Kirk preaching the Gospel March 15/13 in Halifax

Jesus said in Luke 4:18 ... the Spirit of the Lord has anointed me to preach the Gospel and heal the broken hearted...”.
This is Jason ... he’s had a hard life. There's no doubt but God sent us last night to share the Gospel with him. As a teenager he was brutally beaten with a baseball bat by thugs and left unconscious. He recovered. A few years later he was in an altercation and he was shot. Not expected to live. He recovered. Then he met the love of his life, married and ...

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I and another brother had the awesome privilege of going out on the streets tonight in Halifax to share the gospel by tracts and conversation. We were late getting started but we felt the presence of the Lord with us as we fellowshipped and prayed.

Today I attended the funeral service of an awesome brother in the Lord. He was just 35 years old diagnosed with cancer just five months ago we gathered to remember his life. As I sat in the service and heard his family and friends...

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one of the greatest scene of spielberg;s Schindlers list

There were 4 of us out last night on the streets. We gave out a lot of tracts and engaged in some great conversations. We met Remi ( the skeptic ) that we shared the Gospel with last week. He told us he is now 30 pages into reading the New Testament we gave him last Friday. Pray for his conviction, and salvation.
One brother shared the Gospel with 2 Muslims for over an hour. We had a great conversation with Chris, a guy in his early 20's brought up in a Christian home but fo...und
" Religion ( as he called it ) empty ". We explained the difference between empty Religion and a meaningful Relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.
Then we met a young man in a tux with his date out on the town on their prom night. He said he didn't believe in God, or Religion or the Bible. When we asked him if his sins were forgiven he said he didn't believe their was such a thing as sin. After quite a while he said he wanted to be a cop and was preparing to apply for the RCMP .... and we said, you want to be a cop, but you don't think their is any sin in the world ? Is there such a thing as right and wrong ? Oh yea, for sure, he said. What's that based on,.... we'll it's based on how you were raised he said, it's based on what your parents taught you. So, what if you were taught different from someone else ? We'll then it's based on the Law. Etc. Etc. After a while he began to realize the emptiness of his arguments in trying to defend morality without God. He was told the Gospel clearly ....and received a John's Gospel and walked away saying he would read it. Please pray for his salvation. Thanks again for your prayers for this work.

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" a sower went forth to he sowed some fell by the wayside ....some fell on stoney ground ...other (seed) fell on good ground .... he that has ears to hear, let him hear. Mark 4: v3-8
As we went out tonight to sow the incorruptible seed we said to a man standing with his buddies outside Subway, ..."Excuse me", "did you get one of these?" ... what's this? .... it's the Gospel.
" Oh, is it about your Christian god ? ... the young man said. Then he opened his mout...

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We would like to thank the Believers who sowed into the work God is doing by paying for us to be at Jesus to the Nations this weekend. I won't name you, because you have reward in Heaven. We are deeply thankful and encouraged by your support.

We spent the weekend helping Believers know they can reach the Lost for Christ with the Gospel of His love. We trust God has strengthened His Church, and we're thankful for the shot in the arm of courage we received this weekend as well....

Here are the final thoughts people shared with us on our board asking "What do you think Evangelism is?"

If you met us this weekend you know we're just ordinary Believers so you too can come do exactly what we do.

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Here are some of the things people at Jesus to the Nations have told us Evangelism is.

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Tonight I had a wonderful conversation with a boy who wanted to know who Jesus came to save. He asked "The Christians?" and I said nope.

He was deeply involved in the conversation as we discussed 1st Timothy 1:15

The weekend has been fruitful already.

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We are at Jesus to the Nations this weekend! Please come visit our booth.

The Lord blessed us with a fruitful & joyful evening on the streets of Halifax sharing the glad tidings of Christ Jesus who came into the world to save sinners.
Three brethren gathered together to pass out gospel tracts and have conversations with lost souls. We were encouraged in that the Lord was most obviously at work and thankful that He sees fit to ones such as ourselves.
One brother recognized a man in a small group and called out his name. Trevor was pleased to be reme...mbered from a previous discussion about the Gospel 3 or 4 years ago. Trevor is a smart and respectful man who nonetheless has believed he could be good enough to be accepted by God. He works to help people in ways he believes to be good and appears to put others before himself in many situations. Trevor recognizes that the universe must have been created, he just doesn't who that Creator is. Over the period of about discussion with him was deep and important. He was left with a task. Read the book of John, and figure out why the Jews rejected Jesus.
A brother later had a discussion with a small group of Muslim men. This brother was encouraged because the Muslims were willing to imagine that Jesus really did die on the cross for the sake of hearing why this happened. Often a Muslim will not endure such so it was a blessing that these men were willing to do so. The brother was able to explain to them why Jesus died on the cross and what it means for us that He rose from the grave.
A Lebanese man named John, came up to two of the brothers speaking about when they were saved and asked what it felt like when the one brother was saved. John was obviously intoxicated but felt the need to tell us his views about God. He was pleasant and enthusiastic but unable to keep his train of thought. It eventually came out that he believes the Quran is inspired by God even though it contradicts both the Old & New testaments. This odd, but pleasant discussion ended with him taking a Gospel tract.
By the end of the night we were talking about how it would be wonderful if the work of sharing Christ with sinners on the streets, and everywhere, was just normal behaviour for the Believers in our assemblies. We pray the Lord of the Harvest to send labourers into the field.
Thank you for your prayers. The Lord who heard them was faithful again to night.

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We met tonight to strengthen one another in the Lord for this work, to share the scriptures and to pray for this year, pray for our city, ......for our local churches, ...for sinners to come to Christ. I'll be away for the next 3 or 4 Friday nights traveling. Please pray for this work. " ... stand fast in one spirit, with one mind, striving together for the faith of the Gospel " Philippians 1 V 27.

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We won't be out ministering this Friday, but next Friday (the 16th) we'll be out with Northbrook Bible Chapel singing carols and blessing the city with the sweet praises of Christ. Come sing along!

Tonight I, Kevin, will be sharing the Gospel with the youth at the 2nd annual ENGAGE event.

You can find out more about ENGAGE here:

Fun all-nighter regional youth event in the Halifax area with lots of activities and friends.

Sharing the Gospel last night on the streets of Halifax we ran into tons of students as university classes started again this week. One story in particular is remarkable; we gave a tract to Ben and his two Catholic friends. The tract read, " Truth ? or Lies ? " Ben says, what is this ? We say, do you believe Truth ? Or Lies? I don't know, let's see. ....
Is there a God? Yes, he says. Do you believe in evolution? No. Do you have sin in your life ? ....ah, probably. Are you... saved ??,... I think so, he says. I said, do you know the Gospel. Yes, he says , I was raised in a Christian home and I went to church every week. My parents are Baptists.
He continues... When I was a child I said the sinners pray and asked Jesus into my heart.
So are you sure you're saved. ....long pause.
....No. I said do you believe what you are taught in university ? He says, " you know it's so funny that you come up to me tonight completely random, and ask ME... of all people if I'm saved. Why is that random, I ask ? Well, I just moved to Halifax three days ago. Starting my first year in university, I left home and my parents influence... and all week I've been thinking about what I believe and what my parents taught me and now that I'm on my own I'm wondering what kind of life I want to choose...and you walk up to me completely random and ask me if I'm saved ??
Ben, I said ... this is not random! This is God speaking directly to you. Ben do you have a Bible. Yes, but I've never read it. So I gave him a John's Gospel to read and shared the Gospel with him concerning sin, its consequences and judgement to come and Gods offer of free grace .... The Gift of God which is Eternal Life through faith alone in Jesus Christ. (Romans 6:23)
His Catholic friends say... Dude I go to church, I was baptized into the Catholic Church and I take the sacraments. I'm working hard at trying to follow the things the church and my priest tell me. I'M A GOOD PERSON ! Why don't you go talk to some of these ____________ who need this gospel you're talking about. So I said to her... Do you think you're a better person than them ? Ah, YES ! don't you think you are ? No, I said. I'm as guilty a sinner as anyone on these streets. I'm no different and neither are you. We're all sinners. We're all guilty and we all deserve to be in Hell. Religion and good works won't save us. Repentance and faith in Christ alone will save us. .... This dear girl never heard that in her life before. ...And Bens says to her,.... Yea, he's right. Religion won't save you.

It was a good night. Please continue to pray for souls on our streets.

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The ministry of a street preacher in one photo.

Raise up hands and your voice to announce Christ. God has commanded us to preach the Gospel to every person and has commanded all people everywhere to repent & believe it.

Some will listen and take heed, some will not. Those who believe will be saved, those who don't will perish in judgment on the last day. Let us preach while we still can, and while they can still listen.

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