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Rod MacIver
· October 8, 2017
Unreliable service. When I call to ask what is going on, they tell me that they are happy to disconnect me anytime, just give them the word. Unfortunately I live deep in the woods and have no other op...tions. When I tell them that all want is reliable service, they tell me that their system is fine, that I am the problem.

Others with Westport Telephone, Chazy Westport Telephone tell me they experience similar problems. I think they have old, outdated servers and don’t want to spend the money to get ones that work properly. I believe in shopping local, but local implies people who care about their service and their reputation. These people don’t.

When I asked them to install telephone service, the technician left half way through and said he’d show up again early the next morning. Didn’t show up. When I called the company a couple of days later they told me he was too busy.

I’d highly recommend using Verizon for phone service and Charter or other cable provider for internet.

In the time it has taken me to write this review, service has gone on and off six times.
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Keith Bushey
· August 23, 2017
Excellent service, and great customer satisfaction! Just had them switch my business over to Fiber Optic... WOW! Never seen internet speed this fast, ever!
Denise Dubuc LaPierre
· April 1, 2017
Always on top of things. Girls in the office in Chazy are great to work with. If we have a problem it is fixed that day or the latest the next!!!
Eugene Devins Jr
· June 23, 2017
We are basically forced to use this company as our ISP because of where we live. When we first received our internet service here we were told that we had a dedicated download speeds of 7mb/s. After a... few months of about 3.5mb/s we made a couple phone calls. We explained what was going on and how our speeds were so slow and they said they were going to boost our speeds up and the problem should be fixed. Our speeds never changed we were told that since we were a little further out from the closest repeater that we should expect speeds of 5mb/s and we were still nowhere close to that. To top it all off we kept dropping our internet connection at least once an hour. After making another phone call a few months later being sick of dealing with the dropped internet connection and slow speeds they finally sent a technician out. The technician came here and hooked up his telephone looking tool and when he connected to our line it was barely a dial tone coming through with a bunch of static he was so surprised at what he was hearing he decided to tear the wall apart and checked our connection to the jack and it was fine. It turned out to be the connection from the pole to the house was the problem there was so much interference that our modem could not communicate properly with our internet service provider and that's why we're having so many issues for almost a year. Well the technician jerry-rigged a couple of new wires on the side of our house leaving them hanging there with the little jumper connections but our dropping internet connection problem had finally been fixed. Now after dealing with speeds of less than half of what they said we should be getting and we paid for for and dropping our internet at the worst every 15 minutes I figured customer service would somehow adjust our bill seeing all the problems we had since we had gotten the service about 9 months prior. Well I was wrong I made a phone call to the office in Chazy and they said they only seen one problem ticket to come out to the house that we couldn't have been having those kind of problems. I told the lady that even the technician that had come out had said he could see from back at the office that we kept dropping our internet connection the whole time we had service here for those nine months and that our speeds we're definitely affected by it. She then repeated herself and said that there was only one problem ticket in the whole time we had service and she said that we had called a couple months before that and the problem was fixed immediately by them "boosting" our speeds remotely. She continued to try and tell me that since there was only the one phone call and the one problem ticket a few months after that she didn't think we were having problems. I told her that if I would have called him every time I had a little hiccup or a problem with my internet I would have been calling them once a day. I explained to her I'm not looking for a reimbursement for the last year of service we've had here that maybe she could take $10 off our next bill or something simple like that and then she continued to divert the conversation and change the topic and said she was going to speak to another employee we had spoken with her earlier and they would contact us back on Monday. Very poor customer service. Almost the worst customer service I had seen in my short 26 years of life. Things have gotten a little better since March when the tech came out and jerry-rigged our connection. But we are hoping that things will be much better once the fiber is connected to our house that they laid about two months ago. See More
Ralph Norty
· October 10, 2017
Extremely happy with Chazy & Westport, great service and customer support!
Theda Max Doser
· July 12, 2017
What a nice surprise, thank you
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Make sure to head to The Whallonsburg Grange Hall on Feb 24th for some ADK String Fever action!

The Grange is grateful to Chazy Westport Communications and Westelcom for their support for the ADIRONDACK STRING FEVER concert on February 24. Chazy Westport C...ommunications originated in 1905, just two years after the Whallonsburg Grange chapter was founded. This family-owned company has offered telecommunications services in our region for many decades and is also a big booster of local arts events. We look forward to singing this song with Dan Berggren at the show, celebrating the past of our community and our future.

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The networks used to transmit phone calls have the potential to transform astronomy.

We will never forget the brutal icestorm of 98'. The one that knocked out 2,650 out of the 3,562 homes and forced us to build from the bottom up again.

Our crew worked tirelessly to get our residents phones back up so they could feel safe, secure and check in on loved ones.

This month marks the 20th anniversary!

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Chazy Westport Communications updated their cover photo.
January 16
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Thank you Westport Heritage House and the amazing events committee for bringing some music to Westport Winters!

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Westport Heritage House

We would like to share our gratitude for the generous sponsorships that have made our "Music & More" series possible! Today you will see all of our current spon...sors. We want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the wonderful services that each of these businesses/organizations offer.

Thank you sponsors! ... And don't forget, showtime for Full Sap Moon is 7pm THIS Saturday!

Champlain National Bank
Chazy Westport Communications
Camp Dudley
Ernie's Market and Deli
International Paper Ticonderoga NY
Venture North Associates

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There have been eight reports of batteries melting or charring during the last two years.
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Mountain Lake PBS

In our recent forum "Chasing the Dream" we profiled some of the individuals and families having to make tough economic decisions. Their name is ALICE. ALICE isn...’t a person, but an acronym. Families that are, Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed. They are friends, and neighbors we see every day at work, the store, or our kid's soccer game. They are people who have jobs, work full-time, and yet are struggling to get by. Many are just a single paycheck or illness away from financial crisis. ALICE is the hidden face of poverty in New York.

Read ALICE Report:
Learn More: 515-563-0028

United Way of Adk Region's 2-1-1 line provides info on services:

This story is part of our public media partnership with Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America. Major funding is provided by The JPB Foundation. Additional funding is provided by Ford Foundation.”

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WESTPORT | As the state hurdles towards the finish line for their ambitious project to wire the state with high speed broadband, local providers are making progress in connecting northern New York.
WESTPORT | Moving began last week — this time back into renovated Town Hall quarters.

Congratulations to our local Chazy team on their Championship and sportsmanship.

MIDDLETOWN | At the end of the NYSPHSAA Class D Championship game Nov. 12, an usher said to his group, “I have to escort Chazy to the gymnasium for the awards ceremony.”

Dont forget to stop by our Westport and Chazy locations!

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"The internet can really gather people together and be a powerful force" Living in remote areas we don't have access to 24-hour gyms or yoga studios with tons of classes. Why not bring health and wellness to your home?

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Posted by Yoga on Gaia
Small Changes, Big Results
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Yoga on Gaia

Raise your vibrations with yoga on Gaia and uncover a deeper connection to self and community.

The latest on Amazon's bold innovations. Would you agree to delivery home access?

The online retail giant is selling a smart lock and security camera system that will allow delivery drivers to access your home while you are away.
If you're wondering what to do after hearing about the massive data breach, follow these steps to make sure you're safe.