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Christina Gleason and Cindy Honeycutt will host a breakout session at our Annual Conference titled Voice-to-Text: How to Write When You Can't Sit Down to Write.…/2018-annual-conference-in-chicago/


Christina Gleason, M.A. is the newest member of Proctors Theater's Inner Circle.

As a writer, I believe it is important to recognize the value of the arts in our lives. With everything going on in the world, it is helpful to appreciate the talent, beauty, and cultural experience we can get from theater. I am proud to be a patron of the arts in my community.

If you are financially able, consider becoming a patron of the arts in your local community. Many theaters will have a b...asic individual membership that grants you the opportunity to volunteer during various productions, which is one way to have access to performances you might not otherwise be able to afford to attend. If you have been blessed financially, larger donations can grant you access to special experiences not available to the general public. There's no better time than now to donate, as you will maximize the tax benefits of your donation if you act before the end of the year!

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Who else is gearing up for #NaNoWriMo? Only a few more days until the writing madness begins!

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I've decided that I will spend National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) writing my second non-fiction book. (I'm one of those NaNo rebels who isn't writing an actual novel.)

The title will be: The Care & Feeding of Your Aspie Significant Other

I'm still working on edits for my first book, and plan on releasing the second edition of AutCasts along with the first edition of the paperback to coincide with Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month in April 2018. If I can get the second book ready for publication in the intervening months, I will be releasing The Care & Feeding... at the same time.

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Last week, I joined Andrea Bates, LCSW at the 2017 Type-A Parent Conference in Alexandria, Virginia to present a session entitled "Writing Through Real Life: Being Authentic ESPECIALLY When It's Terrifying."

Our session was really well received, and I think everyone got the main takeaway we were trying to communicate: Showing the world your true self through your writing is not only good for you, it's also good for people like you who have not yet felt comfortable sharing own stories. We can all help each other by avoiding the faux perfection others try to portray.

Having my cane and a chair on stage for me was all part of practicing what I preach: This is me, and this is what I need to get by.

Thanks to Heather Durdil Photography for the photos!

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Despite the fact that my contact form for Phenomenal Content clearly states that I am not looking for new writers, I inevitably get pitches from writers who want to work for me.

Pro tip: You should at least spell your greeting right if you are looking for a writing gig.

Allow me to copy/paste the latest atrocity I received:


Hope this mail finds you in the best of your health, mood & spirits.
Could you please forward this to your marketing/creative team?
Thnks much


When, billions of people throw trillions of “search words”, it’s absolute
tough to get hold of the eye balls.
Words have sound & can create melody, if the right notes are played & that’s
what separates, wheat from the chaff.

I’m a freelancer, aiming to help businesses & individuals to express their
intentions in the most soothing, fluid like & digestible ways.
With a diverse 14 year stint, ranging from retail, risk management & IT;
freelancing my passion & word juggling skills, is the way forward.

Should you be looking for someone, who can serve your audience, a pleasure in
reading & slide your URL’s to the bookmarks, let’s get talking.

Let’s connect, collaborate & create.

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I wrote them a letter:

Dear Janet Bruce, or whoever skims through her email for her,

My name is Christina Gleason. I am autistic woman and a published author who owns a digital content writing company. I have a Master's degree in Applied Social & Community Psychology. I cannot begin to tell you how important writing has been in my life, and how important it must also be for Niko Boskovic.


As an autistic woman, communication can be very difficult for me at times. Writing gives me better control over being understood, which is harder to do when I am speaking. Niko won your writing contest on his own merits. It is a clear violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act to discriminate against him now that you know he is autistic. Your contact information indicates that you are based in the USA, which means you are subject to federal laws like the ADA. Not only that, but your decision to blatantly discriminate against an autistic youth is a terrible public relations move that can, and likely will, affect your donations as Niko's story becomes more widely known. And I will be contacting every reputable autism organization I know to ensure that his story becomes more widely known.

Do the right thing. Give Niko Boskovic his due.


Christina Gleason, M.A.

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A Portland teenager who won a national writing contest and the trip of a lifetime is now fighting for his civil rights.
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Well, in THIS House

The DNC was trumpeting itself as the most accessible convention ever. In truth, though, disability accommodations were abysmal on Day 1, and hit or miss later i...n the week.

But more disturbing to me, as a disabled person, was how some of my fellow members of the disability community were used as stage dressing to send a message of inclusivity to the viewers at home... but they were never acknowledged as people. Just props.…/…/

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The quandary for those of us with legitimate concerns about a Clinton presidency but also the moral pragmatism surrounding the need to keep the Trump out. Progressives gotta progress. (Christina) #DemsInPhilly #SheVotes

Posted By Christina Gleason on Jul 27, 2016 | 0 comments Can the Democratic Party be more progressive? Of course we can! We’re working on it. “Love Trumps Hate” signs passed around the hall, acknowledging one of Bernie Sanders’ primary messages. And this one. I didn’t get a picture of the Love Trump...

This was not the post I wanted to write. I wanted to write about how wonderfully accessible the "most accessible convention in history" was. Sadly, I was disappointed. We still have a long way to go from looking good on paper to BEING good in practice. (Christina)

Day 1 at the Democratic National Convention (Monday) I decided that today* would be spent determining how accessible it is to get around the convention as a disabled person. Between my Asperger’s and my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and the 100 degree heat) it is QUITE obvious that I am not a healthy, a...

A brief video introduction to what I plan on covering at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week with the MOMocrats team. #DemsInPhilly #SheVotes

Heading to #DemsInPhilly with the @Momocrats team. Here's what I plan to cover. #SheVotes #AutCasts

Next week, I will be in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention as the New York correspondent for MOMocrats.

Follow MOMocrats on Facebook and Twitter for updates from our team. I will also be broadcasting live on Periscope at various times. You can follow me on Periscope at

This year's 2016 Democratic National Convention will be lively, to say the least. Here are the MOMocrats (and an honorary DADocrat) who'll be blogging from the Convention in Philadelphia, PA.

Do not underestimate the power of naps, and don't be quick to judge others based on their "irregular" sleep schedules.

I had to lie down for about two hours this afternoon because my physical and mental energy resources had been exhausted. (Chronic fatigue syndrome is operating in "delayed reaction" mode after my trip to Chicago.)

As I was lying in bed, I came up with several ideas to include in my corporate neurodiversity education materials. I've been typing it up so it doesn't get forgotten, and this is good stuff!

Home from the Type-A Mastermind Chicago Summit with ideas and actionable advice on a better way to achieve my business goals. I'll still be writing, but I will also be offering my consulting services to employers who want to be proactive in making their workplaces more inclusive to accommodate neurodiversity.

If you are an employer or HR specialist interested in learning about better workplace practices for employees with neurological differences as well as neurotypical employees, like this page to be informed when my site re-launches this summer to offer my video courses and consulting services.