Sixteen people in Cecil County have died from overdoses so far this year, and while fentanyl remains a constant killer, county officials warn that heroin may no longer be the drug of choice.

ELKTON — Sixteen people in Cecil County have died from overdoses so far this year, and while fentanyl remains a constant killer, county officials warn that heroin may no longer

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Elkton Police Department detectives are seeking the public's help this week in identifying suspects in an armed robbery at Elk Landing Liquors off Route 40 early last week. The entire incident was captured on surveillance video, which can be watched on CecilDaily
Elkton police detectives are once again seeking the public's help after Whig readers helped make an arrest in the Elk Landing Liquors robbery. The woman in this video allegedly attempted to steal items from Walmart and then threatened to stab a greeter when she intervened. Anyone with info should call 410-398-4200, ext.41. For more on this story, click the link
Did you hear the one about the stray goat that got on the school bus? It's not a joke, it happened this morning near Elkton. Check out the bizarre story by clicking the link
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Jennifer Baull
· March 17, 2018
Is it possible 2 give negative stars?? Who charges 4 online news??? Fuck that!! If I could figure out how to delete this page it would already be done..I want to read one wth would I want... a subscription?! And it crazy cuz u have the indo on lock down cant find it anywhere.i I were in the store I would pick up the papwe read that oone article and keep going on with my liFe but nooooo u guys are dicks and made me waste a hour of my life signing up to be to told to subscribe wtf? Then trying to goggle the article to come u empty handed..thanks 4 nothing..rant over See More
Zachary H. Roberts
· January 2, 2018
Up and down our street I find dozens of these papers littering the ground in various states of rot. It's really disgusting.

I guess in the spring they'll be fire starter....

I did check out what it had to offer and it wasn't much. I get my news online and quite frankly there are several local news services that are more interesting.
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Donna Peterson
· February 2, 2018
I paid for this paper for a year. When it was delivered in the that time 90% of the time it was on the ground. I do have box. For past 3 week. I have received twice out of nine I should have. In the p...ast year many times I didn't get it maybe once a week I didn't call. This last few week I have heard same story. Never get it still. See More
Harpua Storms
· November 17, 2017
While I appreciate the effort to coordinate your littering with recycling day, how about you stop putting the unwanted trash in my driveway!
Tina Cornwell Seymour
· April 16, 2016
**Announcement**They posted this on their Facebook page.

Cecil County government has decided to move all animal care and control operations in house on July 1st, 2016. This means that A Buddy For L...ife, Inc will no longer be responsible for these services. It was our pleasure to serve the citizens and animals of this county for the last 3 years. We were able to save thousands of animals because of supporters like yourselves!

Now, your help is needed more than ever! We will no longer be renting our facility at 377 Hutton Rd as of June 30, 2016 as we will not have the funding to do so. We must place all of the animals in our care in foster or adoptive homes and/or have other rescues/shelters help the animals by pulling them from us. We are sending out pleas to other shelters and rescues asking for help at this time. We have approximately 80 dogs and 40 cats at any given time that are in need of a home. While it pains us immensely to say this, any animal that has not found a home or rescue/shelter placement on June 30 will be humanely euthanized as there will be no place for that animal to go. Please share far and wide so that we may get the animals adopted, which is our number one goal right now! We know how much the citizens of Cecil County love animals and have full faith that this community will help us place these animals who are so deserving of a second chance.

This thread is solely for the purpose of trying to find the animals a safe place to go. Negativity will not be tolerated. It doesn't help the animals.
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Katherine Perry
· September 1, 2016
I buy the paper on a weekly basis, usually the weekend whig. But I just have to say how ridiculous I think it is that you have to pay to read ANY article online. .99 cents for a day? What happened to ...the few free a month? How greedy can you be? It's sad that my community paper charges it's community to read stories online about their home/neighbors. Shame on you cecil whig. Get it together. See More
Steven Manns Jr.
· May 26, 2016
The signup process is senseless if you still can't review the articles you select to read. If it cost, then don't place them up. It's deceiving and defeat the purpose for people who have interest in a... particular story. This was a very frustrating and horrendous process., all to end up with nothing but the headlines. See More
Calvin Bowman
· May 14, 2017
Found it to be just grate.i live in V.A. for the past 9 years,be for that i live in North East and Elkton for54 years and iam 66 years old now ,so it,s nice to no what going on.
Mark Murray
· July 23, 2017
It's ridiculous I can read the full version but instead of actual news your publishing the ramblings of some who cares cuffs in a bar? Really who cares? Meantime you get about 25 percent of the actual... news? Your publication is quickly approaching useless See More
Gramps Johnson
· July 1, 2016
The Whig is one of the best and handiest of six county papers we have enjoyed during our 80 years of moving around, and often their somewhat rightwing guys-in-ties write wonderfully compassionate edit...orials.

Here's hoping that their Ed page cartoonist works for zero bucks because that is exactly what he is worth.

All in all we like the Whig big-time.
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Josh Holt
· March 26, 2014
I would have to say that the Whig only allows their point of view be posted on their website. I would read a letter from a fellow citizen and when I comment to refute their letter it never gets poste...d. It says that it is going to get reviewed and when I check back a few days later it is still not showing. See More
Jennifer McMahan
· May 31, 2014
I would like to know what happened down rt 7, from Elkton today. It's was about 3ish this afternoon, and I came down there was a mess of kerosene, or gas of some sort from the state building all the w...ay to the landfill and it stunk bad, hurt your eyes etc. I just hope someone got fined or something, I was afraid to keep driving, I guess it could catch fire?!? See More
Deanie Seymour
· March 8, 2015
I think there's all these story's about what the drug addicts and dealers and those who hurt children but where's the news feed on the system how about how judges don't do there jobs because they don'...t have to how about the dss workers take kids that are not in harm but then leave kids with people when they should be taken why does nothing happen to those in the system that break the law. I've had to do jail time for my mistakes but they get away with everything this world is so messed up it's all about money and who you know it's bullshit See More
Stacy Cebenka
· May 4, 2014
Has anyone covered the flood damage AGAIN to Elkton little league fields....our kids have not played in over a week & are facing at least another week...cleanup started today and will continue until w...e can open the park. Calling for community support, donations & prayers... Little league keeps a lot of our youth from roaming and falling into trouble.... Thank You Stacy Cebenka See More
Edward Daniels
· May 7, 2017
So, I'm sitting here simply trying to read an article that was just published and I see that you have to PAY TO READ? What the heck? It's 2017. Are you actually trying to grow or restrict your readers...hip? The article isn't even linked/posted on Facebook.

Who's brilliant idea was this?
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Chris Loller
· July 22, 2016
The app is useless now they got greedy and now the charge for everything and most times the article not worth it
Kali Lyndhurst Pitty
· June 19, 2014
Well, regarding a particular article about a violent crime nearby, I had asked in the comments about the details of the incident in question. I was pleased and informed to have received a response by... the CecilWhig Facebook administrator, so thank you for that.

The article was about a shooting that occurred: a man convicted for assault with a firearm on an unarmed and allegedly fleeing family. That's so scary, so I appreciated whoever furnished the specifics about this crime. It's always good to learn from bad situations, even if you weren't involved, so that we can learn to try something different in order to get a better outcome.

In this case, I'm of the opinion now that putting up a defensive, arrogant, or easily misconstrued demeanor of threat or challenge to a sketchy and flagrant individual, well, that is a situation to avoid! Maybe just smile, play it cool, politely decline the offer of drugs, that kind of thing. Oh, Elkton...
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George Henry Miller Jr.
· August 2, 2017
Local paper that supports local people. Very informative about our local communities
Beverly Gorski
· March 30, 2014
I like the Cecil whig, sometimes I drive to Elkton to buy a paper, my complaint is I know you have on line subscription s but when it comes to looking at your obituaries this should not be counted ad article read. I looked up 2 obituaries of friends who have passed and this was deducted from the 10 day free article. How cold hearted if a newspaper. The News Journal has that much respect to allow a free review of a death notice. I hope nobody else dies from Cecil County until my 10 days is reinstated. Or I have to drive all the way to Elkton just to read the death column. See More
Robert Haynes
· May 5, 2014
Do the reporters at the Cecil Whig ever check their e-mail? None of them have even replied back to me, and all I wanted to do was let them know about an important news story that is VERY relevant to C...ecil County.

This VERY relevant story is about a convicted tier 3 sex offender named Daniel Robert Janney. He was indicted in Cecil County for sex crimes against a minor in Conowingo. The indictment was unsealed on April 2, 2014. Daniel Robert Janney fled to West Virginia many months prior to this to evade these charges, but he was arrested out there (on a public intoxication charge outside a bowling alley) just over a month ago, and now he will be extradited back here to Cecil County to face trial on those sex-crimes-against-a-minor charges - very much all thanks to me!! I was the guy who helped to make that happen!!

The cops in West Virginia initially FORGOT to check for Daniel Robert Janney's sex crimes warrant out of Cecil County!! I pointed out this error of theirs to them though, and the detective in West Virginia later thanked me for doing that.

Please visit my Facebook page and my Twitter page for more information. Thanks!
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