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Phil Schwartz
· August 1, 2013
Charles has a very good understanding of the human body. His approach is cutting-edge, unique, and much more effective than regular massage. I highly recommend getting a session with him if you have ...any chronic pain that needs to be addressed. See More
Roy Taylor
· June 18, 2013
I recently had my first appointment for an athletic body tuning with charles. His service was superb, as he made sure i felt comfortable, and could easily converse and keep me relaxed. It was the perf...ect price for a great massage, and i left feeling great! Best thing about charles is he focuses on FIXING the problems instead of just DELAYING them! Overall 5 stars! See More

"How to Get High on Life: 10 Natural Ways to Feel on Top of the World" good read

Many of society’s favorite psychoactive compounds, both legal and illegal, work by hijacking our own neurotransmitters and brain receptor sites. In other words, they aren’t creating something out...

Uninterrupted sleep is incredibly important for detoxifying the brain, productivity, and hormones.
"Sleep as a Competitive Advantage -" good read

At 6 p.m. last Friday, I boarded a plane for Bangalore, India. At 1 p.m. Tuesday, I arrived back in New York after two days of meetings and traveling 34 hours across nine time zones. As you can imagine,...

Interesting article on achieving weight gains while cutting body fat.

1. Eat lots of Protein 1g per lb
2. Lift heavy or sprint to wake up the Central Nervous System which will in turn stimulate Growth Hormone and testosterone.
3. Have rest days and get sleep to avoid the stress hormone cortisol.

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So you wanna put on some lean muscle mass. And you want to do it within the context of the Primal Blueprint, but aren't sure where to start. It's a common question and it's about time I addressed it head on. As I’ve made pretty clear, our ultimate goal is to achieve positive gene expression, functio…

"For Fitness, Push Yourself" good read

To realize the greatest benefits from exercise, we probably need to ramp up our workouts.
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Most effective hour you can get for loosening up muscles is Fascial Stretch Therapy. As a massage therapist, I spent a lot of time massaging tight lines with what I thought of as good results. Once I learned Fascial Stretch Therapy, I was getting results that I didn't think possible in one session. The whole glute line could be released in 4 minutes. The hamstrings in 5. Point is that this is the therapy of the future.…/bounce-back

When I get a massage, I’m used to being told my muscles are tight. It comes with an active lifestyle and a desk job. But I’m not used to leaving the table a quarter of an inch taller than I came in—which is precisely what happened when I tried fascial stretch therapy for the first time at Denver Spo…

The Right Way to Stretch the Hamstrings: Part 1

Hamstring Stretch Based off Science. This can be used before activities before activities unlike Static Stretches. Easy to do with out any Strain
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The muscular system is made up of some six trillion muscle fibers. Each fiber is thinner than a human hair, but can support up to 1000 times its own weight.

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Anatomy In Motion is with Zahira Rubero and Tere Bin Nai Jena.

Did You Know: One of the reasons we yawn is to cool our brains!

When you start to yawn, powerful stretching of the jaw increases blood flow in the neck, face, a...nd head. The deep intake of breath during a yawn forces downward flow of spinal fluid and blood from the brain. Cool air breathed into the mouth cools these fluids

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Image from a Pepsi Cola Ad (We know. Weird! But we have to give them the credit since they created the artwork.)

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Our Spine can be thought of like series of bricks stacked on top of each other. If posture is correct the vertebras will transfer the weight of gravity evenly to the ground.

If posture is weak, certain vertebras will absorb the pressure leading to degenerating disc disease. It is hard to change your posture by just being conscience of it. Eventually most give up and go back to their natural posture. The answer is to isolate and strengthen these posture muscles and you will n...otice a natural positive change in your posture.

I encourage all to watch this video to improve your posture by a 12 minute workout twice a week.…

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Foundation Training is an extraordinary solution for back pain, knee pain, hip pain, plantar fasciitis and many other chronic pains we get as active people. ...

Most Passionate Thing Ever Said About Fascia

"The soul of man with all the streams of
pure living water seems to dwell in the
fascia of his body. When you deal with...
the fascia, you deal and do business
with the branch offices of the brain,
and under the general corporation law,
the same as the brain itself, and why
not treat it with the same degree of
respect? (Still 1899)."

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A new client came in today for a stretch. After she said " this session was better than I could of ever imagined."