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Arlethia Robinson
· February 24, 2018
I would like to give a huge thank you to officer S. Kong and officer J. Duvose for the outstanding job they did on Thursday night in helping to reunite a mother and daughter. These officers were sympa...thetic, understanding, caring, and yet professional to this unique situation where the mom was being held against her will. They did such an awesome job from beginning to end and we just want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for how they handled the situation and brought happiness to this family. Thank you both so much!!!! See More
Cole Geragi
· December 22, 2017
I received a Misconduct in a park ticket that has a fine of $1080, at a the bridge skate park where me and all of my friends have been working for about 3 years cleaning re pouring foundation and the road so police cruisers don't bottom out, because the city doesn't care. Officer Maze wrote us misconduct in the park tickets for an open container when we weren't even drinking he randomly picked 5 people out of a crowd of 50. He said he gave us a lesser charge that costs $1000 more than an open container charge, Merry Christmas Thanks See More
Emmy Murney
· December 26, 2017
I’d like to thank the officer who was parked on Cooper street downtown today around 1:30 2ish. I was taking the garbage can in from the curb and tripped and got stuck under the can. The officer jumped... out of his car and came and rescued my dumbass and made sure I was okay. He also helped me drag the can back up to my house. I forgot his name but I really appreciate him saving me from a literal garbage situation. See More
Cassandra Richerson
· January 3, 2018
We raced home from our long Christmas trip across the country when we heard the snow was coming. We made it all the way to N. Bound Ravenel when an officer was shutting it down due to weather (about this afternoon). We had been in the car for literally 2 days straight and anguished at the idea of falling short of making it home so very close (we live in Mt. P). We BEGGED the officer to PLEASE let us cross and she hesitated at first, but quickly sensed our desperation and let us cross. She (very fairly) warned us it was at our own risk. We accepted graciously. Thank you SO much to that officer for allowing us to cross, we made It home safe and sound all thanks to her discretion. I did not catch her name, but if you know who it was please send our deepest gratitude to her! Also, thank you to all the other officers, y’all are the best and we appreciate all you do for us. See More
Aletha Lucero
· January 2, 2018
My kids and I were in a very scary wreck this evening and the officer was so kind to bring each of my crying children a car. Tonight after his bath my son said "see mommy when you get in a wreck you ...get a toy! Thank you for making An awful night a tiny bit better. See More
Krista Royer
· November 29, 2017
My boyfriend just got off the phone with an officer who refused to help us because it was too dark, the person he would be coming to get just got out of jail and might be ornery, and knew the space an...d situation so didn't want to put himself in harms way...but we should call back later when we do more investigation of the dangerous man ourselves. Disappointed and don't feel safe Charleston. See More
Neev Goldkin
· January 10, 2018
Can someone explain to me why police cruisers don't use their turn signals? I've been pulled over and given a warning for not using my turn signals and yet I've seen CPD cars make turns a stop signs, ...change lanes, and intersections without using their turn signals. Its a safety hazard and it is hypocritical of CPD to pull citizens over for this and not hold themselves to the same standard. Just today at Peachtree and Rutledge I witnessed a CPD cruiser come to a stop at the stop sign and then proceed to make a left turn on Rutledge without signaling. CPD needs to make sure its officers are obeying traffic laws themselves. See More
Talan Wilhelm
· October 21, 2017
hello im a guy that plays music downtown i caught a few of the palmatio rose kids scoping my bucket out yesterday i was at the corner of market and king later that day i hurd they robbed another perf...ormer any way i can get a few officers to do more rounds in that aria today i have this sneeking feeling there going to try something incredibly stupid? See More
Sam Meredith
· March 8, 2018
I know pigs like it dirty but God can you keep this city just a little cleaner? I was going to pay my ticket today for parking the wrong direction on my street an almost hit 4 garbage cans rolling thr...ough the road. What's the bigger issue? Parking? Or the town becoming a landfill? See More
Sonya Palacios
· August 18, 2017
After horsing around in the fountain with my daughter, I guess I dropped my id and bank card in the street. Somebody turned it in to the police and I received a phone call the very next morning to let... me know it had been found. We were only in town for the night to visit fort Sumter and see the historic part of town. They pretty much saved the rest of our summer road trip with their courtesy and prompt attention. Even upon arriving to pick it up at the police station, they were cool and helpful. My experience in charleston was vastly improved by the police department. See More
Misty Stacy
· September 14, 2017
We are in town for the funeral of my Uncle. I just wanted to say how impressed and thankful I am for the attention his funeral procession received from the police department. They have taken great car...e to assure that the entire funeral procession has been able to stay together. I wanted to thank everyone that took the time to allow that to happen. See More
Alexis Rae
· June 26, 2017
Moncks corner PD in Foxbank plantation today did amazing. I got pulled over today something most would be irritated by ,but I obviously did something to be pulled over and the officer was doing his jo...b.. my daughter was crying, she was a lil spooked when the officer came to the side of the car. After the officer came back from his vehicle to give me a warning he asked what was her name and if he could open her door I said yes... he then handed her a beanie baby and introduced himself. It was so sweet for him to give her not a scary perspective of an officer ,but one of a friend because truly there's no reason to be fearful of officers as they're the good guys.
Thanks Moncks Corner PD #backtheblue
See More
William Smith
· December 22, 2017
My family cannot thank the Charleston PD enough in their efforts to locate our daughter. When one discovers a child is missing, the fear and anguish is overwhelming. We contacted CHPD to report our mi...ssing child. We were treated professionally with care and concern. The Officer assigned to our case, Officer Rosenlieb, contacted us immediately and, through the CHPD's efforts, our child was located quickly. Merry Christmas to all of the fine folks at Charleston PD. See More
Cassy Rene Mcgovern
· July 22, 2017
I want to say thank you to the cops and handled one of our issues at our work last night 3am -
4 am it was the second time I had to call but this cop came and just all around did a awesome job along ...with another that came in a little later that I guess was a supervisor he explained everything perfect and did what I needed them to do. Thank y'all again. See More
Jervey Hill Jr.
· August 6, 2017
We called them out to U save storage in Awendaw, SC. We had three officers come but the one that stuck in our mind because he was a jerk was officer Johnson, very blonde but needed to dye his roots. T...his storage place where we had our camper put. The owner lived with his mother in the storage building on the property that the place was so scary it reminded us of psycho. We had an incident with him where he asked us how we liked this gigantic house parked beside our camper, when we made an agreement to stay there, he told us there would only be a landscape trailer next to ours. We honestly answered him and said we were real happy and he went ballistic on us. So we called the Charleston police because we were afraid that he was gonna lock the gates and we wouldn't be able to get out of there. They sent out three officers, two were very nice but officer Johnson was not. He kept harassing us and taking the owners side when the other officers weren't. He reminded us of an old person on bay watch that needed to dye their roots. We just want to warn other motorists that go through Charleston of officer Johnson. We would not recommend anyone getting stopped for anything in Charleston given the fact this officer is on the force there. Reminds us of a ranger Rick rent a cop. See More
Meg Brown
· May 11, 2017
Let me start by saying that if EVER an officer needed assistance, I would gladly lend a hand or whatever it took to help out. Today your department was totally shamed by one officer who decided it wa...s ok to be above the law. While driving to work today, my husband was behind a City of Charleston police officer From exit 199A on I-26 all the way to Montague Ave where husband exits for work. Car #356 decided it was ok to mount their phone on their windshield in the line of vision and play on Facebook the entire way in rush hour traffic. This is sad since they break the very laws they are meant to enforce. My husband sent me a photo of this (I don't know how to share it on your site) and i must say I was taken back by the total disrespect for all others on the road. Distracted Driving Kills! See More
Amy Yvonne Hassinger
· June 29, 2017
I was drugged by the owner of a restaurant downtown & ended up in an ambulance. I was antagonized by charleston police detective: Denning after the incident and made to feel like a slut. (I have state...ments of things he said to show this). I had a sexual assault test done at MUSC & it was sent to SLED. SLED won't give me the results and insisted that the detective of my case must get them. It has been OVER 4 months now since the incident and even with me calling Sergeant Stinson, (who said he would call me when results came in but hasn't. Just like he said he would give me a new detective but didn't) to follow up, they have not given me my results and have said they cannot do anything until I get my results. I think I am not the only person this has happened to as far as being caught in this awful system. I know for a fact that this man and his employee/bartender have done this to other girls, one of which had to flee for her life after attempted rape & threats of murder from his apartment and literally ran down the street until she could get to safety and call for help. Nothing has been done. See More
Lawrence Laddaga
· February 2, 2017
Expressing my gratitude and ask for recognition for one of your officers, Sgt Bryan Riggs? Today at noon, my left rear tire blew. The tire came completely off the rim so I had no choice but to stop. ...I was on 526 W, about 100 yards before the Don Holt bridge, which as you know, has no emergency lane. As I called AAA, and the car dealer, I watched cars and 18 wheelers in my rear view mirror coming at me at 80mph - I felt like a bumper in a pinball game. Within 20 min, Sgt Riggs pulled up behind me. I was so happy to see him. We talked about how dangerous a spot itwas and he asked about my tow. He asked me to call AAA and get the name of the towing company. I did He then asked if I had a spare and I expressed concern about changing it in that lane. He suggested I change the tire to get out of that spot faster and as I was getting the tire out of the back, he proceeded to change the tire. The DOT emergency truck driver told me (and Sgt Riggs) that few police officers will do that. He had it all done in 15 minutes. I was so grateful. I thanked him and offered a token for lunch but he wouldn't take it. If you can pass on my sincere gratitude and thanks to his superiors, then thank you. Thanks to you guys for all you do, big and small, every day. See More
Shan Renee
· October 12, 2016
Not even sure if this should be posted here or on North Charleston PD page, but any who. I would like to thank officer AL Wilden ( I think that's how you spell his last name). On Tuesday 10-11-16 I wa...s leaving the Veteran Affairs hospital downtown. I was lost with it being my first time coming to Charleston VA hospital( I live in GA). I turned right from the parking lot and started down bee street. I think about one or two intersections up the street I came to a four way where all lights where blinking. I stopped briefly as I assumed since the lights were blinking it would turn the street into a four way stop sign intersection. I stopped and assumed I had the right way. As I was half way into the intersection an SUV on the left nearly Tboned me. My reflex automatically kicked in and I swerved right, nearly hitting office AL Wilden's patrol car. As I proceeded I became so shook up that I began to cry at the next red light. Not realizing that the police car that I was nearly smashed into was behind me. I was so historical that I didn't she him walk up to my car. Once I realized he was there I just knew that I was in for a real stern chewing out but it was the total opposite. Officer Al Wilden showed me so much compassion and genuine concern. I then pulled over into a parking lot where he further comfort me to ensure that I was ok. Once he knew I was ok and that I was lost he gave me directions to get back to 26 west. So after this long winded story I just want to say thank you so much Officer Al Wilden for going above and beyond your job!!! I would be super appreciative if someone could relay my message to him of how proud I am to see such a great person serving the community. See More
Judith Katzenstein Berlin
· November 7, 2017
Many thanks to Officer J. Winters, for giving me a WARNING on 11/2, instead of a ticket!! By far, the nicest and most friendly officer who I've had the pleasure to meet. Something about a motorcycle cop! 😍
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Detectives charge suspect in shooting of an 11 year old boy on Meeting Street

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Charleston Police Detectives Charge Suspect in I-26 Murder

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