Come… “I encourage you to come often to visit the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Come and just pray. I am very sure that if you come often before the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration... the Lord will transform your life. You will experience a newness of faith that you have never experienced before. Because Jesus is there.” Msgr Philip Heng, Rector of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
Pope Francis's TED Talk 2017
28 Sep 2017 - Homily by Archbishop William Goh
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Girlie de Vera-Velasquez
· July 28, 2017
We praise the Lord for the burning zeal and divine passion shown by our priests and by Archbishop William. We are praying for you and please also include our children to be called by the Lord in the Holy Vocation of Religious.
Edlyn An Labog
· May 21, 2017
Greetings from Manila, Philippines!
By just looking on the photos and videos posted on your FB page, I've seen how passionate your Archdiocese in spreading Lor...d's mercy to your fellowmen. To be honest, I don't know that Catholiscm is being practiced in your Country. That's why my heart felt blessed for your countrymen. Very creative and passionate!
Your country and fellowmen are so blessed that you have the opportunity to know more Lord Jesus and His teachings. More power to all the Church's servants, especially to the Priests.
I hope that peace and happiness reign with you all by the help of His love and wisdom.
I love the church. So beautiful.
I pray and hope that I can fly and go there in the future. May God's mercy and love be with you all, In Jesus mighty name. God bless!

Your sister in Christ.
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Brian Bantilan
· July 27, 2017
Greetings from The Philippines! I am happy to visit your page as it will help the evangelization of the Catholic Faith. God bless...
Angeline Lau
· February 7, 2017
I love this site as the church provides a lot of good articles to help increase our faith in this messy world. It is very relevant and true to the Catholic faith.
Umm Yusof
· March 24, 2017
Archbishop Goh's daily reflections always provide great food for thought. I'm amazed he has the time and energy to do this for us daily given the responsibilities of his position.
Veronique A Dawson
· March 24, 2017
A vibrant community; a cradle of love. Grateful for the work of the Archbishop, priests, religious and laity who work tirelessly, serving God through His people.
Max Wagner
· September 11, 2017
Hail Holy Mother Mary! The Mother of all mothers in the world and the Queen of all queens.
Nick Chui
· March 24, 2017
Appreciate all that the archbishop is doing
Well are moving in the right direction!
· July 4, 2015
SG50 - I cried when I learnt how Catholic Church was formed.. It's such an awesome and inspiring video that touches my heart to see those 'pioneers' priests/Rel...igious/Brothers & Sisters who went all way to help others, they really put others before themselves, they truly served God, they truly build His Kingdom..They really live not they, not ChrisT lives in them. Thanks God for all these labors that make the harvest to begin with..Praise God To Whom All Blessing Flows See More
Joseph Pang
· September 9, 2017
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Brennan Connor See
· March 22, 2017
Disobeys the will of the lord, spreading messages of hatred and subjugation to our fellow men and women. God said "Love one another as I have loved you", but the Catholic Church would have us persecuting the LGBT community.

It is sad, and I pray God forgives you all
Baba Mathew Benedict Ho
· January 5, 2016
I'm so glad the organization as well as the social media is keeping in touch with the community as well as our Catholic brothers and sisters, hope to see more often of our Arcbishop William Goh that really brings the younger generation inspiration.
Mauro Joel Conçeiçao Joel
· May 26, 2017
Jesus condemn idolatry of mary:exodus 20:4-5,isaiah 42:8,isaiah 44:12-17,1corinthians 10:14,1john 5:21.apocalypse 21:8.seventh-day adventist minister.
Peter Dien Dios
· May 18, 2017
Wonderfull work of God thro the one Holy Catholic Church. I love it.
Josephine Chin HL
· June 15, 2015
The daily reflection by his Grace is something that I read every morning before I start my work day. I draw inspiration and strength from his scripture reflections because they are so relevant to our daily lives. Thank you team for making this available !
Laurence Rappa
· November 21, 2016
The current catholic sg app is still a work in progress and should not have been launched until all the bygs have been solved.
1) It does display mass time for... churches.
2) Information on churches needs to be updated especially with the movement of priests from one parish to another.
3) It should list also all the religious institutions, offices of the local church, schools, catholic charities and its locations, people in charge especially the provincial superiors, principals.
4) an interactive google map link up will aid those who are not sure of the location of churches.

Overall it is a good attempt even though it was mediocre.
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Kitty MiGoh
· March 11, 2016
Hi. Bro n sis, I am facing a on going case. I am feeling so depressed and sad. This has affected my daily life n I lost my job Coz if this. Anyone can help reco...mmend a lawyer but I am unable to afford high legal fees. I need help urgently. Been through all sort of channel but no one is able to help. I really hope someone can help me. Please help me ask around. Thank you and God bless See More
Stephanie Seo Hyun
· August 14, 2015
I really like the website and the facebook page .. it really inspires me to do more for my faith. Thank u Singapore Archdiocese of Catholics !! u guys are the best !
Cynthia Daniel
· December 2, 2016
I love the Advent reflections! Hope it can be continued for the rest of the year.
Eug Tan
· July 8, 2015
Amazing that this Facebook Page is soo alive ... I guess this would be a good tool for new evangelization .. good job and good initiative and I must say that the #JoySG50 is simply amazing..

Closing of the Centennial Celebration of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd #fatima100


"Many of us go through life wearing a mask—that is, we project an image that we want others to see. This image is often developed as a way of hiding our flaws and inadequacies, to create a good impression, to gain acceptance, popularity, appreciation and praise. After a while of hiding behind the mask, we begin to believe that that is our true self — it becomes a part of us, so much so that we forget who we really are, beloved children of God, made in his image and likeness. Living under this illusion, not knowing who we really are, refusing to acknowledge our true selves, can bring about many problems in life."

Many of us go through life wearing a mask—that is, we project an image that we want others to see. This image is often developed as a way of hiding our flaws and inadequacies, to create a good…