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Rieshell Schenker
· November 6, 2016
I'm currently enrolled here and this "school" is an absolute joke. Not only have the screwed over myself but many of my classmates. They change the requirements often and like to unenroll and re-enrol...l students and not tell them. All they are in for is your money. If you are thinking about going here DON'T AND if you just started get out while you can. it will be the worst decision you will ever make. Take the money and use it elsewhere in an actual better school. These credits will also not transfer to a new school so if you plan to further your education, you'll have to start all over again. There's not many good teachers there either, a lot don't know what they're talking about or teaching because they just get thrown into a random class to teach. They only care for the money and that's it you will learn little here compared to what you will actually learn in the field or at a different school. Trust me when I say this "school" is NOT worth your money. See More
Meghan Adair Shaw
· December 5, 2016
I recently graduated from the MA program and can honestly say I had the best experience. The teachers really care that you understand the information and want you to be successful in the field. They h...elped me get the externship I wanted and were great references in my job search. I can officially say I've been hired by Riverside and cannot wait to start applying the skills I learned here! It's all about what you put into it...I graduated with perfect attendance, 4.0 gpa and Directors list. I also finished a 15 mo program in 13 mo since I had transfer credits. If you're considering it, do it!!!! See More
Rita Boyce
· August 24, 2015
I am ecstatic and so happy with this school!!!! The staff and fellow students are all very nice and helpful
Mokhatla Letoporo
· June 30, 2014
I strong believe ur college/ university offers the best curriculum in virginia. ' education takes one out of poverty, it's not about how much you know, but it's about what you do with that knowledge, empowering our communities at large." mokhatla letoporo , ex- mr. Riverside -qwa-qwa 1995,(south africa) See More
Joann Williams
· March 3, 2015
They are a money hungry college that do not care about there students. I would rate them very poorly. I want get into the other details just know they are a crappy school.
Angela Harley
· October 19, 2013
The instructors are excellent! I never made the Honor roll , Deans list , Directors list, Student of the Mode ,National Honor Society before I attended this College. I GRADUATED WITH HONORS!!!!
Gladys Pinela
· February 26, 2014
My school is the best!! Made the Dean List!!
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Taylor's back guys! I have to admit that Taylor is the best MA I have ever worked with because she does all of these things she's listed and more. I know it can be a busy and exhausting job, but if your goal is to become a PA, you want to make the best impression possible and secure that amazing l

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288shares1987812Kaiba Gionfriddo was born prematurely in 2011. After 8 months, his lung development caused concerns, although he was sent home with his parents as his breathing was normal. Six weeks l

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