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Michael Steinhart
· May 25, 2014
Mah Tovu Mah Tovu ohalecha Ya'acov mishkenotecha Y'Israel
How truly beautiful are thy tents oh Israel
Reason we sing this in shul
To remind us that after 2,000 years love remembers

108,000 of our ancestors formed the top of ?
156,000 were camped on one side and directly across from it were 157,000 and formed the sides of ?
186,000 camped around the final side and formed the bottom of ?


WHEN we pray to receive Yeshuah Elouheinu stay IN shul and continue to tithe there. Find a bible based New Covenant study then START one IN the shul. Hashem Yeshuah came to give us shul and gi ve it abundantly to add to our numbers not to take us out
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Randi Weingarten
· September 21, 2014
Shanah Tovah to Adam and all of Chabad at Hartford! May you all enjoy the sweet holiday together as friends.
Naomi 'Natalie' Robin
April 18, 2013
call me biased because I was there when it all started... but absolutely amazing. The people, the programs, the food, the trips... you name. Definitely a home away from home!
Chabad Does It Best!
Wooops... can I try again!?
Light Up the Night
By Cindy Mindell It is no trivial feat for an organization to expand its reach by 500 percent over the span of 15 years. But that’s what Chabad on Campus International has accomplished since 2000, increasing its presence from fewer than 30 U.S. college campuses to 198 today. Which makes the just-pub...

Come celebrate the final night of Passover with Chabad. Shabbat Dinner will feature many Passover comfort foods we all love. Enjoy delicious food, wine, and great company!

Fri 7:00 PM EDTChabad ChevraHartford, CT
Help raise money for Chabad Chevra.