Everyday kids teens and adults get abused and bullied. Is this se

I don't know what I did
I don't know why i'm here
I don't know if I deserved it
I don't know what is a Lie and Truth
I don't know Happiness ...
I don't know Love
I don't know how I got here
I don't know what to do
Kids will be Kids so that gives us all the right to make someone a punching bag. I'm picked up by my throat and told to beg because kids will be kids. There is now potential Nerve, Cartilage damage or Tissue damage because kids will be kids. I am told I deserve to die and to just kill myself because I could never amount to anything. I don't know why. And if anyone were to give me the chance to find out I wouldn't take it. Somethings you don't want to know the answer too.

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"I would rather die on my feet then live on my knees" Die knowing that you did something for your family, for those around you and those you may not know. We are all free. Make what you believe is a life you want you to live not what others want you to live. ~ Tibz/Andrew


Hello guys! I know we have not been posting a lot of stuff lately, vacation and all got me and Tibz busy. Even tho I barely post anything, I just wanted to wish you all the best for 2013. Health, strength and everything you need to go through the year with a smile!

Did you all get good things for Christmas?

Have a nice day everyone! - Sam.

I wanted to try something to leave a message with others. Idk how well it'll work but its worth a try. Please like this status if 1 of these questions apply to you or message personally (Personal questions)
- If a suicide attempt has been made once or how ever many times in life
- If you feel numb and alone
- If you scratch yourself to leave cuts
- If depression can apply to you ...
- Faced Racial stereotyping or Racism
- If you feel as if your a burden to those around you
- If you have ever coughed up blood due to stress
- If you have ever done a hardcore drug or drank to cope
- If you have cut to "feel" again
- If you feel as if you will never add up to anything
- Faced mental or physical abuse from Family, At school
- If you have to fight or want to fight to 1. Protect yourself 2. Show others a message
- Feel as if you can never truly "live" again
- See Christmas as just another day or cannot smile on such a day as this

If any of these apply to you please share to your friends. I believe that more then 50% of these questions apply to more then 50% of us.

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"I live for those who need me" Someone who is a true hero.

Life expectancy for the mentally scarred due to bullying? 15 years old. With 60-70 years left on life. Considered Humane? Yes. In the end we all lose but even still its still considered "Socially acceptable". Spit on the kid. Watch them die on there knees and finally we care. Still fair? Yes. "I would rather die on my feet then live my life on my knees" Have a good night everyone ~ Andrew/Tibz

Another student was pushed to shoot himself right in front of his class/school at the age of 14. Kinda wondering how this student had access to a gun at the age of 14 sad and another waste of life and the scars left on the students. This student David Phan shot himself in the head in front of peers just outside of the school. Ive been told many times to "get over bullying" when bullying can push a students mental state to do that in front of peers? Sad end to another life don't even want to say r.i.p because it was not peaceful at all ~ Tibz

Gooooooood evening everyone not much has been said in the past month or so due to stress and other problems I just wanted to thank my school and everybody for the support they have shown in the past while remember everyone the goal is to show that "silence is the enemy" Have a great night and have a great day Love you all

Lest We Forget

A few days ago I was told by someone important to me that "I do not want you to identify yourself as someone who's been bullied or someone who has all these problems" This goes to all people who have been bullied and are now facing the side effects Identify yourself as someone who YOU want to be not someone that They want you to be otherwise they win and therefore giving them more power remember who you are and identify yourself as that gives yourself power and always remember you mean something Have a good weekend everyone ~ Tibz/Andrew

Lest we forget on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 am lets all spend 2 minutes of silence to show respect for the soldiers defending us now and the soldiers who gave there lives to defend our freedom and our country Thank you everyone ~ Tibz/Andrew

"Freedom isn't free" Good night everyone if anyone is still interested in helping out be sure to message the page ~ Tibz/Andrew

4 Months counting to what we will call "The Unity Project" Have a great day everyone

Unfortunately as a problem arose to do with old memories with the bullying I cannot speak up at next weeks assembly. But I now have 4 months to prepare for something bigger and more deep into the topic. It will be more then just an assembly I am hoping it is a movement Thanks everyone we will need some support on things if you want to be part of it message the page

Good evening everyone Finally my chance has come to finally speak up against bullying next week on a tuesday I officially get to speak out and tell my story will be sure to have a video for it. Let us make it viral and have be known that it IS possible and that WE can do it Thanks for your support ~ Tibz/Andrew

As hoped for we finally reached a community of 120 Would like to thank a memorial page for sharing my story though of course a hater had to comment. But the fact that there was more supporters then hate it goes to show that we do out number the bad there is 8 more days and I believe that it will leave an impact as messages from a few friends showed that. Let all the peoples names who have taken there lives because of bullying not go unnoticed. Bullying ends with us not government thanks everyone have a great day stay strong and stay smiling ~ Tibz/Andrew