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Danielle Maddrey
· September 8, 2014
A house of prayer where God's word is taught. Such a family atmosphere and what I love most is how it is a church that lets the Holy Spirit have its way. Our Pastor and First Lady are humble servant...s that are committed to helping each of us use our gifts and talents to Glorify God. It is a place where we are taught to witness daily. If you want to grow in the Word just come visit and I promise you, you will not leave the same way you came. This church has changed my husband and I and has truly unlocked our spirits. WE ARE FREE!!!! Thank You Charity Family!!! See More
Brian O'Sullivan
· October 19, 2014
Thank you God for putting Pastor Thompson and your wonderful congregation in my life. It's a beautiful way to start the week by praying to God to protect the unborn in Cherry Hill on Sunday mornings 9 am at that awful slaughterhouse I only pray that more folks will come out and join us in Prayer See More
Debbie Sewell
· August 13, 2017
I love worshipping and praising the Lord with my family and Pastor Thompson will preach and teach you the WORD of GOD.
Mia Duncan
· July 24, 2017
I loved worshipping with my family and will be back again
Michael Maddrey
· January 25, 2015
Charity a family that pray, and learn together stay strong together in the body of Christ!!

God’s peace helps us not to hurry.

INSIGHT: The word peace in Isaiah 26:3 is one of the prophet Isaiah’s favorite words; it’s used over twenty times in Isaiah. The word appears for the first time in Isaiah 9:6 where we find several titles for the promised Messiah, including “Prince of Peace.” Peace is a translation of the great Hebrew word shalom. While peace is certainly an acceptable rendering, more broadly shalom speaks of “welfare,” “prosperity,” “wholeness”—the comprehen...sive well-being of a person, people, or place. What isn’t immediately apparent in modern versions of verse 3 is that the word translated “perfect” is also the Hebrew word shalom. Thus a literal rendering of “perfect peace” is “shalom, shalom” or “peace, peace.” What’s in view is multiplied peace, true peace, exponential peace. Verse 3 helps us to see that peace awaits those who trust in the Lord as their eternal source of strength—their Rock (v. 4). Such peace allows one to exhale, to rest, to slow down.

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Many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. Matthew 19:30

INSIGHT: The details of the story of Jephthah are unique, but the idea of an unlikely person being the hero of the story—well that’s the subtle plotline of the entire Bible. In fact, many times the person we might expect to be the hero—for example, the tall and broad-shouldered Saul—isn’t the hero at all. Disobedience to God led to Saul’s downfall, but it’s David, a young shepherd, whom God calls “a man after [my] own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14).

What set apart those God used to do His work? Whether a prostitute (Rahab), a dreamer (Joseph), a young shepherd (David), a young virgin (Mary), or a former Pharisee (Paul), the common factor is how they responded to God. God uses those who listen to His calling and respond in faith. How might He use you?

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