Founded in 1952
Our mission is to aid fellow islanders by coordinating volunteer efforts to distribute donations received from all corners of the world.
Company Overview
Since 1952, the Christmas Drop Organization has been spreading joy and much needed relief to residents in the most remote parts of the Marianas island chain. Fo...r over half a century, this enduring legacy of success garnered by Operation Christmas Drop is a true testament to the generosity and goodwill of the citizens of Guam and it’s military partners. With 2014 marking our 63rd anniversary, we have set an aggressive goal to airdrop 200 boxes to more than 35,000 inhabitants spread out over dozens of smaller islands. This will mark an unprecedented milestone as Operation Christmas Drop charges ahead into the twenty-first century!

"Providing help from above since 1952"
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Through the cooperation of local and military communities in the Asia-Pacific region, Operation Christmas Drop has delivered over 850,000 pounds of much needed food, supplies, tools, and toys to thousands of residents throughout Micronesia. What started as a a lone aircraft returning to Guam on its final flight before Christmas, has turned into the longest running humanitarian campaign in the e...ntire world!

It all started in 1952 when the aircrew of a WB-50 aircraft, assigned to the 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, formerly assigned to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, was flying a mission to the south of Guam over the Micronesian atoll of Kapingamarangi. When they saw the islanders waving to them, the crew quickly gathered some items they had on the plane, and in the Holiday Spirit, placed them in a container with a parachute attached and dropped the cargo as they circled.

Today the tradition is continued with the donations from Guam residents and businesses, and many other supporters from around the world. Each box dropped from a C-130 aircraft weighs nearly 500 pounds and contains items such as fishing nets, construction materials, powdered milk, canned goods, rice, coolers, clothing, shoes, toys and school supplies.

Operation Christmas Drop is a team effort, bringing together volunteers from across Andersen AFB, including the 734th Air Mobility Squadron, crews and aircraft from the 36th Airlift Squadron at Yokota Air Base, Japan, and numerous members of the Guam community. Volunteers can help in a number of different capacities, while donors can participate in the “Box Sponsorship” or other funds-related programs. Your contribution, no matter how small, will truly make a difference to the lives of our surrounding neighbors.

Previous drops have been huge successes and are well covered in both the local and international media! With everyone's continue support, Operation Christmas Drop will continue to be the longest running humanitarian airdrop effort in the world.


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