Chelsea Lunn has grown up to be such a lovely young woman! Visit & make sure your #airbags are functioning properly! #airbagrecall #MIAMI #ftlauderdale #saturday #dothework
Stephen Marley reunited with brothers Ziggy, Damian, and Ky-Mani onstage at Kaya Fest, yesterday, April 22, 2017, in Downtown Miami at Bayfront Park. Joining them were artists such as: Lauyrn Hill, Sean Paul, Inner Circle, and Wyclef Jean. The key focus of this event is to #educate about the medicinal benefits of #cannabis. Medical Marijuana is now legal in the state of #Florida under Amendment 2, since January 3, 2017. The artists participated in a symposium about the #health benefits of cannabis for patients with debilitating diseases and chronic illnesses. The weekend-long festival offered a #free exhibition on cannabis culture. The sponsors of the festival ultimately want to promote education, spread #unity, and raise social consciousness #worldwide. #cellibrationpublishing Video credit :#99Jamz #miami #ftlauderdale #dade #broward #palmbeach
Wrote a couple of articles last should read them 😁👍🏾

Did you watch it? Was it everything you’d hoped it would be? I think it was a brave step forward in the direction that will cultivate meaningful conversations. Yara Shahidi’s character, Zoey Johnson, encounters underaged drinking, advanced partying, personal conflicts regarding use of unprescribed narcotics, and of course, a really cute cool sophomore that she wants as her “Boo Thang.” Too much? Unrealistic? Setting a bad example? All I have to say to that is, “where is the” I went to college in the 90’s and yep, this was/is the same type of stuff that goes on...only with a 2018 twist. If we remember back to when Cosby ruled Thursday night prime time TV, we were engrossed in the concept that a black lawyer and a black gynecologist could be happily married, with 5 children and living in a Brownstone in Brooklyn. And THEN, their boho chic daughter Denise would sidestep an Ivy League college experience, unlike her sister Saundra, (who dropped out of medical school to live in a flop house apartment with her black Ivy League educated husband, to have twins and open a camping store), to attend an HBCU, “Hillman” where Cliff and Claire met. This was riveting and quite progressive content back in the late 80’s early 90’s. Some even said that it was unrealistic and uncommon. Those of us who were familiar with this type of family dynamic and success were happy to share dialogue with those who did not even know that these types of life choices were possible.
I think the writers for “Grownish” can scale back a little bit. Trying to introduce too much too soon can cause the show to fizzle out too quickly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and our TV’s tuned in to “Grownish” on Wednesday nights on Freeform ABC. Yara is an amazing young woman and I love that she has a slot, during prime time, to influence our girls and show them that their magic is first cultivated in their minds and not in their bodies.
Speak On It 💁🏽

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It’s one thing to know that you are hoarding garbage, trash, toxicity & it’s another to actually remove it. Get busy, #2018sooncome.
Hopefully we’ll meet again on the other side, if know why 😩😂🙌🏾💁🏽 #HappyNewYear

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#RNDA2017 Fall Dance Recital. 70’s inspired dance, music and fashion!
Congratulations to all of the dancers and to the team who makes Rhythm Nation Dance successful, year after year. Mistress of Ceremony, Earlene S. Horne narrates the performances and CEO/Owner, Kandyss B. McAden, Thanks audience, staff, families, and sponsors.

Rhythm Nation Dance Academy performs their Fall 2017 dance recital at Coral Springs Charter Middle School in Coral Springs, FL. Mistress of Ceremony, Earlene...

I wrote this article in 2010. I post it every year on December 1. 🎈Please, #takecare #worldaidsday Read it: ❤️

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Hello...💁🏽 Felicidades✊🏽🙌🏾

Ilia Calderón is stepping up to the big chair at Univision.|By David Moye

Very scary day in NYC! Terror strikes on Halloween. Reported 8 dead due to a "lone wolf" attacker.

Police and witnesses say a motorist drove onto a busy bicycle path and struck several people

🎃Talk about Trick or Treat! Wendy Williams collapsed on live TV today. After her collapse Williams came back and said, "That was not a stunt. I overheated in my costume and I did pass out. But, you know what? I'm a champ and I'm back!"
Okay Wendy, careful 🎃

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Posted by Mitchell Wiggs
Mitchell Wiggs

Feel better WW!

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Thanks Raab Love, for teaching me this fun fact today! I owe my knowledge of HTML coding to this man. The inventor of social media, as we know it today, is Omar Wasow. It was through trial and error, copying code that worked on my online friends pages, and through interest and engagement that I taught myself how to code. He created Black Planet. I was a member of that online social site back in the late 1990's-early 2000's. I was also part of the beta experiment of Facebook back when it was a college experiment/assignment. We learn through interest & engagement. He taught us how to seek information and apply it to our own lives. Thank you Professor Wasow. #education #coding #engineer #diversity #innovation

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Zandra Cunningham created her own line of beauty products. All natural beauty skincare and makeup. At 17, she has 40 products and has amassed over 500k! See you're never too young to start building your queendom. #youth# #entrpreneur #building #growing #sassysaturday #cellibration #cellibrationpublishing

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It's here! The 2017-forever...fellas, would you? Could you? To Weave or Not To Weave, Menfolk...that is the question💁🏽
The choice is yours!

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Natural Hair Queen

Getting a Man-Weave 'For the First Time' #NaturalHair 👑

Credit: All Def Digital via Youtube...
Link to video:

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Once that trust is gone...

Kevin Hart's Wife Eniko "Can't Trust" Husband, "Very Upset". Kevin Hart's Wife Eniko "Can't Trust" Husband, "Very Upset"

By, Latonia Bailey

Ladies share this info with my nieces, cousins, any young teens and younger adults that you feel this info could help.



This is Girl Code for Life!

The Girl Code; 1-6

•Code 1: " We arrive together, we leave together. NO, you're not leaving with some random dude & NO I'm not leaving you at the party by yourself.

• Code 2 " Both of us can't be too drunk, at least one of us needs to be alert & aware of our surroundings.

•Code 3 " If you have to go to the bathroom or outside ." WE ALL going to the BATHROOM & OUTSIDE!!" We move as a UNIT!

•Code 4 " We don't accept drinks from strangers unless we're at the bar and watch the bartender pour it".

• Code 5 " If I feel like you're too drunk to function, we leaving the party EARLY".

• Code 6 " If you just so happen to go missing. I will give you a maximum 10-15 mins to show up or I will call the police cause I ain't going home without you.

Copy and repost because this new generation got it twisted on what a "FRIEND" is.

#justiceforkenneka #kennekajenkins #RIP #neverforget

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What a difference 30 days can make 💁🏽
Congratulations Sloane Stephens!

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Strong Opinions Loosely Held

Sloane Stephens was ranked 957th last month & now she is a Grand Slam champion! In May she was recovering from a stress fracture in her foot - let's just appreciate that for a second.

If you missed it yesterday, I feel bad for you son...I got 99 problems but LOVE/HATE ain't one! My pre-birthday jam was so lit! I can't thank @biggiz_ and the whole LOVE/HATE family enough for their hospitality. Everything I love was on deck: real hip hop, great vibes, beautiful people, ambiance. It was #perfect #birthdaygirl #cellibration #miami #lovehate #hiphop

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This Sunday! It's my birthday pre-game and I'm ready to turn up. Come on out to the day party. It's going to be amazing 💁🏽

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What a great night out! I had a fun time "trying" to bowl at "7th Annual Strike For A Cause," at Sparez Bowling Alley, tonight!Thanks for supporting a cause that is very near and dear to my heart, "Women In Distress." I definitely need to improve my bowling skills... see ya next year 😂😂😂🙌🏾

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