Fuck That, produced by David Matherly
Your Nightmare, Produced byDavid Matherly
We All Gotta Die, Produced by David Matherly

Hey, guess what......Im back in the studio..and freshness is brewing -KSE

-Dj Kse


So to all the fans we thank you for the mad support over the last year! it is with regret we must say goodbye to move on to a bigger picture in life. Ray and i just dont have much time anymore nor the funds to give you guys what we know you love. Dont lose hope though, this isnt the end of charllote! only a step to a new motive. We love you all!
DJ Kse

No more after tonight from me. Im closing a book but writing a new one

Oh yea that shits dropping tonight

Fuck everything people are stupid and ugly who think they are so perfect and wana talk about everyone and wana be so hard when theyre punk pussy ass is to scared to do something and stop being a little bitch like seriously who the fuck still talks shit about other people like your in high school.nigga grow up aint nobody worried about wtf you doin especially me you little dumbass chicken bitch I could walk up and slice your throat and nobody would say a damn thing cause no on...e likes or cares about anyone anymore theyre jusy selfish peices of shit but ive always been called an asshole cause I choose to live my life the way I want and think its best? I hope a lesbian catches a dick in the cunt, the president watches his children die in front of him, I want every frat boy in america with a good home life and a nice car that mommy and daddy bought for him to wreck and bleed out everywhere and if you dont like what I say you can fuck off im not here to please anybody i could give two shits on a dick anymore im pissed off and angry at the world still and itll never go away like I thought it would but fuck it I guess thats whats gona make me famouse if I just say a bunch of hateful nonsense people will listen right? Cause i could rap about happy things and god but then id kill myself for being fake and I cant do that yet I havnt offended enough people yet. Sorry rant is over
#nofilter #sendmetohellplz #fuckthepolice #hashtag #spiderboy #nonicotine

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When gothic people look at old pics of themselves they go, yeah I was a normal kid UNTIL THE DARKNESS TOOK OVER ME

I buy alot of faygo

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9 Tracks for the pumpkin patch


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I just need an hour alone to get you outta my system.
Guess that song!?!?!?!

Sometimes I die and come back. I think

Charllote needs to check his email!


One of the admins here is selling his guitar equipment so if your interested message the page.

Mesa boogie 412 oversized cab with celestian v30 speakers $550, peavey 6505+ 112 combo $450, line 6 pod hd500 $300, fender squier stagemaster 7 with dimarzio crunchlab/liquifier $400

Some people dont like my driving. Lol