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Serving time in maximum security penitentiary, projected parole 2020.

Americana | Maryville, TN

I dont want anybody to feel we have forgotten any of you. Im tryin to get all the busy parts together to do more chp music out there, nothing helps more than to have friends to help push. Help me push? Birddog... Love you all NO SHIT


I was sittin here figurin.......there aint a whole lotta things in this ol world that are as much fun as gettin together with good people, unless its gettin together with good people that love good music. Lookin forward to get to see yall in the comming months....

As we rip toward the New Year, take a little time to reflect on how cool you all are and the many experiencies we all have to build on. We look foward to seeing all of you in 2016. No time like the present to bring some new folks into the CHP Family!!!! I aint sayin we can change the world or even make it a better place, i am more than confident that when we all get together and throw down some old fashion boogie woogie that in that moment showin up and showin out will ease a few of our ills!!!!! Tell um Birddog said Love each other and it will be allllllrighhhhttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cathouse Prophets

We are so giddy to play yall some of this new get down we have cooked up !!!!! We got together to work on playin for you good folks, ended up writtin 2 more. I want to wish you all a Happy Holliday season, take time to enjoy just lovin folks. We LOVE each and every one of you as hard as a billy goat butt a stump! Plain Ol Birddog

What makes for a good song? There are many opinions as heard in the many kinds of music in the world, I think to have music that represents being southern or having southern roots, that you take gosple,dixieland boogie woogie,blues and country honk. Sprinkle in soul and make it swing. Its a good time waiting to happen and good people who show up to get down.......I am more than convinced that CHP fans are the smartest and best lookin folks in the world. New music is in the works and on the way......Birddog

Working on some new material.

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Something cooking

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Hey Freight Shakers, I shot a video over the weekend with some friends riding some Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson Scramblers, word of advice, Don't Gamble when you Scramble.

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Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson Scrambler Video with Randy and Klutch shot on 7-1-15 with music by Cathouse Prophets (Freight Shaker)

Hey Freight Shakers! Now you can rock out to the Cathouse Prophets with Hi-Fidelity, lossless audio quality on the new Tidal app for iPhone and android! Go check it out!

When The Cathouse Prophets disembarked the Simple Man Cruise in November, we decided that a break was needed, a lot of unfinished matters. We still have a lot going on, so the Prophets won't be playing shows this spring/summer but we did get together last night for the first time in months and instantly wrote a dam fine tune "8 Wheel Driver". If you catch us this fall, it will be one you will hear. Stay tuned for others and we'll keep you posted on new developments.

CHP Over-and-Out!

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Loved this quote from a recent review by C.W. Ross, ..."If your in a bar and a fight breaks out and your first instinct is to look for the nearest exit then you might not appreciate Cathouse Prophets’ music but if your the kind of person that heads towards the action then buckle up and enjoy the ride this band takes you on with their, ‘Southern Fried & Sanctified’ album."

Read the entire review, this guy obviously know what he talking about!

Merry Christmas!

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Artist: Cathouse Prophets Title: 'Southern Fried & Sanctified' Website: Overall Album Vibe: Cathouse Prophets is a band that reminded me of my youth growing up when Southern rock was really rol...

Rock star treatment 101

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Cathouse Prophets added 18 new photos to the album: Simple Man Cruise VIII.

We had a blast on the Simple Man Cruise! Met so many good people and SOOO many great bands!

Before and after...

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