I want to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you will take the time to spend today with family and friends. We as a community have a lot of great things to be thankful for.

Also, I want to invite each of you to attend the ceremony in which I will take the oath of Office on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 3pm, in the courtroom in Bayboro. This event is open to the public.

I want to take the time to thank each of you for your help over the last 20 months. Last night as the poll results started coming in, I realized that hard work and dedication are still the key to reaching goals that have been set. As the polls closed I was surround by friends and family who worked around the clock for not only me, but for this community. It was this group of supporters that understood the importance of this election to make Pamlico County a safer place. I am humbled this morning to be the Sheriff elect of Pamlico County. Sheriff Sawyer and I had a conversation last night, and I believe there will be a smooth transition over the next several weeks. I look forward to working for the citizens of Pamlico County. Together, we can make this a safer community!


A great leaders courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position. -John Maxwell

Tomorrow is the day. The day we have worked so hard for over the last 21 months. I want to take the time to thank each of you for your support. We have spent countless hours meeting with citizens and hearing your concerns. I can't being to tell you how humbled I have been over the last few days from your text, phone calls and messages wishing me luck on Tuesday. I hope to see each of you tomorrow at the polls! Together, we can make Pamlico County a safer place!

Yesterday while working the polls, I had a lady approach me and say, "Decisions are made by those who show up." She then proceeded to tell me that she had been riding by the last several days and each time she did, she saw me standing at the polls greeting voters as they came to vote. She told me at first she was undecided about the sheriff's race, but if I was willing to work as hard as I had at getting elected, I was sure to work hard at being the sheriff. She then told me... she was going in to vote for me.

After she left I began to think about what she said. I believe that same saying can be used on the flip side of this. As a voter and citizen in Pamlico County, unless you show up and vote, your not making the decision as to who is elected. Today is the last day of early voting. I will be standing in the same place I have been standing for the last 10 days and I hope to see you there. Early voting is from 8am-1pm at the courthouse today.

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I want to thank the group of supporters that worked at the polls for me yesterday. I had to go do my annual firearms qualifications so that I could continue to have a law enforcement certification. As your Sheriff, I will continue to keep my law enforcement certification and continue to stay up to date on current law enforcement training and trends to better serve the citizens of Pamlico County.

Today, I am back at the polls! Stop by and cast your vote today! I'll be here until 8pm.

I am having a great time at the polls. It has been great to answer the questions the voters may have before entering the polls. The support that I am receiving from the voters has been humbling over the last several days. I hope that you will take the time out of your day to come out and vote. We intend to be at the polls everyday answering any questions you may have. Let's get out and vote, and move Pamlico County forward!

Another great weekend on the campaign trail. Yesterday I attended several events throughout Pamlico County. Today, I spent some much needed time with my family before heading down the home stretch of the campaign. It seems like just yesterday we were counting by months until the election. Now, we are only 9 days away. I want to take the time to thank each of you for what you are doing for this campaign. I can't do it without you! I hope to see you at the polls in the next several days. Early voting continues tomorrow from 8am-8pm.

Sarah and I had a good time tonight at Stonewall UMC fall festival. I hope to see you tomorrow at the polls!

We had a great day at the polls! Early voting kicked off with over 300 voters voting. We were humbled by the support we received today. It was great to see people that we had knocked on their door or talked with at an event, show up at the polls today and cast a vote in our favor. Let's keep the momentum rolling! I hope to see you tomorrow at the polls! Remember early voting runs through Nov 1st!

Enjoyed the evening attending the annual farm bureau meeting in Alliance. Had some good conversations about the future of Pamlico County. Early voting begins tomorrow. I hope to see you at the poll!

A great evening knocking on doors in Bayboro. Talked with several citizens about their concerns with law enforcement in Pamlico County. Thank you for your continued support!

Two weeks from today the citizens of Pamlico County will make a decision on who will be the Sheriff for the next 4 years. Have you decided? Have you informed your families and friends about ways I want to move Pamlico County forward? I hope that you will take some time over the next few weeks to do so. We can not stress enough the importance of each and every vote. You may think that your vote hasn't mattered in the last few elections. Folks, in the sheriff's election, every vote matters! We appreciate your support over the last several months and hope that you will continue to support Chris Davis for Sheriff. I'm counting on you!

It doesn't matter who you are or where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.
- Oprah Winfrey

Tonight I attended the candle light vigil for the coastal women's shelter at the courthouse in Bayboro. This is an annual event in recognition and awareness for domestic violence in our area. Throughout the night we continued to hear one thing; There is no excuse for domestic violence.


As your Sheriff, I will work diligently to make sure that domestic violence is not over looked in Pamlico County. We will make sure our deputies are informed and trained on the detection of domestic violence and understand that we will have a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence.

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It has been a great weekend on the campaign trail. Thursday, I began by knocking on doors in Florence. I then attended the Relay for Life kick - off in Stonewall and finished the night at the Goose Creek Island play.

Friday morning I helped paint the football field to get ready for the homecoming game at the high school. After attending a family function for dinner, I attended the homecoming football game.

On Saturday, Sarah and I went to the chili cook - off in Oriental. S...aturday evening we attended the Rotary Club BBQ chicken fundraiser at the Oriental Women's Club. We finished up the night at the GOP turkey dinner at the Minnesott Country Club.

Today, we spent the afternoon knocking on doors in Arapahoe and then spent some time at Paradise Cove Marina.

It has been a busy weekend, but we are committed to meeting as many citizens as we can. We look forward to early voting beginning this week and look forward to seeing you at the polls.

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We are 8 days away from early voting. Have you decided who you will vote for? Have you talked with your family and friends?

Over the next week, we challenge you to talk with your friends and neighbors about my campaign. If they have any questions or concerns ask them to call me. I will be glad to answer any questions you or your neighbors may have. Now is the time for Pamlico County to make a change in the right direction. Let's move Pamlico County forward! We need your support. Spread the word about my campaign and be a part of making the change you wish to see in Pamlico County.

Spent today knocking on doors in the stonewall/Merritt/Florence area. It's always great to answer the questions and hear the concerns of the citizens of Pamlico County. I am working hard to talk with every citizen in Pamlico County. Committed to Making a Difference!

A great day on the campaign trail. A group of supporters and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon knocking on doors in and around Oriental. With only a few weeks left until election day, we hope that you will continue to spread the word that a vote for Chris Davis, is a vote in the right direction. Chris Davis for Sheriff!