There is still uncertainty over future access to funding and the free flow of talent
A drug that can hold onto two metals atoms rather than just one becomes 1000 times more potent at knocking out a flu virus enzyme
Bizarre bimetallic compounds break C–F bonds
On the spot: Methanol tank
China powers up
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Rida Baig
· October 7, 2017
my discovery is about energy and neutrinos which both are apart of atom.they have a structural like network. neutrions are part of our atmosphere and their energy is gravatational energy acting .jus...t like an electrophile..
x ray diffraction molecular waveforms are used to capture images of biomolecules,protiens in dna,rna.we can capture and done images processing even using sampling.
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Ari Maharajh
· February 13, 2018
helps to spread the word of chemistry around as well as keeping informed on the latest research
Abdelkarim Oucheikh
· June 20, 2017
Chemistry is present everywhere, in our organism in the matters that surround us ... Just to know what is happening around our.
It would be only to know the nanomachines...Which will revolutionize the world!
Mohammed Ghazal
· September 5, 2017
I'm Master student in an environmental engineering
my research is "experimental and theoretical steady for bio hydrogen and biodiesel production from solid wastes"...
I have problems in a segregation and determination the hydrogen qua,ntity.
can you help me?
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Basílio Netto
· September 7, 2017
A drop chemistry news everyday is very important to taken the knowledge about chemistry science around the world.
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Great content! The FB page is responsive. Love the experience.
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keep up !~ and catch up the news~
Shahrukh Shaikh
· December 19, 2017
Life is depend on chemistry
Bread - agriculture - fertilisers urea insects
Cloths- polymer chemistry
House- cement tiles
Badar Ali
· November 19, 2017
thinks to refine the smole emmited by consuption of oil or gas.
Capuh Zadiuz
· January 8, 2018
I am a scientist(chemist) I love chemistry at work
Kipkorir Hillary
· February 23, 2018
Very informative chemistry news. I give it a thumb.
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I get to know the newest progress in the chemistry world. That's why I drop by every time to be abreast...
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It's my primary source of reliable information about the world of chemistry.
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Asks to pay for content after serving two articles.
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great place to learn many things in life
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Great Learning plaform for science pursuers. And happy to be here
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'I’m hoping there will be a lot more research and applications of these reactions discovered in the next few years'.
Robert Grubbs' views on metathesis, what interested him about organic chemistry, and that Nobel prize:

Following the recent acquisition of the world-leading Materia catalyst business by Umicore, we've been granted an exclusive interview with Robert Grubbs, chemistry Nobel laureate and co-founder of Materia.

Bizarre bimetallic compounds break C–F bonds

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Components work together to minimise side reactions in air, extending the battery's cycle life

The ipad changed the way we use the internet, and went on to change the way we handle both disease diagnosis and medical imaging. We've partnered with Stream bio for this article in our Tech For Health collection:

Research, innovations, applications and challenges in health technology
Chemistry preprint server now co-owned by Royal Society of Chemistry and German Chemical Society

Pharmaceutical companies are realising that the key to drug discovery is collaboration. We've partnered with the Moulder Center to bring you this article about the benefits of working together:

More big pharmaceutical companies are collaborating with universities
Crispr-augmented brewer's yeast produces flavour molecules, enabling hoppy beer without adding extra hops
New work illustrates the 'crucial steps' required for a process to make useful chemical feedstocks from methane
Experiences of dealing with and overcoming harassment in academia shared at American Chemical Society meeting
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Nina Notman learns how biotechnology could potentially overtake cigars as Cuba's most famous export
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