Listen to Jesus saying yes after I ask him if he's reincarnated and also Erik's voice. This is groundbreaking!
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I miss you all and can't wait to come back even stronger with more wonderful mediums in mid-March. The first radio show will be 3/19! I have to admit, though, this time off has been very healing and is helping me recharge my batteries.

Interesting stuff about the upcoming lunar trifecta!

The BIG super blue blood moon event on January 31 2018 indicates ending and beginning simultaneously. Once you release NEW starts! You decide what kind of en...

I’m looking so forward to returning back to normal with the blog, YouTube’s, radio show and more around the second week in March! I miss you guys!

Guest: James Van Praagh James Van Praagh Website: James Van Praagh Book: James Van Praagh is a # 1 New York T...
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Great interview with Nora Yolles Young and Veronica Drake

In his debut appears,Artul, the ET from another realm enlightens humanity in the simplest most practical way. Using Veronica Drake as his conduit.

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We LOVE ROCK STARS! Welcome to Rock Star Interviews from Beyond! Did you know that your favorite Rock Star's are really interested in connecting with You, th...

Thank you so much, everyone, for your warm words in your letters. I love and miss you ALL!

Would any of you mind writing me a short letter about how the blog has helped you in your life, with grief or whatever? Because of what I'm using it for, it can't mention channeling, mediums and all that "woo-woo" stuff. If you can, email it to It can be short!! I'd really, really appreciate it! If you think it's literally saved your life, please include that too. Miss you, guys! I'll be back soon!

Veronica Drake is offering winter special.. when you purchase a one hour angel reading with her you get a FREE 30 minute follow up.. here is the link

This is Elisa Medhus, M.D. Welcome to my channel. After my son, Erik Medhus, took his own life, he began to visit friends, family and the readers of my blog,...
I know I planned to start all things CE March 1st, but I found this awesome video, courtesy of Kevin Moore from The Moore Show, of Jamie Butler trance channeling both her 9 year-old guide, Maitland, and our boy, Erik. Erik makes his appearance around 45:25-ish. Also, I plan to post the interview wit...

Check out this amazing trance channeling by Jamie Butler! Try to watch the entire thing, but Erik comes in around 45:25.