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Merry Christmas!
Warming up - game of ping pong anyone?
Check out next week's Made in Chelsea for a familiar backdrop!
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Danielle Davidson
· November 17, 2016
Had a great time performing here last weekend. Chisenhale hosted us Doppelganger Dance Collective/ The Boston Touring Group - a great opportunity for intercontinental exchange among artists.
Rob Knight
· September 25, 2016
Hey guys ! We presented a Vogue Chi workshop in the dance studio on Saturday and it was a perfect venue ......... Can't wait to come back !!!!!!! Fabulous venue ❤️
Riccarlo Porter
· March 29, 2014
Anthea Lewis is all i can say remarkable!

A slithery, semi-autobiographical tale of voyeurism, accelerated intimacy and inappropriate pleasure, Gareth Cutter's LOAD is part of Fiver Friday tomorrow night!

Just hold that pose for us.

Check our exciting programme of intensive workshops this summer.

Amazing artists such as Triple Bill Organic Entity and Feet off the Ground Dance will be sharing theirs' practice:

Check out Block Universe's festival announcement!
We're excited to have Florence Peake here for a workshop.

Block Universe performance art festival // May 29–June 4, 2017

the two of us

a sort of unison

easy gestures


spare space

we talk


Timber & Battery share 'Meaningless Dance 15 (Some Possibilities)' this Fiver Friday at 7:30pm in double bill with Gareth Cutter.

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Fri 7:30 PM UTC+01Chisenhale Dance SpaceLondon, United Kingdom
114 people interested

Utter East Looking at some of the sensory and related mental health challenges associated with neuro-diversity, and the ritualisation of coping strategies. A live collaboration between dance artist Kitty Fedorec and band Dogfeet. Utter East is story of compulsive behaviour, purification, addiction, tears and dragon skin.

Improve your body/disprove your body My Feminist Boner (Brighton Fringe preview) Make yourself hairless, fatless & snot-less. Be a calorie counter, an freak & figure out how to contour. Sarah Blanc returns with her hilarious new solo show; join her as she tests a range of over the counter beauty contraptions, all designed for making the better you. This is the story of how the world helped Sarah grow her feminist boner. Caution- this show contains props, movement & a haiku from her younger Take That-loving self.


Sarah Blanc is an Irish performer, choreographer and TV presenter. A renaissance woman enjoying all aspects of the dance and theatre worlds.

Kitty Fedorec is a performer and creator, with an interest in the relationship between dance, place and the mind.

Dogfeet are a London-based 4-piece. Industrial, Punk, Noise and digital production.

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We look forward to see Seven Falls a duet by Karen Christopher & Teresa Brayshaw involving local performaners and our Creative Movement Classes Students!

Join us on 27/5!

is an outdoor performance sited next to a body of water (a river, lake or sea), for an audience of passersby as well as an assembled one. The piece concerns our preoccupations with safety and the underlying assumptions and reactions instilled by continuous danger and risk assessments. It includes a…

For £5 you can:
a) pay for a pint of beer
b) see inspiring double bill here at CDS.

Easy choice:

Buy tickets for GARETH CUTTER @FRIDAY FRIDAYS at Chisenhale Dance Space London. Tickets and Information for GARETH CUTTER @FRIDAY FRIDAYS Friday 26th May 2017 in London

This week, Gareth Cutter and Timber & Battery will be delving deep into the void. Come along, bring a packed lunch, and join us for the ride!

Fri 7:30 PM UTC+01Chisenhale Dance SpaceLondon, United Kingdom
114 people interested

In an ever changing political landscape, the half-day workshop with Florence Peake fosters a sensorial and democratic environment by revealing and releasing conscious and subconscious desires.

Spaces limited:

Drawing on somatic dance practices including contact improvisation, Skinner Releasing Technique and Florence Peake’s own art and dance background this creative movement workshop relates to sensitivity, connectedness and integration. In an ever changing political landscape, the half-day workshop fost...

How can we celebrate women and intergenerational exchange through movement and performance?

session, I am interested in creating an intergenerational space where women can come together, move together and have fun together.

We are looking forward to have Richard Chappell Dance back here at CDS!

Don't miss "At the end we begin" on 3rd June!

. Using the notions of time and focus as a point of departure, the piece inhabits the derelict and sometimes turbulent landscape of Eliot’s poetry through both a sensitive and aggressive dance expression.
Chisenhale Dance added 15 new photos from May to the album: Fiver Fridays: ALIYANNI, ORION, and STRACZYNSKA — at Chisenhale Dance.

"L"-After God created Adam, who was alone, He said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone.’ He then created a woman from the earth, as He had created Adam himself, and called her Lilith. Adam and Lilith immediately began to fight. She said, ‘I will not lie below,’ and he said, ‘I will not lie beneath you, but only on top. For you are fit only to be in the bottom position, while I am to be the superior one.’ Lilith responded, ‘We are equal to each other inasmuch as we were both ...created from the earth.’ But they would not listen to one another. When Lilith saw this, she pronounced the Ineffable Name and flew away into the air. – Alphabet of Ben Sira.

"Shared Memory"-A meditation of the leaving and arriving of our memories. This solo piece was created last summer during Shakti’s residency at Seoul Dance Centre in South Korea, where she researched about memory, traces and what remains, the work explores fragility and the capacity to share yourself trough your memories.

"TAG"See the world of the child play out and evolve through the eyes of adults. ‘Tag’ allows the dancers to channel the sometimes creative, often competitive and always challenging adult world into the playful and emotive games of children. Drawing parallels between how we once acted and how we act now, ‘Tag’ questions our own perceptions of fun and play versus the modern rat race. Ask yourself, are you actually making sense and being grown up?

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Not got your tickets for tonight's Fiver Friday with Shakti Orion, Ania Straczynska and Chloe Aliyanni yet?

DON'T PANIC! There are still tickets on the door. Just turn up from 7pm for an evening of excellent dance from our Artistic Members (7.30pm start).


Our Friday FAVE thing!

We're not ashamed to admit it: The Dance Magazine staff is a big bunch of dance history nerds. But we also know that, sometimes, learning about our art form's past via textbook can feel stale. That's why we completely lost it (in a good way) when Seet Dance, a contemporary school in Sydney, Australi...

We can't wait to welcome Triple Bill Organic Entity's artists at CDS!

Come and learn from those who have been dancing for some of the best companies in UK.

You have seen them dancing with some of the best companies in the UK, now they come forward with their own choreographic voice.