We love classic rock.

What's better than good old Floyds on a new Stratocaster? Watch our cover of Time - solo!

Yo buddies! I just got a new guitar, a crappy Squier Bullet Artic White and since I plugged it in I immediately got into Floyd mood. I grew up with Gilmour, ...

Soon the fourth chapter of Jurassic Park will be out. Meanwhile, let's become kids again with this classic by Master Williams.

Prague Philharmonic

Here we go with our new epic track, this time inspire by Howard New epic track, this time inspired by Howard Shore's wonderful work!…/the-hobbit-ost-the-wind-is

It seems that Mr. Howard Shore is back again with a wonderoul set of melodies and musical themes. We decided to make a sort of tribute to this mast...
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Stay tuned for a new epic track! This time we have been inspired by Howard Shore's work in "The Hobbit" film

Fan-made OST for Pirates of Carribean. A tribute to Hans Zimmer's work, since he is one of my favourite composers.

Composed by Cristian Capasso

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"At the end of the World When no light you can see Pray, oh pirates, for your souls not to be lost, and there will be The wind by your sid...
Cinematique Sound Design updated their cover photo.
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"This is the Arena. This is where men become Gods!"

New epic brutal soundtrack, inspired by the OST of "Spartacus". Here at CSD we're planning to make other tracks that will be part of a mini - album based on Spartacus story.…/spartacus-the-arena

I've just finished to watch the last season of "Spartacus" (Vengance) and I realized that the OST is just amazing. So I was a lot inspire...

New track! A bit different from the usual "epic" style. I imagined an emotional scene in a film, and i think that this track would fit it nicely.

DOWNLOAD GRATIS…/stars-and-nightingales

Stars are above us, in the deep blue sky, while the Earth lets the breeze touch her skin in these summer nights. Trees' silhouettes stand in front ...

New sountrack "I Am Poison". A lot of synths on this one, i like to play with electronic stuffs (Massive, FM8, Prologue, etc). Enojoy your daily ratio of poison!

"I Am Poison" by Cinematique Sound Design. Follow us on and download the track for free! Follow u...
Cinematique Sound Design updated their cover photo.
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A little bit from the master

Hans Zimmer - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
The demo of the album Two Steps From Heaven. All music is written and orchestrated by Thomas Bergersen.

New orchestral track. A tribute to the world of Final Fantasy and to Nobuo Uematsu of course.

I grew up with FFVII and fell in love with the world of FF. Then i bought all of them, from the first chapter to the tenth one. They all are masterpieces with uncomparable story quality and everyone could just fall in love with one of the characters, not only thanks to the plot but also for the music. Nobuo Uematsu, according to me, is one of the greatest com...posers of our era. You can hear all the japanese way of living in his music, just listen to "to zanarkand" or "aerith's theme" and you will be suddenly captured by the japanese philosophy. Hans Zimmer just went close with his "way of life", but nobody could do better than a japanese himself. Carried by the waves of tenderness and melody i just laid down a piano theme, and while listening to it i soon realized that it had much in common with the world of Final Fantasy, and actually i thought it had some notes in common with some theme made by Uematsu. So i decided to let this piece become a true tribute to him, putting in it the famous "harp" notes that you can hear in the menu of the games.
This is my modest and humble omage to the Final Fantasy world, I hope you will like it.

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I grew up with Final Fantasy VII. Then i bought all of them, from the first one to the tenth (which i consider the last true FF). Pieces such as &q...

Nuova track, in stile molto moderno. Ovviamente ascoltabile e SCARICABILE GRATUITAMENTE da soundcloud

He Is Coming - composed by Cristian Capasso. __________________________________________________________ "He Is Coming" is property ...

Impetus Pelagi - nuova track prodota da Cinematique Sound Design!

Download gratis su!

Impetus Pelagi - composed by Cristian Capasso. __________________________________________________________ "Impetus Pelagi" is prope...
Cinematique Sound Design is a project born from the passion of musicians fascinated by the world of the music production and orchestra music composition. We give voice to images, allowing the spectator to have an unique visual experience, trasmuting colors and pictures in sounds. The soundtracks cre...