I’ve finally completed Further, a mid-length story picking up from “The Same Room” – the last tale in The Autumn Encounters.

In Further, Daisy and Mike get together once again with the gorgeous Josh and devilish Harriet for another night of fun and this time, unsurprisingly, things go quite a lot Further.

The story is about 15,000 words and I’m aiming to publish it within the next 10 days. I’m currently sending out copies to readers who expressed an interest in critiquing fur...ther works, in order to get some early feedback and to try to resolve any issues before publication.

If you’d be interested in giving that a try and I haven’t already been in touch, then please don’t be offended. I’ve sent it only to a very small number of people initially, and once I have some feedback from them, I will rectify any major issues, and then send out a second round. If you’re interested in taking part, then just let me know, either through Goodreads, Twitter (@caseycullenauth), Facebook ( or direct via my website,

Otherwise, feel free to sign up to my mailing list on my website, and I’ll be sure to let you know when it is published.

Lastly, as a thank you to all the kind readers who read and reviewed The Autumn Encounters, I would like to send you a free copy of Further anyway, but I’ll do this when it’s properly polished and published.

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Casey Cullen

The new Mike and Daisy story is taking shape - currently on 3rd revision and polishing and polishing! I'm hoping to get it out to beta readers in the next 10 days and hoping to publish by about 20th February. In my world, that probably means about the middle of March...

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Excerpt from "The Builder", opening story of The Autumn Encounters. This is one of the cleaner bits that I can post on Facebook 😜

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January 21

From a Goodreads review of The Autumn Encounters:

"I really enjoyed reading this collection of stories and i thoroughly binged on them.
My favourite was The Same Room and that was hot as hell.
My poor kindle will need time to recover after reading these fantastic stories....
These are definitely 7 filthy little treats you will love to read.
I can't wait to see what Casey Cullen has in store for me next."

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4/5: The Builder Single mum Lauren has a builder in doing some conversion work in her house. Pete is a rugged man who fills his tool belt out very well. The Student Giorgiou is a 20 year old student from abroad staying in Kate's house whilst he's in this country. He likes taking photos and happens t...

The Autumn Encounters: Behind the Shutters, just $0.99 / £0.99

Goodreads: 4.29 star rating...
Amazon US: 4.4 star rating

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The Autumn Encounters: Behind the Shutters is available on Amazon at just $0.99 / £0.99 until the end of this month! Seven erotica short stories to warm you through the coldest, darkest January.

"Seven filthy little treats"...
"Totally cranked my engine"

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