Circle of Fountains is a non-denominational, non-initiatory group of witchcraft practitioners whose primary covenstead is located in Independence, MO. Primary Members enjoy creating both private and public rituals and workshops as well as assisting new witches on their path.

CF focuses on celebrating non-denominational witchcraft in a positive, practical and transparent way.


Non-denominational: We welcome members of all paths and religions or non-religions as long as the core of their practice is witchcraft. In our coven, we laud differences in beliefs, emphasizing the wide variety of traditions as an integral part of community and togetherness.

Positive: Members of Circle of Fountains strive to bring about positive changes in their lives through self-acceptance, progress, togetherness, ritual and community involvement. It is expected that each member is both inward and outward focused. This means members are goal-driven and strive for growth in their personal life and practice while participating in the local community through public ritual, classes or volunteer work.

Practical: CF members recognize that magic is not a replacement for physical world efforts. Science is at the core of Circle of Fountains and its members are expected to be aware of how their spiritual practice coincides with it. Safety supersedes all other attributes of the circle. We expect our members to be careful, take the appropriate precautions and know their limits. If we feel you are being unsafe in some way, we will ask that you take action.

Transparent: While our circle is private attendance, we strive to be open online in an effort to educate and be inclusive towards other pagans and witches who may not have access to community or who may not be open with their beliefs. We hope that, by showing photos of our rituals, we can remove the stigma around witchcraft practice, offering an authentic and honest representation of what being a witch means.

All potential members must apply for and complete our Noviceship program. Noviceship consists of three levels: Introductory, which includes 24 weeks of 13 101-level classes ranging from Hermeticism to Ethics, Energy Work to Spell Building; Intermediate, which includes six classes on topics ranging from Shadow Work and Trance to Spirit Work and Necromancy; and Capstone, which is a three month self-driven program where the Novice focuses on an advanced topic of their own choosing to present to the circle. Those who join the Noviceship program need not join the circle or continue past Introductory. Every step is up to the student.

Circle of Fountains Noviceship is free to all those who seek it. We do not believe in charging for our classes.

Our next available date for Noviceship Application is November 1st, 2018.

See you then!

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Circlemate and Primary member Phaedra led a phenomenal February Eve ritual over the weekend! We hope everyone had a wonderful Imbolc!

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Timing for this upcoming eclipse!

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A Lunar eclipse will take place early Wednesday morning in our area. This will be a rare event in that this Lunar eclipse will coincide with a Super Moon where ...the Moon is near the Earth making it appear 14% larger. It's also a Blood Moon meaning it will have a slightly reddish appearance. Lastly it's a Blue Moon meaning it will be the 2nd Full Moon this calendar month. All of these events happening at the same time is indeed a rare occurence happening only once in several decades. KCTV5 News Kansas City

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Read their latest posts to see what's new and learn more.

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In light of recent community allegations against certain authors and leaders not in any way connected to our coven, Circle of Fountains would like to be clear: We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for sexual harassment and abuse in all forms and of all ages. It is my hope that participants with CF feel abundantly safe within the circle and, if they do not, that they feel comfortable enough to approach one of the Primary Members to discuss the disturbances. We will always take im...mediate action in light of unsafe and damaging practices.

Furthermore, we do not condone that children can consent to sexual behavior nor do we accept that pedophilia was a "justified" or "acceptable" behavior in pagan history - or in any context, past, present or future.

Finally, we detest victim-blaming and victim-shaming in all its forms and will not tolerate it within our coven.

We strive to be a safe space for our covenmates and novices, and will continue to do so throughout all that we do.

Circle Coordinator

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Here's our membership for 2018!

Circle of Fountains is a non-denominational circle of witches and pagans that focuses on celebrating the Wheel of the Year and the phase...
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January 2
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A reminder that our coordinator keeps full documentation for each ritual on her website! Sift through years of photos and detailed recounts of our sabbat rituals - and some full moon esbats - here!

This page will link to every ritual Circle of Fountains has done together, sorted by year. CF 2017 Rituals Winter Solstice Samha...

As the New Year approaches, we think about beginnings and ends, duality, transformation, gates and the passage of time. All of these can be encompassed in Janus, a Roman god with two faces looking both back at the past and forward to the future. Janus presided over conflict and happiness, war and peace. Perhaps the last year was a struggle for you. Perhaps you found stability. Perhaps it was a tug of the two, a constant fight as you bounced between one and the other. Whatever 2017 was for you, utilize the knowledge and experiences you've gained to shape your 2018. Like Janus, look back to the past, but do not stay there; walk towards the future. And may it be beautiful, bright and blessed.

From our family to yours, Circle of Fountains would like to wish everyone a wonderful New Year. See you in 2018!

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Wishing you a safe and merry holiday! But if you can't be merry, that's ok too--you're not alone.

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The People For Bernie Sanders

We know this time of year can be hard for many. You matter. People are willing to listen.

Blessed Yule from Circle of Fountains!

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Teaching this class with fellow circlemates Phaedra and Andrea tonight starting at 6 pm sharp! We'll go over the seven principles in a lecture and discussion format, complete with visual explanations. Then, after the break, we'll apply those principles in a hands-on application via the use of a goal-oriented Yule ritual. Hope to see you then!

Thu 6:00 PM CSTAquarius BooksKansas City, MO
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Happy Solstice! Celebrate the return of the sun by discovering the theory behind your own power!

Thu 6:00 PM CSTAquarius BooksKansas City, MO
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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

Check out the updated video! It doesn't matter what/who brought you here, or what this song is really about becaus...
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I fucking love science

If you're going to be LITERAL about it ... let's all get drunk and celebrate the Earth's axial tilt this season!

A Supermoon is coming.

Cultural borrowing is important, cultural appropriation is right next to it, and harms the people and cultures we are trying to celebrate. When we borrow from another tradition, we must become cultural anthropologists, in order to work responsibly and respectfully.

This is the first in a series of posts I wrote for an Introduction to Anthropology blog I kept for my students. That site got eaten in the Great LeafyHost Collapse of 2006, but I’ve held onto the content backups in the hopes of someday reposting it. Finally I realized that it was unlikely I’d get th...