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Episode 21, Clip 1 - Sausage Sports Club Intro
Ep 19 - What is the Video Game Art Gallery?

We're proud to announce our sponsorship with Unruled Notebooks! Check them out at and use the exclusive code 'CGS10' at checkout for 10% off your purchase. Unruled is a new startup from Northwestern University that allows you to take notes in the way that works best for you.

As a game developer, I use Unruled notebooks to capture all my ideas, from code architecture to user interfaces to random sketches. I feel these notebooks are a perfect tool to capture the visual nature of game design.

On top of that, the notebooks use recycled materials and Unruled partners with environmental non-profits to plant trees. So every 3 notebooks will lead to 1 tree planted!

We believe that all people are capable of becoming the best versions of themselves. The better we understand ourselves, the closer we are to becoming our best selves. And the closer we get, the happier we are. Therefore, we must take active steps to get to know ourselves. Only then can we unleash ou...
Robert Lockhart

Gamasutra did an interview with @MeinerzM and I about our alt. controller game, Hi-5 heroes, and you can read it now! Thanks so much, @Joel_Couture & @gamasutra !

Hi-5 Heroes will have players high-fiving, down lowing, and too-slowing to the beat as they work to follow differing sets of instructions.

New Pod (ep 28) with Christopher Weiss, just in time for weekend listening! What goes into a great YouTube outro? How is game QA like battle nursing? How many cups of coffee do veteran game devs drink a day? Why is @BobbyLox making fart sounds? Find out on this episode – Chris Weiss joins Rob and Kee-Won to discuss Chris’ industry career and many game projects.

We walk through Chris’ work in the industry, from his first project as an intern, working in Facebook games and his latest work at Phosphor Studios. We cover Chris' own studio, Affinity Archives, and his YouTube channels - Game Devs Play Games and Game Design Guide.

Listen now on iTunes or Google Play - please Subscribe, Rate and Review to help us cover Chicago Indies!

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Congrats to friend of the pod David Welch on releasing his retro themed Wild West JRPG Boot Hill Bounties after 6 years of development! It's 40% off on Steam, this week only!

Corral Countdown 1: Boot Hill Bounties is Now Available on Steam at 40% Off

So the last Corral Coun...tdown entry here was naturally going to be the release of Boot Hill Bounties. But the extra surprise is that it comes with a launch discount of 40% off! Did you see that coming? This discount will last for one week, so you have until December 22 to take advantage of it.

And here we are at the end of our countdown. This started months ago on September 20 and continued every week day (with a small 10 day hiatus) up until now. I’ve gone over just about everything I want people to know about Boot Hill Bounties, but still left a lot of surprises left for players to find.

So what are you still doing here? Boot Hill Bounties is on Steam right now, which means discovering everything else is up to you. You’re on your own!

Just one more thing if you’d like to help me out. This game obviously contains a lot of effort and what I want most is for it to reach the right people who will appreciate that effort. Making sure it reaches those people is something you can help with through recommendations, reviews and simple things like tweets and social media posts.

Please think of someone you know who would be interested in retro RPGs and do us both a favor by letting them know about it. Otherwise, they may never hear about it at all and remain tragically unaware of a game that was made for them.

Although the Corral Countdown is over, this blog will continue and I’ll continue to update with ongoing news about Boot Hill Bounties and the future of this series. So please check back often.

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A conspiracy to provoke war between the western settlers and the Chepakwik threatens to destroy both sides. Only Kid, Doc, Moon and Rosy know the truth. But to save their homes, they’ll have to track down five legendary outlaws whose very names strike fear into the hearts of men.

Friend of the pod David Welch is releasing Boot Hill Bounties tomorrow! Check out the 'Corral Countdown' at or listen to our conversation with David on the pod (Ep 25).

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While you're waiting for our new pod with @AffinityChris, go watch the latest Game Devs Play Games video where they play the amazing Battle Chef Brigade - friends of the pod crossover episode!

#GameDesign question of the day: How was the tutorial successful at teaching the player the mechanics of Battle Chef Brigade? ■ Subscribe to Game Devs Play G...

So cool to see Battle Chef Brigade on TotalBiscuit's WTF is series. (We'll try to cover some of the questions on the video the next time we sit down with Trinket Studios). Congrats!

TotalBiscuit takes a look at the fantasy adventure from Trinket Studios. Get it on Steam - Discuss this video on our official subreddit...

Talented co-host @bobbylox gives a funny talk about systems of humor in games - Gags, Mad Libs, Fart Chess, Sheeple and more!

Systems of Humor in Game Design Speaker: Bobby Lockhart

Our podcast with Ian Beckman @BigSirGames is up! We talk about the Cosmo's Quickstop Kickstarter, a hilarious 'interstellar gas station simulator' that casts you as a 4 eyed alien multi-tasking his way to success on Route 66 million. We go behind the scenes to learn more about BigSirGames prototyping process, business model and how they are reaching out to streamers to support their Kickstarter.

Please visit…/1645761535/cosmos-quickstop to back and listen to the pod now on iTunes ( and Google Play (

A frantic time management game about running a sci-fi gas station in outer space.

We talked with @BigSirGames about their hilarious space janitor sim Cosmo's Quickstop which is up on Kickstarter now - it's fun, silly game that fulfills all your dreams of cleaning a glorp room. Pod coming later this week!

A frantic time management game about running a sci-fi gas station in outer space.

Sharpen your knives, fire up your ovens and get cooking with Battle Chef Brigade from friends of the pod Trinket Studios!

If you the love the game, do listen to Episode 4 of the pod where we us discuss the design and inspiration for the game with Tom Eastman -

Battle Chef Brigade is officially out RIGHT NOW! Better start preheating your ovens.

Switch eShop:…/detail/battle-chef-brigade-switch

...Steam store page:…/452570/Battle_Chef_Brigade/

And here's the launch trailer to whet your appetite!

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Battle Chef Brigade is Available Now on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

Congrats to new friends of the pod D20Studios for successfully funding their Kickstarter! ICYMI - our conversation w/Ross and Kelly on game design, creating a great Kickstarter and managing your game community is all in Episode 26:

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A great opportunity to get a sneak preview of upcoming Chicago games - Codemancer from co-host Robert Lockhart, Project Highrise (tablet edition) from friends of the pod SomaSim Games, and #TrueMessiah from friends of the pod Sinister Design and many more!

We're so excited for the release of Battle Chef Brigade from friends of the pod Trinket Studios!

Battle Chef Brigade will release on Monday, November 20th on Nintendo Switch and Steam!
Thank you so much for your support and patience. We can't wait for you to dig in and let us know what you think!

Out of the oven! Battle Chef Brigade will release on November 20th on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

Battle Chef Brigade Neighborhood takeover by friends of the pod Trinket Studios!

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New pod with D20Studios is live on iTunes and Google Play! We talk with Ross & Kelly about the inspiration and mechanics behind Summoner's Fate, a mobile 'Tabletop Tactical & CCG game', strategies for Kickstarter, Indie marketing ideas and building & sustaining your game coummunity. Great advice for any Indie developer and a super fun pod.

When you're done listening, make sure to visit the excellently crafted Kickstarter for Summoners Fate as well:…/summoners-fate-fast-and-fun-t…

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