cower. crawl. climb.

the burning star Channel 4Four :4:

check this out....great set. these are the sounds of sunlight melting the horizon.

5/3/2016 Dronny Darko & Utu Lautturi - Urban Tribalism - Rites Lost- Sparkwood Records Wikan - Horns of Herne - Wild Host - Death Camp Records Volkanos Mortalis- I died with you (featuring Stella P

Out now on Pale Noir 'MAHR' the self titled EP! Limited edition of 300 CD's in a wax sealed envelope. We are giving away a Pale Noir care package to three You will receive three 12" Records by MAHR, DISIR, and Wikan as well as the new Mahr CD and a poster! You will simply need to share and like this post. Winners will be announced Monday, April 21st!

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6 track album

Preview clips of all six songs on the forthcoming self titled EP MAHR.

Releases 4.12.16 Pale Noir Records Mastered by Artefacts Mastering
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4.12.16 (promo video by Channel 4Four )

Forthcoming self titled EP Mahr Release date 4.12.16 Pale Noir Records Promo video by Channel4Four
Hey Baby Let's Cook by Channel 4Four from the DVD album "Disease of the Day" for updates, downloads, concert dates and more, visit

something from the's old enough now that it's a hit in the nursing home always---new things are brewing in the oven of eternity, muffins will be ready in the new era

AND MOVE by Channel 4Four an unreleased track from the "Disease of the Day" sessions. For updates, downloads, concert dates and more visit

hey....want to hear where Channel 4Four started from? I didn't think so, but here you go anyways....

the birth of Channel 4Four :4:

our good friends at PALE NOIR have some great stuff recently made available and more audio delights on the way. ever wonder where it all started for Channel 4Four? well here it is....check it out. taking chances and expanding minds....

Madison, WI based label featuring a community of self expressions and collaborations in experimental artistic media. Traveling among all avenues of intelligent sound design.
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on the other side there lies a river and that river is made from drops of your veins....I've been obsessing over this track for awhile now, and sometimes you just have to let it go....from an upcoming release that may or may not be.... :4:

on the other side lies a river that is made from the drops of your veins....for updates, downloads, show dates and more, visit

sometimes knowing too much is a curse....let us sink in the arms of slumber

"The Eternal Stasis of Desire" by Channel 4Four....a dream can never be touched.... for updates, downloads, show dates and more go to

it is stirring....pieces of transition; from the sands it came and builds-forms-decays....continuing....

:4: is stirring.... for downloads, updates and more visit
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Saturday night? fuck yeah it is so toss this in your player before you head for the night....

15 track album

for the hearing impared

an excerpt of "Forever In Your Shadows" by Channel 4Four and KING LUST.....for updates, downloads, show dates, and more visit