Take a pass on gas, but not on our new commercial! CharcoCaps helps you Put Less Boom in the Room.

Check out our latest blog post to learn about the main ingredient behind CharcoCaps, activated charcoal, and how it works!

CharcoCaps has harnessed the power of activated charcoal for fighting gas and bloating, but this powder has other uses as well. Here's how activated charcoal works and why

Getting frustrated dealing with flatulence? Check out this week's blog post for how to say ENOUGH already and get rid of flatulence fast!

Flatulence can be awkward and uncomfortable, but there are ways to combat it! Tracking your dietary changes and knowing which foods trigger flatulence for you are perfect starting points
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New blog post: What to do when food isn't causing your gas and bloating.

If you suffer from uncomfortable gas and bloating, you have probably already talked to your doctor and learned which foods to stay away from in order to relieve symptoms. There may be a more serious disorder or other lifestyle factors that are causing you

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It's official: the FDA has issued a sugar consumption advisory. "Placing a Cap on Americans’ Consumption of Added Sugar"

The regulatory agency advises the public to look for sugar in processed foods such as low-fat yogurt (fat and carbs are two very different animals), prepared soups, and condiments such as ketchup or salad dressing.

The goal of new F.D.A. guidelines is to limit added sugar to no more than 10 percent of daily calories. For an adult, that means no more than 12.5 teaspoons a day.

As Facebook said last night, "... don't believe everything you read on the Internet today. Facebook is free and it always will be."

Don't fall for the latest -- and very familiar -- Facebook privacy hoax.

If it's difficult to eat a healthy breakfast and get everyone out the door on time, check out this week's blog for tips on managing your diet while keeping up with your workload.

If workplace pressures make it difficult for you to maintain a healthy diet, we have some suggestions for healthier options. Keep CharcoCaps in your desk and you'll even be able to handle vending machine coffee.

CharcoCaps to whiten teeth?!? Tell us what you think about Elle Waller's fun YouTube video:

I packed on the charcoal and let it sit for 5 minutes then brushed my teeth right after. They felt really smooth and actually lightened about 2-3 shades. You...

Check out our blog for 10 ways to look better this weekend!

Relieves Gas & Bloating FAST... Guaranteed Satisfaction

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Yogurt may not always be a healthy option! Find out what to look for - and what to avoid - before your next trip to the supermarket.

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Everyone knows that regular exercise is as important as proper nutrition and rest, but what happens if you suffer gas pain during exercise?

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Relieves Gas & Bloating FAST... Guaranteed Satisfaction
Relieves Gas & Bloating FAST... Guaranteed Satisfaction