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Marc Rider
· December 29, 2017
If ya haven’t visited,you’ll probably go away thinking...I could live in this town!
Arminda Ekwunife
· November 30, 2016
Love this city is a great place to live and visit. People are friendly and welcoming. Hope to make rhis place my home some day soon.
Karen E Poe
· March 10, 2016
We are so blessed to have such an awesome responsive group of people that work at our city utility company.
Thank you for your quick response
Assita Chérie Traore
· January 5, 2017
Malgré le froid, ville très agréable. Une ville pour se consacrer aux études, très loin du bling bling.


Left turn signals have been added to the existing traffic signal at University Way and Alder Street. This needed addition was made to accommodate the increasing number of left turning vehicles from University Way to northbound on Alder Street. The protected left turn phases or lights will greatly improve traffic flow at this intersection and improve safety. Funding for this project came from Traffic Impact Fee funds received by the Ci...ty.

How does it work: there are vehicle detection or induction loops in the roadway that detects when a vehicle is present in the turn lane. Once a vehicle is detected a call is sent to the traffic signal controller, or computer, that will then in turn activate the left turn lights/phase to run for the programmed time. If no vehicles are detected, this left turn phase will not run. Also, if multiple vehicles are detected, the amount of time programmed for the left turn green arrows can be extended to its maximum programmed time.

Learn more about this project by calling the Public Works Department at (509) 962-7230.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Upgrades

The electric vehicle charging stations located next to the City restrooms between Main and Water on 3rd Avenue are undergoing a substantial upgrade. Construction on two new EV stations - one level 2 (fast) and one level 3 (super fast) - starts 4/23/2018, with an anticipated back in service date of mid-May 2018.

Starting 4/20/2018, the electric vehicle parking spaces will be unavailable (except the Tesla EV station).