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Philip Mark Simmons
· December 20, 2017
So we moved in mid October. Our average bill is $35-$40 for the month. I do all my payments online. They call it paperless billing. We got a notice our bill wasn't paid so I jumped online and paid t...he bill. Which was around $40 which seems fair since we live in a bigger apartment. Today our service is cut off and they want 150.00 to turn on. Apparently they sent a bill. Remember I signed up for paperless billing. So after prying information out of the billing office, in which if you want to talk to a person you have to go to City Hall. If not you get a recording that they are busy and to leave a message. Yet the whole time I am there the phone never rings and 3 ladies were eager to help. Is this how the city runs business, super shady. Although the lady behind the glasses was just doing her job, she was not willing to work with me on anything to get the water back on. Remember. I have always paid my bill on time. So I ask her to break down the bill. $75 of this bill is a nonpapment fee. Are you kidding me. No really. I asked what this money goes toward. She said $25 go back to your account deposit and the other $50 goes to the city. For what I asked? No response. Pathetic. I said online there is no balance. Why wouldn't you leave that account there with the new one so the customer set up with paperless billing can see and pay there bills. I was told there was a bill sent to new address. I never got it then I asked why? We do paperless billing. No response. The city of Owasso needs to practice what they preach with the banners they place around town. They are stealing from the citizens of this community with this fee. I can see a late fee of 5-10 dollars at most. $75 is stealing from the seniors, the handicapped and those on fixed incomes in the community. I can quarantee I will be at the next City Council meeting. See More
Anita Mills
· February 5, 2017
Just an outsiders observation...what in blazes were the planners thinking when they laid out the streets on 96th street in the area of Walgreens? Not only is it bad for traffic, the lights should be t...imed so one shouldn't have to stop three times in a two block stretch to get through there or sit and wait for the intersection to clear after the lights caused traffic to back up due to being out of sync. The exit off 169 onto 106th is also horrible with it running parallel to the service road, especially with the joggle to get over to the next section going to the technical college. Whoever hired the genius who orchestrated that nightmare should be drawn and quartered and left out for the buzzards. See More
Mark A Parker
· March 6, 2016
What good does it do to have traffic laws when the cops just drive right by and doesn't do anything about it.
I see this gapping more and more. We were sitting at the light in the left turn lane at... 96th and 129th, and people continue to pull thru and into the intersection and will be stacked up 2-3 cars deep into the intersection which blocks traffic up after the light changes. Traffic can't more because of these morons. And I look across the intersection and there sat an Owasso cop being blocked too and he just sat there and didn't do a thing. I just wished I had gotten the car number but wasn't able to.
Very frustrating.
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Brian McDonald
· November 6, 2016
Hello everyone. My name is Brian McDonald and I am the new General Manager of Marcos Pizza here in Owasso. Tonight is my first night here and I would like to start by apologizing for the unpleasantnes...s that occurred on Halloween. I can promise you this will never happen again and if you ordered on Halloween and experienced any issues that we have not rectified please feel free to contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy with us. Thank you for your time!! See More
Nicole Dills
· July 15, 2016
Definitely not impressed at this point. Over the past two years I have tried to get someone to cut down a tree that is directly on the outside of our fence. I keep talking with someone and leaving the...m my number and get no response. This tree is still there growing through our fence and blocking any sunlight and leaving me a large place of dirt that grass can't grow. I called again today and was directed this time to a voicemail box of Tim Doyle, this is a first, I was told he was the only one that could help me with this. Really?! On my FOURTH attempt I finally get transferred to the "only person that can help me with this"?! If something doesn't get done soon I will find someone to cut down the tree and then maybe the city can come clean it up? See More
Carissa Pursifull Trost
· June 6, 2017
Ruined a tire in my neighborhood near Smith Elementary-due to hitting a pothole that I didn't see until too late. I called city public works-streets non emergency line and left a message with the loc...ation of the pothole. They called me back on the next business day saying that it would be filled in. Guess what? They did fill it in -and in a timely manner. Thanks! See More
Mitch Laird
· October 2, 2015
Well I'm glad the City of Owasso, OK - Gov can donate land to Macy's, but they cannot repair the street in front of my house that I have requested over a year ago now! The 2 foot deep pothole has alre...ady damaged my car. Mitch Laird thoughts?........I'll contact the channel we talked about Kali Laird. This is ridiculous, It isn't just a pothole. The street is pushing the driveway up so high,....that the car drags bottom when you turn in the driveway. Pictures forthcoming to everywhere on facebook. Including the news channels. Tired of being patient!!!!!! See More
Mark Stevens
· January 24, 2017
Attended the funeral of the wife of a former Owasso Fire Chief today! While the Fire Dept. Honor Guard represented the Fire Department extremely well, conspicuous by their absence was any Owasso City ...representation! I could go on for hours about the contribution Chief Allen made to the City of Owasso and the great ambassadorship that his beautiful wife Dee provided, you should be ashamed for not at least sending a single Department head or even a staff member! See More
Shawna Sartin
· May 12, 2015
Your animal shelter deleted my comments and blocked me from commenting further simply because I asked why they use shock fencing on the animals, after my son and his wife were there today and saw/hear...d one of the dogs get excited and run toward them then welp out in pain after getting shocked before it reached the fence line. I asked a simple and reasonable question that included no profanity, nor anything hateful or vulgar. I have the utmost respect for all officers, including animal control, but It is very shady that they would delete my comment and ban me from further commenting for simply asking about that! See More
Pierre-Olivier Leroy
· September 16, 2017
A friendly hello 👋 from Chaumont, France 🇫🇷 to our kin friends from the American beauty "without limits" of Owasso, OK 🇺🇸, twinned cities 🎊 since 11am, French time
Zack Poland
· April 25, 2017
Yea. . . . No one is going to like the fact that you decided to tear 169 down to one lane in the middle of everyone's lunch time. Probably would have been a little more wise to plan that around 9pm or... midnight? See More
Renee LaFave Bright
· August 25, 2015
The traffic flow due to stoplights that turn red after you've just left a stoplight that turned green and trains that hold people hostage is why I can't rate this city higher nor would I recommend live there. See More
Katy McCombs
· July 8, 2015
Thank you to the gentleman running the trash service today in Preston! I thought I was right in time rushing ours out while holding my 3 month old but he offered to take it even after he had already our side and put it back up to the house! THANK YOU AGAIN !! See More
Mike Kriste Armstrong
· April 11, 2014
What happened to the play equipment at rayola park by the ymca is the city putting in new toys or is it just being left as is
Dawn Kasprzyk Knueppel
· August 19, 2014
A big THANK YOU to the two city workers who had just finished working for the day and in 100 degree weather helped me change the flat tire I got on 76th street.
Janine Watkins
· April 12, 2016
There's got to be a better way to manage the enormous traffic problem around the sports complex.
John Feary
June 7, 2012
Beginning Friday, June 8th, East 90th Street North off of the East Service Road will be closed for repair. This is the entrance into Threelakes off of the service road. Staff anticipates this road to closed for approximately 1 week. See More
Almerth Long Dortch
· February 28, 2014
We love the monthly City Character words of the month. Please continue!!!!! It's a shame that civics and government classes are no longer taught in the public schools.
Joe Kirkland
· August 20, 2014
-5,traffic flow in this town leaves very much to be desired.such a sad situation for a nice town
Tammy Scott
February 19, 2013
Turn Owasso Pink
4 hours ago
How would you like to WIN an OWASSO Firefighter T-Shirt or Hat signed by GARTH BROOKS and TRISHA YEARWOOD?? You can by supporting the "Hoopin 4 Heroes" Basketball Tourname...nt this Saturday, Feb. 23rd and the Owasso Mid-High. Come out and support Barry Ingram and a great cause for Go Bald or Go Home! Thank you! See More
Mayor Jeri Moberly, City Manager Warren Lehr and Community Development Director Bronce Stephenson accept the ALS Association Ice Water Challenge for the City of Owasso. The Mayor calls out the City of Skiatook, City of Broken Arrow, City of Collinsville, City of Glenpool, and City of Bixby to take the challenge within 24 hours.
The Bailey Elementary First Lego League team delivered this demonstration on tornado safety in schools last night at the Owasso City Council meeting. These students were entertaining and informative.
Kid climbs to the top of the water tower to send you a message.

Laura Evans in Utility Billing was announced as the Employee of the Quarter at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Laura exemplifies the core values of Responsiveness and Excellence in her sincere desire to help others. Laura is known for treating every customer with kindness, dignity, and respect and exemplifies fairness, patience and compassion on a daily basis often turning negative situations into positive ones. Congratulations to Laura and thank you for your commitment to our customers!

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