In the past two months Elmer Elevator and his new friend Boris the Dragon have visited a dozen states in this year's tour of Enchantment Theatre Company's stage adaptation of Ruth Stiles Gannett's Newberry Award-winning story. Here's a chance for you to preview the musical soundtrack I created for that work - or, if you've seen it already, to relive the magic!

Songs I created for the Enchantment Theatre Company production of My Father's Dragon, currently on tour throughout the US

Remembering Albert Innaurato - The Trolley Song from Gemini the Musical, with Todd Buonopane and Jillian Louis, at the Prince Music Theater in 2004. "I"m gonna stand here and be myself, no matter what!" Herschel's lyric (borrowed directly from Albert's play) is a fitting epitaph for that ornery genius.

Trolley, from Gemini the Musical (Day 36) 2 Replies I do requests! Yes, Day 36 of Project 194 is posted in response to a request from a dear friend who wanted to hear “Trolley” from Gemini the Musical. I worked with playwright Albert Innaurato over a period of several years adapting his hit comedy G...
The Lady In Daddy's Pajamas

Featuring original music by yours truly!

In the D.C. area next week? Stop by Wolf Trap to catch The Beast in the Bayou, the classic Beauty and the Beast tale reimagined. July 6-7, 10:30am. #ETCBayou For tickets, visit:

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June 4, 2017
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Yesterday was the big day, my sixtieth birthday, and I'm pleased to report that, as promised, I posted a song a day every day on my blog for a total of 194 posts. On July 13th, I wrapped up my six-month blogathon with an original song, Bloom Where You're Planted, which I offer as a birthday gift to…

Project 194 is heading into its final three days - nearly 200 remarkable songs, featuring remarkable performances and (in many cases) remarkable remarks. Today it's Christmas in July, as I share a song I wrote as a gift for D'Arcy years ago. #hearmysong

A Dream for Christmas (Day 192) Leave a reply The last three songs I’m planning to post on Project 194 all have a particular personal meaning for me. “A Dream for Christmas” as a Christmas present for D’Arcy many years ago. This is a composer’s demo of the song with me in a particularly soulful mood…

As of today, I've posted 184 of my 194 songs, with only 10 more to go! Click through to the Project 194 "landing page," with links to recent posts, random posts, and tags that I've used to organize the astonishing variety of material contained herein. For the last week or so, it's been all about Gemini the Musical, and you can hear performances from both the 2004 and 2007 casts. #hearmysong

Welcome to Project 194: Songs for Sixty! It’s a sixtieth birthday bash! It’s a concept album! It’s an anthology revue! It’s an annotated career retrospective! Project 194 is, as Ed Sullivan would say, a “rilly big shew.” I started Project 194 on the first day of 2015, after looking back over a caree…
Little by little, Project 194 has been making quite an impact, and the month of May has brought a number of milestones. First and foremost, I'm at the keyboard working on my newest commission, The Adventures of Peter Rabbit, produced by Enchantment Theatre Company and currently in rehearsal in their…

If you've been digging the tunes on Project 194, there's still plenty more to come, so why not subscribe and receive them by email? Here's an archive of what my subscribers have received lately.

Another op'nin', another show! This dragon got a room full of kindergartners riled up at 10am! Enjoy all my music for The Brave Little Tailor at

First public performance of Enchantment Theatre Company's production of The Brave Little Tailor. Created by ETC artistic directors Landis Smith, Jennifer Smi...

100 days into Project 194. Now that feels like a milestone! Have you checked it out lately? A song a day every day since 2015 began. And like Jolson says, "You ain't heard nothin' yet!"

By God Gumption – that’s how you get to 100 Days! Leave a reply That’s right, this is my 100th post on Project 194, a momentous occasion, one that calls for a song with swagger. From the 2012 reading of Leading Lady, a song for the character Frank Fielder in which he proclaims his ambitions. Take it…

Posted this video of a performance of A is for Anything, my 1988 musical for young audiences commissioned by the Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education, after featuring it for the past week on Project 194 (

An original musical for young audiences by Charlie Gilbert. Learn more at

It's Day 51, just over 7 weeks into #project194, and I've had more than 700 unique visitors - that works out to about 100 people a week who want to #hearmysong. If you haven't visited yet, please do; if you have, please come back, because I add great new content every day!

Re: Birth, from Watch the Birdie (Day 51) Leave a reply If I was proceeding strictly according to the running order of Watch the Birdie, the next song would be Hit Me, but I refer you to one of my first Project 194 posts where I showcased this song and the superlative rock stylings of Alex Keiper. R…

This TV feature is a wonderful reminder of the days when the Prince Music Theater was still alive and well and producing new work in Philly. Watch it and then check out Concrete, a song from Gemini the Musical which is today's #project194 offering, at

A live performance for Valentine's Day! #hearmysong #project194 #valentinesday

The Ogre I Adore, from Tales of the Dingo Forest (Day 45) Leave a reply Happy Valentines Day! This track comes to you hot off the presses – recorded just this morning for your listening enjoyment, The Ogre I Adore! Quick, listen to the song, and then meet me down below after the lyric for the custom…

The ever-savvy Philadelphia theater-and-arts blog has posted a terrific piece about #project194 - check it out!

Turning sixty is a big milestone,. South Philadelphia-based songwriter Charles Gilbert is celebrating in a different and rather unconventional way.