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From our family to yours, the City of San Antonio is wishing you a very Happy Holiday season!
Another episode of SA2U is here! Learn about San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department trail safety tips & San Pedro Creek improvements from the San Antonio River Authority.
Splash, play, run & relax at the new Pearsall Park! Finished this year as a result of the 2012-2017 bond project there are lots of ways to get fit and have fun at this new park! Learn more about the bond or get involved at
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Tamara Byrne-Wade
· February 7, 2017
I don't know who came up with the design for the westbound frontage road from 151 to 90 along Loop 410 but downsizing it by 1 lane was a horrible idea! It is a ...traffic nightmare not only for those on the frontage road but also for those coming out of businesses and coming off of the freeway. We used to have a right lane that we could use to turn from into/out of the parking lots and not mess with the other traffic, now we hold up traffic behind us because of a newly coned off shoulder area. And getting off of the freeway is a nightmare trying to squeeze in between cars when we used to have plenty of room in between. Traffic is getting congested in the area. This new design is NOT working and not helping with the flow of traffic! See More
Seok Kang
· February 5, 2017
I was a hit and run victim at the intersection of E. chavez and the Alamodome. This is my first accident in its kind. The driver passed on red light and hit me ...on the right bumper. It fled the scene. Not many victims would quickly catch the license plate number in the situation, neither did I. I just got partial information. I requested the police department and a detective and they were so cooperative and willing to help. I appreciate them.
What I don't understand is that there isn't even one surveillance camera installed at any intersection in the city of San Antonio. I was shocked that there is no way to track such an evil. In the current situation, it is so easy to hit a car or people and flee. There is no way to catch them. We are living in the world where virtual reality is used for shopping and other dazzling technologies are used in very bit of our lives. But the traffic security system is premodern. How can we catch all the violations, accidents, and hit and runs without surveillance cameras? The cameras save the citizens and drop crime rate. The city can also increase revenue from violation fines.
I urge that all intersections in San Antonio be equipped with HD quality surveillance cameras so that they can read license plates. It is the way to benefit our city and save our LIVES.
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Sandra Guerra-Cruz
· September 14, 2016
I went downtown last night to go to the Majestic Theatre and was taken aback by the rise of parking rates. Prices went up so now we're paying $10/$12 for TWO ho...urs and $20 for 12 hrs. We were going to be there more than two hours but less than 12 but still had to pay $20. That's crazy. Who regulates these parking rates, it probably was not a city lot we used, but still, the city wants more tourism downtown, but parking rates are ridiculous. I don't know if free parking at city lots on Tuesdays are still going on, but those are probably not convenient for everyone to use. See More
Melanie Gladson-Danklefs
· February 20, 2017
I just want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to ALL of the city workers and emergency crews who have worked so hard to help wit...h the clean up and recovery after the tornado last night. Many of the workers were suffering their own losses, but were committed to helping the community before helping themselves. I have lived in SA for 44 years and can truly say that this is a GREAT city to call home!! See More
Teri Frey
· September 15, 2016
Replacing the 50+ year old sewer pipes is a dirty business. However, it used to be the City would make an effort at the end of each construction day to spray wa...ter over gravel and dirt to somewhat reduce the silt in the air for residents nearby. This has been going on now for 4 weeks, the dust is horrible, at night cars whizzing by makes it a giant dust bowl. Clothes, Plants, Cars and Homes are coated with it. Children are walking to school breathing this in. People with asthma, or breathing issues are literally unable step outside their homes for the last month. Just a simple spray of water can help keep it down. But the Sub contractor has never heard of it. Utopia Lane and Atlas Streets. See More
Thomas Kral
· December 14, 2016
The panhandling is out of control and my district 9 rep actually said there was nothing they could do about it and proceeded to blame SAPD. Blanco and 1604 is i...nfested with the same people and all of them leave their trash behind. One fellow is a rather young and obese hispanic guy who has started bringing a wheelchair and parks it on the sidewalk in front of the Starbucks. Despite my calls, I see him there everyday. One star for this situation. We are considering leaving the city. See More
Tara James
· September 6, 2016
I have photos showing how awesome our municipal government is. Thousand oaks should have been open 2 hours ago. They Jane pasted bad information effecting thou...sands of people. How about you go shut down a welfare line and do the working citizens of your city you're so thoughtfully effecting. I have the photos documenting the sign stating the road would be open as well as the traffic already backed up at 5:12 in the afternoon. I feel bad for everyone stuck in it for the next hour. Way to go San Antonio, you're about as useful as the medals everyone gets now for simply showing up. See More
Shelby Hollin
· October 6, 2016
horrible service i have benn skipped for two weeks now on both trash and recycleing i put my cans out at 6 am before i got to work and ... behold my neighbors are empty but my cans are getting very full and keep in mind i am being charged monthly for this service,... thiev's
David Meads
· December 17, 2016
We just built a house in the Dominion and CPS is the worst utility in the nation. I have NEVER experienced this many power outages. Perhaps you need to hire people who know what they are doing and fix the cities power grid.
Michael Harwell
· January 24, 2017
"The Frost Tower was originally set to start construction by the end of last year. Smith declined to say what caused the delay. The tower still needs final appr...oval from the city Historic and Design Review Commission after getting preliminary approval in July" Does this mean this building may not be built? Any idea when it will start?? SA needs some new high-rises bad, anymore on the way?

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Melinda Magee
· October 14, 2016
You have to stand up people of San Antonio to your Mayor and City Council!!! ACS is mass killing hundreds of beautiful dogs every week! So much more can be done... for the homeless than euthanize them the 2ed or 3ed day after being picked up! Shame your Mayor untill she changes the way your animals are being abused by having no chance to be adopted and live! Email her and tell her enough is enough! Do it for all that were just killed today! See More
Shari Spearman Breeden
· October 12, 2016
Gosh I hate that I'm going to have to change my plans to vacation in your beautiful city and it really ticks me off but with what I've recently read, I just don...'t think I want to help your tax base at all!!! I writing this to express to you my disappointment in your Mayor's office in regards to him reprimanding your police officers for showing support for a candidate. I'm sorry, but if they were escorting or working a facility where your Governor or the President was and put on a shirt or hat in support of him would this have been an issue? Heck no!! But it should because it would still be showing support for someone in an elected office. You don't know if they truly support Trump or not. They were being respectful and hospitable. Which I thought Texas was known for. But Mayor you are fixing to be known for being a Big Texas Size JERK! Because the article I read is being shared over and over again. If it's not true then I'd love to know what part is untrue..... #DoubleStandards
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Jonesey Harp
· 38 minutes ago
San Antonio has proven themselves to be a bunch of heartless citizens ��I'm posting this on your city side in a desperate plea to ask your city government to st...op killing perfectly healthy animals !!!��

Only YOU can make a change we are begging for help dogs are paying with their lives because of you!! How many more will leave San Antonio in garbage bags
Dead headed to become low
End dog food ?? WHY ARE YOU OK WITH THIS???? #govtsantionedanimalabuse�����
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Jas Escobedo
· July 10, 2016
I do not care for the $25 fine for garbage in the recycle bin. That is so New Yorkish, all that is going to do is have everyone use the brown trash bin for eve...rything. I would like to see an end to some homeowners having to pay for their own sidewalks while other parts of the city get their sidewalks done without payment. As far as far as the police are concerned, I would still like to see a program where rookie police are given a housing allowance for living in some of the poorer neighborhoods. See More
Terry Fortino
· October 12, 2016
San Antonio is a town crossed off of my list of towns to visit or drive through. Any government that would treat their Law Enforcement Officers with such disrespect is not a safe place to visit.
Kimberly Tristan
· August 3, 2016
To anyone trying to obtain an immunization record, good luck! The ONLY city office that is able to give you these is located off of NW 18th street. The lines ...are outrageous, the staff are rude and the wait is LONG. Nowhere to sit, dirty, and horrible all the way around. I am ashamed of my city for making their citizens go through this for something so simple. See More
Michele Murphy
· November 6, 2016
They have one of the highest euthanasia rates around. SAN Antonio killed 35 dogs just this week...horrible, what is your mayor doing to stop that. I have pictures of their bodies if you would like to see them �- hate this place
Brian Turner
· August 9, 2016
I really wish the city would collect, ban, and fine all these yard signs of advertising around the city. They are littering and they even provide a number for t...he companies posting signs without permits. I would say the city could add a program for the beggars in collecting them and turning them in for a dollar a sign. They can pay for the program by actually fining the businesses putting out the signs. See More
Chuck Corbitt
· December 21, 2016
How long after the city installs a traffic light does it take for it to begin operation? Stone Oak paid to have a light installed on Stone Oak Blvd and Crooked Arrow (Arrowhead Subdivision)?

The lights were installed weeks ago but they still remain non-operational.
Robin Orlowski
· June 20, 2016
REALLY disappointed in how limited the service is in a big city. I was visiting for a conference and needed to contact them for a non emergency request. The 311... is not available 24 hours in 2016 WTF?? With all of the money they are supposedly making from tourism and the fact that they don't pay their mayor/city council anything, where is it going?? Not impressed and certainly will not ever be back again for anything. See More

Check out the nation’s longest-running Latino film festival hosted by Arts & Culture, City of San Antonio at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. Featuring screenings, celebrity appearances, panel discussions and more!

The 39th annual CineFestival is the nation’s longest running Latino film festival.

Grab your boots & celebrate the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo at Historic Market Square! There's everything from local country artists to wagon rides, today from noon to 6 p.m.


SA2U is back & we're chatting about warrant forgiveness with the San Antonio Police Department, the 2017 bond with San Antonio TCI & general election info! Watch more episodes at…


Did you know the Alamo is a UNESCO World Heritage site? 181 years ago today the siege of the Alamo began. Learn more about its future vision on

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We are proud of our City staff, partners & residents who have continued to come together & help with the cleanup process from Sunday's storms.

Please call 311 if you need clean-up services or would like to volunteer. Thanks to CPS Energy, San Antonio TCI, City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio Fire Department, San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department, City of San Antonio Office of Emergency Management and Development Services Department City of San Antonio for all your assistance!

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HAPPENING NOW: Mayor Ivy R. Taylor, Sheryl Sculley & CPS Energy providing an update on the storms that impacted the area Sunday night and Monday morning.


Last night San Antonio experienced severe thunderstorms that brought 2 inches of rain; the San Antonio Fire Department is assessing possible damage to more than 100 homes.

This morning, the National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in the area indicated in the image below, including portions of the 78216 and 78209 zip codes.

San Antonio TCI and the City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management are currently working to begin clearing debris, for more information,... visit or call 311.

Emergency personnel ask that if you DO NOT live in the affected areas, please STAY AWAY while they assess damage & remove debris.

See More
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It may be February but it feels like spring in the air! 😎🌻Photo by Nicholas Kjos Realtor

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It's finally Friday! Have a safe & happy weekend San Antonio!

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We have to brag, our very own Jose de la Cruz from the Office of Innovation is San Antonio Business Journal Man of the year! Congratulations to all the nominees & Jenna Saucedo-Herrera at the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation on Woman of the Year!

The San Antonio Business Journal on Wednesday evening surprised two exemplary young San Antonians with the 2017 40 Under 40 Woman and Man of the Year awards.

Check the Hip Hop Orchestra at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts March 19th & help us sell out this performance!

The Q Live One "Up Close and Personal" concert series continues with Thee Phantom and the Illharmonic Orchestra. Sunday March 19th 7pm . All seats reserved - $32.50. Join us for Hip-Hop Orchestra at the Tobin - A Family Event.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
The City of San Antonio loves you too!

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The Alamo & its surrounding area are getting ready for BIG changes, learn more about what's in store!

There is a new master plan for the Alamo and surrounding area. Preserving and protecting these structures and toimprove the visitor experience by recapturing the battlefield and the mission.

Experience Ángel Rodríguez-Díaz: A Retrospective, 1982-2014 at the Centro de Artes Gallery. This exhibit is the largest & widest-ranging exhibition of works by the Puerto Rican native artist.

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Happy National Make a Friend Day! Did you know San Antonio has 4 Friendship Cities? Check them out and learn more here

Friendship City Agreements are usually the first step on the road to becoming a Sister City.