You are invited to Catherine's Balcony at on April 12 to celebrate the anniversary of our beloved couple. Gifts optional. (Virtual ones).

There's one date that Catherine looks forward to as much as her anniversary ...

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Catherine lay smiling in bed. The anniversary celebration turned out well, she thought. The gifts they received were special, indeed, from the hearts of their friends and family. Maybe they should do this again, next year!

Suddenly struck by inspiration, but at a loss about where to host, check out a google drive account. It's free! Here are instructions how to upload your masterpiece to Google drive:

Catherine has been dithering over which dress to wear when she meets Vincent on the balcony for their anniversary celebration. Vincent, too, has been pacing more of late wondering if Mary will get his new shirt and vest finished in time. Both know the other likes whatever is worn, but each wants to please the other on their special evening. Not much time to finish last minute shopping or sewing! The time is drawing nigh, as Father would say!

Have you picked out your outfit? Candles at the ready? Gift ready for delivery? See you soon!

Vincent and Catherine are concerned that Pascal won't have anything to talk about at the party, and when that happens, he scurries off to be with his pipes. Won't you help by creating chat topics? You can choose a time and post your topic directly into google calendar.

Looking for the gift table? You'd hate to lose your gift or get the wrapping all crinkled! Go here and register what you are bringing:

My gifts are all wrapped (ie done!) and waiting for the event. How are everyone else's gifts coming along? Vincent and Catherine are deserving of our best efforts!

I've written one short story and have an idea for another story. How are the muses treating others?

Let's find out if this google calendar will work as the chat schedule.… It's a work in progress. Send your suggestions!

We will have a chat room. If you'd like to suggest topics, episodes, games or whatever for the chat schedule, please let me know, and tell me in Eastern time please. We will celebrate April 12, all of it, in every time zone, which gives us a run time of (if I have done the math right) 5am April 11 - 7am April 13.