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Tanner Gregory
· March 20, 2018
Had an amazing time visiting with friends. I was born and raised in the area but have been in Portland’s the last 2 years. It was so nice to find a laid back environment with a covered patio, great ba...rtender (Seth) and amazing Karaoke hosts (Tyler & Marcus). Thanks for a fun time guys! Looking forward to coming back. See More
Joseph Seattle
· November 30, 2017
Great little pub to to hang out it. All ages are comfortable here. There is mostly no attitude or clicquishness except for one snooty group that comes on Karaoki nights.
Cool place.
Other than that gr...oup, everybody is so nice except for one obnoxious car salesman. See More
Rob Paulson
· March 4, 2018
My favorite gay bar in Seattle. Great prices and great company!
Jessica DeBonis
· March 14, 2018
Love this place. But hate don’t tell anyone.
Bill DeMuth
· September 6, 2017
Friendly patrons, hot bartenders, sexy video DJ Andy and great burgers and fries. What's not to like. Oh Robert, Robert, be still my beating heart :)
John Cocks
· May 1, 2017
The only gay bar in Seattle that is not part of the "game" of the city.

I go here and feel like i can talk to people, meet people, and not get shrugged off cause i'm not part of the gay social confor...mity. you meet very diverse and chill people. Other gay bars shun people who are not going for the show and the oxymoronic glamour of wreaking of alcohol and cigarettes. this bar doesn't car. JUST BE YOU! ITS PERFECT! also... go to the back room and check whats inside the tree in the corner...

that is if its still there after all these years...
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Rich Crank
· February 24, 2016
I am visiting at this moment from Kansas but I come every time I'm in Seattle since I always stay within walking distance. The staff's great. As introverted as I am, I've still managed to meet and and... chat with people ... or at least not feel like a gay fish in straight-shark-infested waters. Maybe the aquariums help! See More
Andrew DeYoung
· December 12, 2016
Great atmosphere! I really like to heat lamps in the outdoor seating area in back. I love singin' here! :) Acoustically speaking, it's my favorite place! Great people, too! If you're looking for a fri...endly, down to earth group of people to spend some time with, this is your bar! See More
Jerold R Snyder
· November 20, 2015
Love the food I've been a regular customers since 1998 for burgers on Tuesday's and thrie prom rib on Friday's with friends and you can't beat the price if you're between the age of 38 and 60 this p...lace is for you See More
Sam Miller
· October 4, 2016
Always love Changes, it's my number one place every time I visit Seattle. The staff is so friendly and the patrons are always great to chat with over a drink! �
Danielle Norris
· August 27, 2015
There are times when I walk in I can hear the tune from Cheers fill my head. No matter how busy Rob is on Friday, Matt on Saturday nights, they will normally have my drink ready for me as I walk up to... the well. Although there is able service the bar tenders and the regulars bus the tables.
I use to feel a bit uncomfortable by the stares from those at the front. But no longer. The regulars are my rocks.
Changes is a neighborhood bar and it does show from the mix of the crowd.
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Tod Steward
· December 3, 2016
I love Changes, Floyd McIsaac is the best owner and makes sure everyone has fun especially during sporting events! You are missing a total customers first experience if you go elsewhere! Favorite bar ...hands down!! See More
Lonnie Devine
· August 5, 2014
Being a bartender myself for quite a few years now at CC Attles and before that at the eagle , I must say cheers to you guys , Changes continues year after year to be a fun, friendly, and welcoming ...environment . Don't get there as often as I would like to but when I do it's always a good time!!!! See More
Julie Hall
· June 16, 2016
What a fun time I had at Changes. The little bar has great ambiance. Seemed like all the patrons knew each other well but were extremely friendly to newcomers like myself. The karaoke was a lot of fun...!

I'll have to stop back in there when I'm north of Seattle.
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T. M. Peter
· December 9, 2015
Best prices in town for burgers & prime rib! $11.95 for prime rib every Friday night & under $5 bacon cheese burgers on Tuesdays. It's definitely a gay bar, so not everyone will feel comfy in that env...ironment. However, everyone is welcome, regardless of sexual orientation. The clientele is mostly men, age 40+. (Some are 60+ y/o.) See More
Jamie Parry
· June 27, 2016
( From the Central Coast of CA.) Every time we visit our friends Tim,Larry and etc in Seattle we always make sure to have drinks at Changes. Very friendly staff and the owner Floyd is great. It's like... the gay Cheers. See More
Alexander Kane
· January 2, 2016
Great Place, Could use a remodel & get rid of the pool table to make room for cocktail tables..great drinks & fun bar staff.....Cheers....
Tim Conner
· December 6, 2013
I like how this bar has a timeless feel. Like how bars felt in the 90's but without being smoke-filled. When bar-hopping was an essential form of survival in the gay scene. Not pretentious, always fri...endly, and not over-priced. It's like "Cheers" for the gays :-) See More
Liza Danger
· January 30, 2017
Such a wonderful staple both in Seattle and in Wallingford! Great staff, strong drinks and lots of entertainment! Something for everyone!
Matthew Cotner
· June 24, 2016
Changes is a great environment, relaxed, and everyone has a fun time! I feel great walking around like a slave gladiator, too ^.^
A fantastic time with Ryan Spady and his Birthday sing- off :-)
Matt Beckley at your service :-)

Super Happy Hour 🥃🍺🍸4 PM until 7 PM! Steakhouse Specials $19.95, served with a baked potato 🥔 🍲 🥗 Video Dj Andy 📺💻🎧 tonight!

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