Always be aware of what tour kids are learning in school and be prepared to fight back!


Thankfully this dad stepped in!

A Christian pastor confronted a West Virginia middle school this week after his daughter came home with an assignment that asked her seventh-grade class to “write their submission to Allah as their one true god in Arabic calligraphy.” Specifically, students were asked to “practice calligraphy ...

Don't know who wrote this but it is spot on! ~MLB~

The "conversation" nobody wants to have in the face of these school shootings: you want to make them a forgotten spasm of the past?



1. Daddy needs to stay married to momma. Momma needs to stay at home even if it means the kids wear hand-me-downs.
2. You need to go to church, and the kids need to go to Sunday School.
3. The schools need to teach love of country, love of parents, love of community, in addition to Reading, Writing, Math.
4. Teach that individual achievement is good.
5. Destroy the school system (and by extension the State) as ad hoc parent.
6. Teach that life matters.
7. Teach that excuses are for losers.
8. Marginalize the insanity of multi-culturalism, multi-genderism, etc.

Call it corn-pone. Nobody who lives under those rules is tonight sitting in a dark living room wondering why their kid shot up a school.

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Hillary is "overwhelmingly qualified"? How is that? I thought it was funny when the host said that she has been campaigning for 20 years. ~JZ
Isn't that how it usually works? Last I checked it works that way for men and women. ~JZ
Happy Independence Day!

This is how non-Muslims are treated under Sharia law.

British Muslim says infidels are worth less than cows. He says at least cows give milk, but people who do not worship Allah have no value in this world, according to the Koran. Multiculturalism has failed in Europe. Most people are unaware of the consequences of the illegal mass immigration into Eur...

The FBI spying on a political campaign. Time for heads to roll and jails to be filled. Long past time.


American-born University of Cambridge professor Stefan Halper has been identified as an FBI plant in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, multiple news outlets reported Saturday.

Do you agree with every single word she said? Yes or No

Katie Hopkins spoke to caller Aman about why Muslim refugees go to Christian countries, and not other Muslim countries. Brave Kurdish and Yezidi women, Girls and boys on the front lines fighting against ISIS while millions of Muslim men' in the military age, fleeing to Europe, Canada and even Austra...

Do you agree with him? Yes or No

Just look at the immigration crisis in Europe, millions of immigrants from all over Asia, Africa and the Middle East used the war in Syria to invade Europe as "refugees." Open borders policy is a disaster, multiculturalism has failed in Europe. The Australian economy can not provide free housing, mo...

Do you support her?

New anti-Sharia party established in the UK. Muslim immigrants cry "Islamophobia." According to sharia laws: – There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech. – There is no equality between people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim). – There are no equal rights for men and women....

Is this for real?? If so this guy is a complete idiot!!


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Paul Joseph Watson

As you read this tweet, realize that MS-13 literally kidnaps girls and sells them into sex slavery.

Every country has a right to defend itself against radical Islamic terrorism.
Do you agree with every single word he said?

The world is silent when Islamists attack Israel but screams when Israel defends itself. No one really cares about human rights, leftists in the West just hate Israel and it has nothing to do with human rights or "the Palestinians." Every time Israel is forced to defend itself, Muslims and leftists....

Once in a while, we need to sit back take a big breath let kids humor us in ways that only they can. This is definitely an Art Linkletter moment, kids say the darndest things. ~MLB~

There are few things as pure as childhood innocence. This child’s description of her younger brother’s birth is so honest, and unintentionally hilarious, you wo

Every country has a right to defend itself and its borders.

Bulgaira becomes the first European nation to shoot a muslim ‘refugee’ dead for trying to enter its borders. Bulgaria takes aggressive security measures to protect its borders. After ISIS declared that hundreds of terrorists invaded Europe as refugees. Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, ...

Do you support Israel's right to defend its borders and use live ammunition against terrorists trying to invade its territory? Yes or No

Was he hired by CNN and BBC?? Palestinian rioter on crutches...dancing and running. Another one for the Pallywood books. Videos like this only make the claims of the Palestinians even more difficult to believe. Hamas predictably took advantage of the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem to stage...

Every country has the right to defend itself by closing its borders and deporting illegal immigrants back to where they came from.

"Hungary belongs to the Hungarians" - huge crowd listened to Orban's combative speech. Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban says his country will open its arms to west Europeans fleeing mass immigration and “the lords of globalist politics”. “We shall let in true refugees”, Mr Orban told a ...

Child marriage, forced marriage, Child brides, polygamy, FGM, Acid attacks, honor killings, beheading and stoning.
Shari'a has no place in the civilized world.

British Islamist Abu Waleed claims Under Sharia law Islamists Should Humiliate Christians "to Make them Convert to Islam". He reveals part of their plan for the future of Britain under Sharia law. Under Sharia law in countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Kuwait etc. there is no such thing....

😀. VWNurseBenghazi

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Posted by Ian Boyle
Ian Boyle

When you are a dead Palestinian martyr but your nose keeps itching.

Western countries must stop funding the Muslims who call themselves Palestinians.

The former Australian prime minister,Tony Abbott, has called for Australia's $40 million in aid to Palestine to be cut because the Palestinian Authority "keeps paying pensions to terrorists and their families". Tony Abbott also called on the Federal Government to recognize Jerusalem as the capital o...


BREAKING: President Donald Trump Defunds Planned Parenthood, Will Cut Almost $60 Million in Taxpayer Funding