type of security for the Courtyards? This is not an isolated incident, my previous neighbors had their truck broken into a few times also which is one of the reasons they chose to leave the apartment complex. My lease in up I am hesitant to renew due to these increasing incidents. The rent and pet rent keep going up but the amenities that are suppose to be beneficial are not fully available such as the gym with "state-of-the-art equipment. See More
Molly Soles
· December 17, 2017
You will be hearing from my attorney. Case and associates as well as coffee creek apartments in Owasso, ok. Refused to return my calls. We were illegally evicted, and this in turn led to thousands i...n unnecessary moving expenses. We were model tenants for years, and one tenant who makes nonsense complaint we are forced to move. This was not a model tenant but exactly the opposite. She allowed her children to run wild, always in the parking lot. Thankfully they were never hit by a car. I will not speak further of her, but it is case that is in the wrong where we are concerned. My husband was also harassed by this company. See More
Donnell Teal
· February 7, 2018
Find a different company to live with. I've had to contact lawyers twice. This company need a reality check. More then once they have violated federal law in regard to my disability. Now they owe me... 600+ dollars. Because they violated federal law and forced a deposit on my service dog. Combined with pet rent for over a year. Oh and they also asked for documentation which is against federal law. However I did provide them documentation showing my disability. They have also hit my credit report after making a verbal agreement and reneging. An they tried to leave me in an apartment with black mold use my electricity to dry the carpets. When they found out I contacted the health department they tried to charge me and then put me in another apartment. I think the world of the apt complex manager, but her boss and up that's a different sorry. See More
Adam Hirsh
· January 3, 2018
These people are SLUMLORDS! DON’T MOVE HERE. I am a current tenant (Fox Run Apartment Wichita, KS). Have always paid my rent on time and have had various issues here and there. The manager has a majo...r attitude issue and thinks she knows everything. Recently, I complained because my apartment is 20 degrees colder than what the heater is set at and the manager's response was “Well we are a 40-year-old property and some buildings are colder than others” than move me into a different building if the one I am in is uninhabitable. After numerous conversations have had no other choice but to get the state involved! See More
Myeasha Diane
· August 5, 2017
I literally just moved in A WEEK ago at an OKC location and am highly disappointed. I moved into an apartment that reeked of dog (my carpet is waiting to be replaced), my shower spout would not turn o...n (I had to play with the thing for 45 minutes), cover plates are missing, I killed 3 SPIDERS within the first 12 hours of living here, and my cold water knob in the bathroom split in half, when I brush my teeth, I have to use hot water. My blinds are missing the handle to open/close them, oh, and one of my windows in the living is bent on the outside as if someone tried to break in. Now, I was told I could have a satellite dish. Direct TV shows up and since I am on the first floor & I have a weird wall placement (my neighbors don't have this) I can't set up cable. I go to the office to complain, and pretty much get told sorry about my luck. The property looks beautiful on the outside, but it is NOT taken care of. I highly doubt I will be renewing my lease when these 12 months are up. I moved for a better living experience, I chose the wrong place. See More
Weston Phillips
· June 2, 2017
I currently live at Tuscany Place in Lubbock, TX. This is by far the worst managed apartment complex I have ever lived in. For the first year that I lived here everything was great. Then I upgraded a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom apartment at which point Tuscany place turned me into collections for a cleaning bill and last month's prorated rent for which I had already paid on the day I moved and had check stubs providing proof. After proving to the collection agency and to the apartment complex where I was still a resident that I had paid, I continued to receive collections calls. Only after speaking to a manager at both the collection agency and Case and Associates did these calls cease. Now, a year later I decided to renew my lease, saving myself from the headache of moving and all that it entails. I contacted the apartment office made arrangements for me to leave my out of town job in order make it to the apartment office before it closed at 5:00. Upon arrival of the apartment office I was informed that their computer system was not working. I informed them that I would not be able to make it back to the apparent office again before they closed and what my work situation was with working out of town from 7:00am to 7:00pm. They assured me it would be no problem and that my rent would not be increased because they recognized that it was in fact their fault that I was unable to sign my new lease agreement at that time. With my lease expiring at the end of May, I attempted on multiple days to call only to receive no answer. I finally got through today to which I was informed that I will now be paying a higher rent rate because my lease agreement was not yet signed. I have attempted to email Case and Associates in the 250 character email they allow on their website, but have received no response. I do enjoy the size and quality of my apartment, but I would not recommend that any one move here.

To Case and Associates, please someone contact me so we can get this resolved.
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Brooke Nicole
· July 7, 2017
Management will screw you over, lie, and send your "charges" which are huge lies, and evict you because of a neighbor downstairs that tried to assault me because my children and toddler were walking t...oo much upstairs. They pretty much have ruined our lives. As a single mom they truly did not care to put me and my kids on the street and then when we DID find a place, they lie and send 1000$ owed to collection agency and send me to court when I left the place spotless with no damage. Worst company on earth See More
Sarah Skinner
· June 29, 2017
My 10 year old was physically assaulted by 2 teenage neighbors. The property manager didn't care. She actually wanted to be involved in the police filing to prove I was telling the truth?! As if the b...ruises and blood from my son wasn't enough. I agreed to a 1 month, $830, penalty to move and break my lease. No one was there to collect my keys so I left them in the apartment and mailed a letter asking for the final bill. What I got? Turned into collections for $2,000!!!! I'm a single mother trying to move my kids away from a violent situation and you now want 2k from me?! Are you that heartless and greedy Case and Associates?! Talk about adding insult to injury. I want the entire "debt" erased and an apology. See More
Erika Vargas
· May 3, 2017
I have lived in these properties and have a 18 month lease that is due this August, which means I have experienced the properties and their management well over time. All I can say is, do yourselves a... favor and look outside Case & Associates! The office breaks so many contracts when it comes to maintenance, I have filed numerous complaints and to this day no one has contacted me. I even asked for corporate to contact me directly because I was sick of the running around with the office and a week later and no one has called
Me. As far as I'm Concerned Case and Associates only cares about writing up
Leases. Once it's done, you're screwed! They do not care about you or your rights as a tenant. Beware renters! Do your homework!!!
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Marley Banuelos
· January 25, 2017
I’m contacting you today because of a breech of security to my residence. I came home last night around 1925 on January 24, 2017 to an unsecure door to my apartment. Management had ATT&T come in and... install cables. If it was just ATT unattended going through the apartments or staff was following, they didn’t close my door. You can’t imagine my shock in finding my apartment door open. There could have been someone inside and looking to do harm to me in my own home. This is unsatisfactory on the part of the apartment management. As a tenant it is my right to have a safe and secure residence as in any contract or rental agreement in the state of Texas. I don’t know for how long the door may have been open but it was open, and I have expensive things that I’ve worked hard for. Another time this happened was when I placed a work order and maintenance came in and fixed the garbage disposal and also left my door unlocked, while I was in my room asleep. Upon leaving, the technician did not secure the door which left me vulnerable to any and all types of predators. I didn’t say anything on that one because things happen and they are human. I make you aware of this now because this seems to be a routine thing that happens with my apartment. My lease is up in march and because staff isn’t willing to work with me I will be moving. Because I am experiencing a degree of hardship with this move I asked if they can maybe waive my last month of rent. This request was denied. While I have some what enjoyed my stay here, I feel I have no other recourse except to move to another residence for my own safety and security. I’m not one to complain about things but this really did it for me. While I appreciate your apology, that still does not instill in me the residential security do to me and tenants of you apartment complex. See More
Bailey Estelle Wages
· December 13, 2016
I just moved into a Case property less than 6 months ago, I am already seeing roaches in my apartment. Does management care? No. Do they take preventative measures? No. I have to notify them every time I need an exterminator. I've never ever dealt with bugs at any of my past rental places. This is the first.
It takes over two weeks to get simple work orders done like securing a dishwasher or checking on a garbage disposal.
I work the same hours of the office and there's no rent drop box so I have to take time away from my job to come pay my rent on time. They suggest you pay online.... for $11
I have a dog that I can't walk after I get home from work because it's so dark on the property. I almost hit someone turning a corner coming home because there's no lighting. My breezeway lights are usually out when I get home at night and it's pitch black.
They were more than happy and accommodating though when I came to move in and paid all of my move in fees. I can definitely say I will never rent from a Case property again.
I will for sure be moving out when my lease is over if not sooner. Don't live at Crown Pointe apartments!
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Kim Wilkey
· September 14, 2016
I love how they can add clauses into their lease agreement without a moments notice. Hands down, the worst place to live. Can't wait until my lease is up!!! If you have kids, don't decorate, you're no...t allowed. Kids make you a cute sun catcher in school, find cute things to make your kids happy, don't put them anywhere management will see, they'll tell you it's noncompliance of the lease if you have any sort of personality. Read there's an awesome dog park? If you can tolerate the smell, and the look of it, go ahead! It's 100 degrees out, we pay to use a pool. Oh no, it's closed without a notice! The worst place to live!! Oh, but the area is protected by cameras. Oh wait, someone's car got stolen from the parking lot! Drug free, safe for my kids? Until there's a guy bleeding passed out on the sidewalk with spray paint still in hand. Motorcycles ripping through the parking lot at all times, that's ok, just don't put a pumpkin on your window! It's ok to have a pig living in our apartments, but no where to park a bicycle. Unless you want to rent a whole storage unit for it. Because you can't keep it outside. That's only reserved for pigs! Ugh!! Seriously! See More
Courtney Tolson
· January 22, 2016
Very, very unprofessional. I will avoid all Case properties in the future. I had an issue with one of the complexes giving me bad information regarding rent rates that I signed on. I get a call a few ...weeks after telling me "hey, so we can't actually guarantee those rates....sorry.". Time comes to make a decision about rent and the rent is higher per month. So far the complex itself has been extremely unhelpful and I get a different story every time. I try to contact Case themselves, not the complex to get this sorted. Not only can you not speak to a person live (there is a number listed for Case on Google but the woman is very very rude and simply tells you to call the other number) you can send an email and hope to get a response in a day or a voicemail and hope to get a response in 3 days. I left an email. Faster, right?

Case never contacted me back. They did however, contact the apartment complex themselves and tell them I had an issue. I wanted to speak to corporate. Not the complex. I tried that. Very unprofessional of Case. There is no way to escalate with this company and the fact that they like to say they pride themselves on customer service is laughable.
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CJ Edmonds
· September 14, 2016
I have worked with the Corporate Team at Case & Associates for over three years and I can tell you they are awesome! They have high integrity, they are demanding of their partners, they are accountab...le to what they promise to deliver, and they are an absolute blast to work with. I highly recommend doing business with them and I highly recommend renting one of their great apartments! CJ See More
Tera Lynn Albert
· November 4, 2016
Nothing is safe in Case & Associates Properties property Prairie Springs apartment complex. Break ins are happening reoccuring. This isn't new, my previous upstairs neighbors car was broke into just t...his past summer. Another mans apt was robbed in August, & mine was broken into September. Now, two months later we are notified of more break ins. If they keep getting away with it they are going to keep doing it. The police officer that took my report said himself it is most likely someone that lives here. Not to mention if not, the gates have been left open for anyone to drive in. I was told extra patrol would be in place over a month ago. But this has not stopped them, & nothing is put in place for during the day. Something more needs to be done about this, I do not feel safe here & neither do many of my neighbors. I will have a newborn in 2 short months, this is not where I want to bring my child to. I fear someone hurting me and my family if this continues. This is likely the same person who robbed my house, turning around & paying their rent to you with it. Im sure they would find all my belongings that I worked hard for if they caught who is doing this. As nice as these apartments are made out to be I do not understand why something more has not been done. Very upsetting as a tenant that pays their rent on time each month & causes no trouble. When my apartment was broken into I was told crime does not discriminate. That is irrelevant here. Our HOMES, our cars are being targeted over & over. This is a known problem at this complex. How long before someone is injured or killed during a break in? I would not recommend this place to anyone. These are peoples lives being played with. See More
Gloria Welch-Cody
· November 11, 2016
I lived at a Case & Associates property a few years ago. It is the first place I actually wrote a thank you letter when I moved out! Everyone that worked on the property gave the BEST customer service... I had ever experienced Maintenance was never an issue. Always there promptly when called. I lived at Windsail for a year and a half, and moved only because I got married.
I now work for Case & Associates. 40 years in the work force, I have never worked for anyone that cares not only for their residents, but their employees as much as they do. The education that you receive is amazing!! I honestly wish I would have had the opportunity to work for Mr Case years ago. I have been with them a year and a half, and I plan to work here until I retire.
So, if you need a wonderful apartment, or job, please contact Case & Associates. You will be happy you did!

Gloria Cody
#casewegotthis #casecares
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Rocky Logan
· December 12, 2016
I have lived at Case Properties twice. In both of my experiences things were great. I do work at a Case property now and also choose to live here. I've been on both sides of the fence. I can definitel...y say that Case employees are always looking out for residents and the well being of the properties. I would recommend a Case property to friends. See More
Shontil Davis
· January 28, 2016
The outside and inside looks great however once I moved in I noticed several things that should've been done before I moved in, the heater didn't work (it took three calls before it got fixed), the ca...rpet padding had dips through out the living room and both bath tubs has water that sits in the tub and the second bath tub has a big lump in it. I was told by management that as long as I can use my tub they're not going to do anything about it and if she was to move me to a different apartment she couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't be the same way because the apartments are older. Amazingly enough the money you pay doesn't match the quality expectation. This is just month one, wow See More
Laura Fletcher
· January 18, 2017
I live at One Eton Square and since Wendy left this place is becoming a slum. I dare any of Case upper mgmt. to come and tour the large 2 bedroom demo in the 8201 building without stepping on a cigare...tte or dog poo! We pay too much to have to walk thru mine fields to get to our cars and anywhere else! Ridiculous!!!! I can't believe you have potential renters walking thru that! See More
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