An Introduction to Bioinorganic Chemistry - in the wrong class?
Separately, prof Kerr (of Chem 2283G and 4473A fame) has been trying to perfect the instant reaction - none of this slow cooking of below - here is a movie of one attempt. There is a slight wrinkle in the method -- huge prizes will be awarded (well 'huge' in the eye of the beholder) for those who can see the problem with the Kerr-Kanon method vs. Ron and Robert's boiler... please leave your suggestions here.
Rally from Dr. Booker's 12:30 pm 1301A class (2015)

Are you going on exchange this year? Or perhaps volunteering abroad? If you are, please check the link in the poster below for important information about how to stay safe while you are travelling.

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Funding Available Through Propel, Western's Entrepreneurship Centre

Seed Your Startup: Turn your business idea into a reality by participating in Propel’s 7th annual plan and pitch competition. There are two $3,000 prize categories: Retail/Product and Technology/Service.


Propel’s annual summer accelerator program, PSI,is now accepting applications. PSI is a sales focused program for market-ready startups (May 2018-August 2018). Every entrepreneur accepted receives: $7,500 cash, access to specialized resources, workshops and a host of accomplished mentors. Since the launch of the program in 2015, Propel has helped 29 early stage startups achieve over 1+ million in sales, acquire 500,000+ application downloads, and each 3,400+ customers in 101 countries.

Deadline to apply to either opportunity is February 28, 2018. For more details and to apply visit

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Science & BMSc Student Services - Western University

Did you know that if you text 741741 when you are feeling depressed or suicidal, a crisis worker will text you back immediately and continue to text with you?
This is a free service for anyone.
(Ontario) 741741
(Youthspace) 778-783-0177 across Canada
Hard Days happen. We get it!

Would you like to tell us about your student experience?

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Chemistry at Western
College & University

Congratulations to Prof. Lars Konermann.

Formerly the Maxxam Award Sponsored by the University of Windsor, the Ricardo Aroca Award is presented to a scientist residing in Canada who has made a distinguished contribution to the field of analytical chemistry while working in Canada. View the Terms of Reference and list of Past Winners
Science Students' Council added 36 new photos — with Helen Wang and 6 others.

Western, you are not alone.

When we think about mental health, we often think about those who suffer in silence, afraid to ask for help in fear of shame or judg...ment. We think about those who paint a mask on their face, hiding their pain and struggles. We think about our close friends, who suffer because they themselves are afraid to talk and get help.

There is a serious stigma surrounding mental illness, one that may not be apparent at first glance. The education system has done a fantastic job in fostering an environment that encourages mental health awareness and activism through student-run associations and mental health organizations. But just because the stigma doesn’t affect you, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. There is an overbearing cultural perception surrounding mental illness that pervades our society. People feel ashamed to talk about mental illness because they feel that society will shun them for their struggles.

This ideology on mental illness is one that has slowly developed over the past, and it is through activism, advocacy, and education, that we, as a society, seek to change the mentality surrounding mental illness. Bell Let’s Talk has become a nationally recognized day in support of mental health awareness. It seeks to spark conversation and to bring the topic of mental health into the forefront of everyday discussion. It seeks to bring about a culture where mental health can be talked about freely and where those who suffer from mental illness are able to seek help. It seeks to one day achieve an environment where everyone and anyone can talk about their own mental health and wellbeing.

Mental illness can affect anyone, no matter the age, gender, race, or background. What’s important is not being afraid to ask for help, to talk to someone, to speak up for yourself. If there is anything that those who suffer should know, it’s that mental illness gets better, but only when you feel safe in a society that accepts you and cares for you. We want you to understand that the culture surrounding mental health is changing, and that in this world — You are not alone.

Join us at Taylor from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM to engage in the conversation and to discuss what Mental Wellness means to you.

#BellLetsTalk #WellnessWednesday

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Please note the new start time.

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The Student Success Centre presents: How we help Students & Grads Hatch their Career ! 🇨🇦🤝 Get cracking and put yourself ahead of the game by attending this workshop on Wednesday! 🐣👩‍💼 More info and to register:

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Science & BMSc Student Services - Western University

#Nuclear power makes up more than 50% of Ontario’s power production yet the safe storage of #nuclearwaste remains a challenge. Thalia Standish Western Universit...y Chemistry at Western is investigating the longevity of a new containment system. #MotivationMonday…/presenting_the_case_for_nuclear_waste_conta…

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Science & BMSc Student Services - Western University

Introducing Henry Standage, the host of the 2018 Western Science Speaks podcast; a short format interview show exploring the latest #Science research Western U...niversity This week hear about the impact of flipping the switch on #energy production in Canada

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Chemistry Laboratory Start Dates – Winter 2018

1302B MSA 1220 Sections 013, 015: Jan. 15
Sections 021, 023, 025: Jan. 16
Sections 031, 033, 035: Jan. 17...
Sections 041, 043: Jan. 18
Sections 051, 053: Jan. 19
Sections 014, 016: Jan. 22
Sections 022, 024, 026: Jan. 23
Sections 032, 034, 036: Jan. 24
Sections 042, 044: Jan. 25
Section: 052 Jan. 26

2003B CHB 074 Sections 013: Jan. 22
Sections 021, 022: Jan. 23
Section 014: Jan. 29
Sections 022, 024: Jan. 30

2214B CHB 110 Section 051: Jan. 26
Section 052: Feb. 2

2223B CHB 111/2 Section 013: Jan. 15
Sections 021, 023: Jan. 16
Sections 031, 033: Jan. 17
Sections 041, 043: Jan. 18
Section 051: Jan. 19
Section 014: Jan. 22
Sections 022, 024: Jan. 23
Section 034: Jan. 24
Sections 042, 044: Jan. 25

2281G CHB 080 Sections 021, 023: Jan. 30
Section 033: Jan. 31
Section 041, 043: Feb. 1

2283G CHB 074 Section 033: Jan. 17
Sections 041, 043: Jan. 18
Section 053: Jan. 19

2384B CHB 110 Sections 023: Jan. 16
Section 033: Jan. 17
Sections 022, 024: Jan. 23

3320B CHB 080 Section 013: Jan. 15
Sections 053: Jan. 12

3372G CHB 094 Section 023: Jan. 8
Section 033: Jan. 9
Section 043: Jan. 10
Section 053: Jan. 11

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Happy Holidays from us to you, Chemistry!

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