Learn more here about proposed infrastructure changes that would affect drivers.

Among the 41 grants issued across 43 states through the TIGER grant program are the building of a new freeway in Nebraska, the widening of I-57 in Illinois and the separation of trucks from other v…

We know sometimes running a successful business means breaking a few eggs, but our hard-boiled independent contractors know to drive safe even when scrambling to get loads delivered on time.


If you happen to be picking up or leaving a load at the Central Hauling headquarters in Little Rock tomorrow, you might like to know that Pie Five (across the highway from Central Hauling) is offering a Pi Day deal tomorrow. Wherever you are, look for deals out there for pies of both the pizza and fruity varieties!

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Pie Five Pizza is with Shelia Haws Bergner.

Celebrate Pi Day (March 14) with 11" Signature Pizzas for only $3.14!
In Store Only. Limit one per person. Extra charge for gluten free crust, cauliflower crust or vegan cheese. Build Your Own pies are regular priced. Available only at participating locations.

For Tuesday Trivia, what's the inside width of a CalArk trailer, as listed on the CalArk site?

CalArk specialized as a dry van truckload carrier, Last Mile Deliveries (LTL) and warehousing services including cross-docking, trans-loading, pool distribution and more.

If you're looking for a novel for your next break or while your partner has the wheel, this fun thriller about a truck driver who finds an abandoned child with a mysterious note might fit the bill. Enjoy any good books lately?

Winter has come to Route 117, a remote road through the high desert of Utah trafficked only by eccentrics, fugitives, and those looking to escape the world. Local truck driver Ben Jones, still in mourning over a heartbreaking loss, is just trying to get through another season of treacherous roads...

Getting the sleep you need on the road can be tricky (especially after Daylight Savings Time throws everything off by an hour). Check out these tips on getting the most out of your rest.

Restless nights can lead to not only lack of alertness and increased accident risk but also increased stress and impaired memory. While most drivers are aware of sleep apnea and the industry’s focu…

Have a few minutes to share your knowledge? The American Trucking Research Institute wants your input on how e-commerce is affecting what you do.

The questionnaire asks truckers and carriers about their experiences hauling e-commerce freight, including the percentage of truck trips that involved the delivery or return of e-commerce packages,…

Sunday's coming up quickly. Don't forget to have plenty of coffee on-hand!

Daylight Saving Time is here.

Today is International Women's Day, and we're delighted to celebrate:

Our 22 contractors for Central Hauling, 24 CAI employees, and 25 CalArk drivers who are women in a mostly male industry. Our percentage of amazing women drivers is higher than the industry average.

Our president, Rochelle Bartholomew, the first-recognized Trucking's Most Influential Woman by the Women in Trucking Association, in 2011.


Our executive leaders, over half of whom are women.

We appreciate you!

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What do you think of this concept truck of the future? We like seeing what innovators are imagining for the next generation of drivers. Think you might upgrade to something like this anytime soon?

Shell Lubricants unveiled its Starship Project concept truck, a fuel-sipping Class 8 combination tractor-trailer designed in conjunction with AirFlow Truck Company to showcase the feasibility of en…

Today's Tuesday Trivia is a silly one. Which two famous people's names were we spoofing in the three examples we used to illustrate how the April 1st pay increase could apply to a real* independent contractor for Central Hauling?

*Real contractors not pictured, but we're always looking for volunteer models if you'd like to mention your availability in the comments.

You may have heard Central Hauling will soon be offering a better pay package for our independent contractors. We're raising our base pay by two cents (to 98 cents per mile) and have improved our...

We're happy to announce a pay increase package that benefits all our independent contractors, especially those who log the most miles! Click the link to learn more.

You may have heard Central Hauling will soon be offering a better pay package for our independent contractors. We're raising our base pay by two cents (to 98 cents per mile) and have improved our...

CCJ Magazine regularly features "whose fault" videos asking you to determine if an accident was the fault of the driver. It's obviously easier for us to take the driver's side most of the time, but the videos are fun to speculate about and help remind us all to watch out for four-wheelers and stay safe, no matter who should have known better.

This video is an adaptation of a scenario pulled from the CCJ Preventable or Not manual. It is presented via a partnership between CCJ and Instructional Technologies. While truck driver John Doe at…

Central Hauling driver Keith Lawson continues to entertain us on YouTube, this time with an unusual unexplained phenomenon. Who can say whence these brilliant, shimmering wheels came? PaleriderTV discusses the mystery.

Picked up a loaded trailer with shiny wheels. I switched trailers with Youtube Trucker Ashley Loucks! Check out her Youtube channel here;

We enjoyed these tips for staying more comfortable and safe while driving. Check them out! | As a truck driver, you spend many hours sitting behind the wheel. If you don't take care to makes sure that you're sitting...

Stowaways aren't just for pirate movies. Check our our latest blog post for tips on how to ensure no uninvited guests catch a ride with you.

While the average citizen may associate stowaways with pirate ships more easily than tractor-trailers, experienced drivers know they can and do find ways to hide in or on trucks.

Georgia DOT believes research shows this will help speed freight delivery by keeping rush hour traffic out of dedicated trucking lanes. What do you think?

The preliminary proposal has the lanes going northbound from approximately the I-75/I-475 interchange near Macon to the McDonough area just south of Atlanta.