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HAPPY SPRING from Catio Spaces! Here's to longer days and more catnaps in the sun:-)

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Inspired by my rescue cat Serena, and my desire to keep her safe, healthy, and happy outdoors, I built my first catio. Since then, I've built many catios around Seattle and have developed a set of DIY plans so you can build your own! Check out this video about them.
Halloween Catio by CATIO SPACES
Why Do You LOVE Cats?

CATIO LIFE VIDEO: DECK DELIGHT CATIO! Three lucky cats can now safely go outside and enjoy a backyard deck that was transformed into a catio. WATCH VIDEO:…/video-showcase/deck-delight-catio/

Former cat Chester got into all kinds of trouble outdoors. When three new kittens were adopted, they were kept indoors until the deck was transformed into a delightful catio.
These backyard spaces are the cat's meow.

CATIO LIFE VIDEO: DOOR DASHER'S HAVEN CATIO! Meet Mars, the Abyssinian escape artist, who is now safe in his very own catio. WATCH VIDEO:…/video-showcase/door-dashers-haven/

Before he got his catio, “Boss of the Road” Mars, an energetic Abyssinian, frequently bolted out the door creating stress for his human companions and the birds in the neighborhood.

CATIO LIFE VIDEO: CARTER & BANDIT'S RETREAT CATIO! Meet some happy cats enjoying their garden retreat while safe from coyotes! WATCH VIDEO:…/vid…/carter-bandits-retreat-catio/

Kept indoors due to coyotes in the neighborhood, Carter and his buddy, Bandit, now enjoy the wind in their whiskers and outdoor catio time with their nature-loving mom.

CATIO LIFE VIDEO: WILDLIFE WATCHER CATIO! Meet some happy cats and their cat mom enjoying their backyard window catio while also protecting birds and wildlife. WATCH VIDEO:…/video-sho…/wildlife-watcher-catio/

No longer confined to watching wildlife from behind patio doors, three lucky cats enjoy fresh air and the stimulation of the best cat TV ever (birds and squirrels!)…while safe in their window catio.

BIRD LOVERS....Join the Great Backyard Bird Count!
This weekend, you can help scientists learn more about birds to better protect them. How? By counting birds for as little as 15 minutes! Join the Great Backyard Bird Count wherever you see birds—whether that’s in your backyard, at the local park, or even just looking out the window at your feeder. Count on your own or find a local event and enter your sightings online or on the mobile app. It’s that easy and can make a big difference for birds.

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CATIO LIFE Video: MAINE COON GARDEN CATIO! Meet some happy catio cats (and their cat mom) enjoying the many benefits of a catio. WATCH VIDEO:…/video-sh…/maine-coon-garden-catio/

Louie and Sampson, two Maine Coon rescues, enjoy fresh air while lounging in their garden catio and watching backyard activities. Their human mom enjoys the benefits of catios too.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Share the love:-)

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For all who have an orange tabby in their heart and home.

All cats are unique and awesome in their own way, but orange tabby cats have a special place in many peoples’ hearts. These felines certainly live up to the hype and they have some features that are exclusive to their genetics. Here are some fun facts about orange cats! 1. Orange tabby cats are al...

Inspiring indoor cat enrichment for the home![houzz=…/pets-place-cat-furniture-creations-… w=300]

Owners get creative with furniture for their cats, and the ideas lead to a business

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Catio Spaces! Wishing you and your fur family a bright, beautiful and pawsitive year ahead!

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FIRST SNOW IN A CATIO! What is this white stuff? Wally and Mila explore their first winter snow. With a wire-mesh catio roof, they enjoy views of the sky all year long...and when snow covered their outdoor haven, the curious cats found a whole new world to explore. Life is good in a catio!

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