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Merry Christmas!
Warming up - game of ping pong anyone?
This is a live feed from SEVEN FALLS, hosted by Chisenhale Dance Space: a little song a little dance always falling . . . #EastLondon #VictoriaPark #performance #happeningnow #live
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House O'Dwyer
· October 19, 2016
Love chisenhale dance. Great place to rehearse this last 2 years. And they put on v. original work. Hope they can keep it up!
Danielle Davidson
· November 17, 2016
Had a great time performing here last weekend. Chisenhale hosted us Doppelganger Dance Collective/ The Boston Touring Group - a great opportunity for intercontinental exchange among artists.
Rob Knight
· September 25, 2016
Hey guys ! We presented a Vogue Chi workshop in the dance studio on Saturday and it was a perfect venue ......... Can't wait to come back !!!!!!! Fabulous venue ❤️
Riccarlo Porter
· March 29, 2014
Anthea Lewis is all i can say remarkable!

How do artists describe their practice? What is their perception of artistry and the impact that their own artistic voice has on the process and experience for their dancers?

Let's talk about artistry during next Coffee Morning.

Coffee Morning: LET’S TALK ABOUT ARTISTRY Event 17 August 2017 Coffee Morning Tuesday 12 September 11am – 2pm-ish Always free Rant. Chat. Eat. LET’S TALK ABOUT ARTISTRY Hosted by Danielle Teale Danielle Teale hosts a coffee morning with the aim to open a discussion with artists delivering and making...

You're Invited!
8 choreographers open their studios to you in August, September and October. #NextStages #OpenStudios
FREE to attend - select Saturdays from 1-5pm

Open Studio Residences are offered to enable artists who find themselves needing something to push their practice further. Artists who feel that they are unsure where to go next, have old work that may need to be re-developed before finding new partners, or who don’t know what to make.