Chocolate in 6 Steps
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How to make silk for tempering chocolate
We have a new bean in from Costa Rica, hailing from the Upala region.
“My goal is simple,” he once said. “It is complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all.” He spent much of his career searching for a way to reconcile Einstein’s theory of relativity with quantum physics and produce a “Theory of Everything.”
I wanted to know what recommendations you have for making more soft chocolates.

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Learn how to make cocoa butter at home right here!

In this video we teach you How to make Cocoa Butter at Home using the Nutrichef Oil Press. Alchemist John shows you how to assemble the press then how to pre...
I have heard about caramelized white chocolate and it sounds like an easy thing to accomplish at home. Have you tried this, and if so what procedure do you recommend?

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There's a new interview by Victoria Cooksey where Alchemist John opines on all things bean to bar. Check it out.
When I winnow my roasted beans, I find I end up with broadly three groups of material. Obviously a) The nib and B) The husks.
In the picture attached, I have arranged cacao beans: large, medium, and small.
It feels like this year is picking up speed already and it is barely out of January and my list of things I want to share is growing. Roasting Seminar Let's start off with the next Profile Roasting Seminar. It is March 19, 2018 and is an in depth, hands on seminar on profile drum roasting. You don
I have been going over your Excel spreadsheet formulator, and the formulator depends on using cocoa liqueur, not nibs. Also, I would also like to use Allulose instead of granulated sugar. Is there a way to "tweak" the formulator to:
Level: Novice Reading Time: 12 minutes I just read Dandelion’s new book and chocolate making seems very expensive. Isn’t there some other way make chocolate without a melanger. Wouldn’t a high powered vitamix work? How about the Champion juicer? Can’t I just run the sugar through there? It a...
I have some of Criollo beans that have the most intense apple smell but no matter how light I roast it I can’t keep it in the chocolate. How do I keep that flavor in my chocolate?
I've been reluctant to grind for a long time because I thought most volatiles were driven off in first 12 hrs and
I’m getting confused on rations between cocoa mass, sugar and cocoa butte. Is there a go to formula in percentages?