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Historic gifts transform research at Children's Mercy

A very special thank you to the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City for collecting fun colorful socks for our patients as part of their Valentine Sock Hop Dance! You sure know how to show the love!!!

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Kids with amplified pain syndrome experience chronic, debilitating pain that should subside after an injury or illness heals, but instead gets worse. Our Amplified Pain Clinic is one of only about 10 in the nation that provides comprehensive treatment plans to address the overactive nerves and other causes of this debilitating syndrome.

By Loren Halifax What do you do when your child gets hurt and the pain never goes away -- sometimes stretching into years? It's called amplified pain syndrome, and the Amplified Pain Clinic at Children’s Mercy is successfully treating children and teenagers who struggle with the chronic, debilitat...
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Kristina Post
· September 20, 2017
I wanted to share my experience with Children's Mercy We was in floor 5 in Henson. They are beyond amazing during a difficult time they make it bearable. Not only did they make my son feel but they helped me through the experience. Not only do they want to help but they care about your well-being inside and out. My son hates IVs and they did an amazing job,which I not easy . Levi hates nurses and doctors from past ER visits but after this visit he was warming up to them, even interacting with them. If you ever have a children hospitalized for any reason i wouldn't go anywhere else......sadly I lost faith in our local health care and will be traveling to KC from now on. See More
Heather Anderson
· November 22, 2017
Children's Mercy has been such a blessing to us with our little one! I've never seen nurses and doctors so loving! Always excited to see us and I honestly couldn't ask for better care of my baby! I... feel very comfortable with the team of doctors and nurses and they have become family to us! The hospital is very warm and comforting and was very flexible on paying however we could. I've never seen a hospital treat their patients in such a caring way! So blessed to call children's our hospital and beyond blessed for Dr. Alison Kaye and her whole team from the Cleft Clinic! See More
Sara Perry
· December 6, 2017
My daughter had her appendix ruptured while in KC we were referred to their ER. I can't imagine a better place my daughter could have received care. They are beyond amazing here, made her so comfortab...le, had fun things for her do to pass our days, as well as made her a goal chart based on her likes with gifts to get her walking again after surgery. The staff are all so nice and genuinely care about all the kids here. Great place to take your kids if you have to take them to the hospital. I only wish we had one close to us. See More
Tina Kay
· January 25, 2018
Our twin boys spent a month in the NICU April to May 2017. And the dctors and nurses took such good care of them. Now our boys will be 9 months on Sunday. They are happy healthy little onry boys. My 1...2 year old daughter also goes to CMH and y'all are so good to her as well. All of you have been so good to our family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so good with our kids. 💙💜💙 See More
Jordan Murray
· November 18, 2017
Just over 27 years ago Children’s Mercy saved my life. Last night My two year old had a skating accident and ended up with a fractured tibia. All the staff at Children’s East and Children’s South were... amazing ! They were helpful every step of they way and helped to calm some very nervous parents. I can’t thank all the nurses, doctors, even the child life specialists enough for all they did to make sure she was as comfortable as possible, and taken care of quickly. Thank you CMH for all you do. See More
Amy Falkner
· November 14, 2017
We have been at Children’s Mercy Downtown for almost a month. We have been on 2Henson and wouldn’t choose anywhere else to be while Mason receives his treatment. Each and every nurse and care assist...ant has been such a blessing to our family. They have treated us with love and respect each day. It is a long hard road when you have extended hospital stays, but the staff on 2 Henson has done all they could to make it as easy as possible for our son and us. Mason loves his nurses and gets so excited at shift change to see who gets to be his next friend! I cannot think of enough nice things to say about the staff on 2 Henson. THANK YOU!!! See More
Stephanie M Craig
· December 2, 2017
Came today for my son who has a very bad reaction to something and is crying about pain. We have been waiting for over an hour and not a single person has come in to check on him or even greet him. Th...en a man walks in and says oh whatbis ur name and what are u in here for? Um are you serious?! Wtf I am beyond disappointed in today. See More
Kendra LeeAnne Moberly
· September 7, 2017
I am continually impressed by Children's Mercy Hospital. The way they care for patients and their families is incredible. I'm waiting for, yet another, and a man just walked in with a cart full of sna...cks, chocolate milk, and coffee for everyone waiting - completely free of charge. We have spent a lot of time here in the last seven months and we have consistently been blown away at the great lengths every employee and volunteer goes to, to ensure patients and their families have the best experience possible. See More
Amy Murray
· December 18, 2017
What a blessing to have such an amazing hospital. Everywhere you go inside this place people are friendly and helpful and go out of their way to help others. Dr. Schwend is the best surgeon that I’v...e ever met and the nurses are phenomenal. Thank you for taking such great care of our daughter! See More
Michelle Henderson
· February 12, 2018
If they had where I could give them 0 stars I would. Worst mistake ever bringing my 11 day old grand daughter here. The staff has poor bedside manners, we’ve been sitting here with 100 other sick kids... that are puking, coughing everywhere and u want us to sit out in waiting room with an 11 day old newborn. They have one doctor on staff, We’ve waited 4 hours and not even seen a dr and again we’re talking about an 11 day old baby. My mother told me years ago the hospital was poor, but I thought it maybe had gotten better... nope so if got a sick kid go anywhere but here. They made my daughter take her clothes off from the minute we walked in this place, it’s freezing in here and they make us leave an 11 day old baby naked waiting and waiting. The nurse didn’t wash/sanitize her hands, wear gloves, clean her stethoscope and touched other sick ppl then touched my granddaughter. Idk where her hands had been, what they had touched and it’s bad flu season, kids are dying from it and this baby is 11 days old!!! See More
Jennifer Lynn Browder
· November 13, 2017
The doctors, nurses, and staff at Children's Mercy genuinely care about your child. My daughter had tubes put in her ears today and I was very impressed by the care she received. I was also treated the utmost kindness and respect. Amazing, wonderful, and excellent are just a few of the words I would use to describe CM. If the need arises again, we will definitely be going back to Children's Mercy in the future! See More
Kristin Venters
· September 14, 2017
My son was born at CMH in June. I cannot say enough good things about Children's Mercy Hospital and Outreach Clinics! Everyone involved in our care at the Fetal Health Center, Cardiology Clinics and N...ICU went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and at ease. The labor and delivery staff was absolutely amazing, especially the nurses! The NICU nurses were also outstanding. You can tell that everyone who works here truly cares about their patients and that this is more than just a job to them. I will be forever grateful for the care we received. I'm thankful that the integrated Fetal Health Center allowed me to have my son in the best possible place in the event of a worst case scenario. The bottom line is, no one wants to have to spend time at children's hospital. But if you need to, this is the place to be! See More
Samantha Newell
· November 16, 2017
I took my daughter to Kansas City to mercy hospital today because she has right torticollis. The workers were so nice from the person who helps you park to the Drs.
Everyone was so friendly and so ha...ppy. Our appointment was at 2:45 we got there at 1:00. They offered my daughter some snacks and a book to take home.
When we seen the Dr and nurses they were so happy and talk to me about what the next step was for my daughter. The played with her and interact with her.
Plus the building is ALL kid friendly.
When we were waiting on the Dr they gave us toys for my daughter to play with.
Over all I would give them a 5 star.
Thank you again everyone. And also Dr V
See More
Christine Stanton Humphrey
· October 12, 2017
My daughter was recently a patient on floor 5 Hensen Hall. To say the nurses, red team doctors, and assistance were amazing is an understatement. I will be forever grateful for how they worked with he...r to help her feel better and how they were giving of their time to ensure I was ok and understood what was going on as well. It takes special people to work with kiddos like they do. See More
Maren Kingery
· December 12, 2017
Having a baby with a rare disease is difficult but we have been so blessed by the staff at Children’s! Not only our doctors but our nurses and ALL of the staff have made this journey so much easier! W...e have a long road to go but I know that as long as we are in their hands our worries and fears are heard and addressed. Thank you Children’s for making my baby have a home away from home � See More
Debbie Pearson
· August 18, 2017
My grandson started in hematology for a transfusion. We had very little wait time. The nurses were friendly and very skilled. His IV was started without any difficulty. He was then taken to sur...gery. Everything was thoroughly explained to us prior to surgery and after surgery. When the surgery waiting room closed, we were taken to the Ronald McDonald Room. The people in there were very friendly, gave us dinner and stayed with us until our little guy got out of recovery. On the floor everyone has been very friendly and taken excellent care of my grandson. They are genuinely concerned about his condition. The nurses, care assistants, and doctors are wonderful here! See More
Charlie Renee
· September 22, 2017
Took my 4 year old grandson to Mercy today which is a hour drive one way for us. The nurse practitioner was very unprofessional and plain out rude! He was there for allergy testing at our request. He ...has been having eating problems for a year and has lost 10 pounds has had two scopes and both times showing his throat is raw. He sees a GI all they are doing is keeping him on ppis. Our last resort is the allergy testing which we did not get done today cause the nurse practitioner says it would give false reading!!! So what,s the test for???? She wouldn't let us get a word in so when I his grandmother interrupted her so we could get a word in she basically told me to shut up and she didn't have to talk to me.....but she wouldn't let my daughter get a word in. So we drive an hour back home with no results!!!!!! My year old granddaughter is having open heart surgery there in two weeks and we are so scared for Mercy to do it. My grandson basically has been starving and they seem not to care. Also she never acknowledged my grandson......the other doctors that he has seen always acknowledged him by saying hi and interacting with him so he wouldn't be scared but the nurse practitioner never said one word to him. So now we are off the Texas Children's hospital which is a shame we have to leave the state to get help for my grandson. I'm so worried about my granddaughter and Mercy. We did file a complaint against the nurse practitioner but I'm sure nothing will become of it. See More
Kristi Thompson Dale
· August 26, 2017
So. Annoyed. Just received a response on the complaint I made against the GI that my daughter saw at Children's Mercy. It basically says that the committee reviewed the complaint and found that he act...ed appropriately. Except that the letter also documents the same misinformation about her condition that I complained about in the first place. Seems like a flaw in the process. Dr doesn't listen. Makes ridiculous diagnosis. Charts patient record inaccurately. Despite complaint that explicitly says the patient record is wrong, committee is given same incorrect data to assess wrongdoing. For real?! Oh and PS. Saw KU for a second opinion and their diagnosis was a complete 180. See More
Conner Paige Gregory
· November 6, 2017
When you sit in a back room in the Er for 2 hours with a 4 month old with a heart condition That can’t breath and still isn’t hooked up to oxygen monitor or anything and still hasn’t had a nurse or do...ctor stop in to even see if we’re ok. it makes me feel like this hospital isn’t competent enough for infants.....a nurse just walked in and asked what we’re here for....they don’t even know who we are or why we’re here. Your staff need to be trained. See More
ShyAnn Taylor
· November 6, 2017
First time coming here as we recently just moved here. Overall a good experience here and will definitely be back as needed. We went through urgent care and got in quickly. The staff was very kind. We... spent less than an hour total to get my son his vitals, diagnosed, and got a treated for an infection and got our the door in that amount of time. The nurses seemed to genuinely care and made sure to thoroughly explain the diagnosis and treatment. See More