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Frank Sedzielarz
· February 19, 2018
Congratulations to the Fridley Police Department on placing second in the state for DWI arrests, after Edina (Star Tribune, 2/18/18). It's no secret that the DWI's are out there, and our guys are doin...g something about it. I hope that they are also being just as serious about distracted driving offenses, which can be as dangerous as the DWI's. See More
Mike Anthony
· January 3, 2018
Thank you to all of the firefighters and paramedics out there for helping us out in the time of need. I really have nothing bad to say about Fridley except for maybe making the park over by the big ba...seball fields a lot bigger for the kiddos. There has been a couple of incidents that I know of around here with younger folks and weapons. A few weeks ago there were gun shots over here and a while before that there was a report of a group of kids and a gun at the burger King. Maybe some new direction is key. I think the youth are bored and need to be directed towards something of meaning for them. Idk. See More
Jade Barker
· December 21, 2017
So I asked to talk to melonee (age 6) tonight, I was told she would call me before bed....she did not.....I had a welfare check done by officer Kostuch of fridley police department.....officer kostuch... was upset at me for these messages (on this thread pm me for screenshots) and insisted that he does not want to come back and keep checking on my child over a civil matter!!! I apologized but told him that every time I dont hear from my child expect that call!!! He said that its her fathers day with our child and he does not have to allow phone calls (he's correct), and I told him that I have the right to have a welfare check done, that is my job as a parent and his job was to make sure she is safe and if she has bruises to ask questions and he said no its not and hung up on now I feel officer kostuch doesn't care whether or not my 6 year old is safe....I want him to be fired for this!!!! How can you not care about an abused 6 year old....if he only he knew how many times I've opened up child protection cases, called and left several messages for my worker gone unanswered before cases were closed....or that her father opened up a sex abuse case on my ex and showed several signs of him covering up his own tracks, but several calls to the investigator because I did his job for him also gone unanswered.....had a guardian ad litem and judge who if you read their facial expressions did not like him!!! But yet the guardian ad litem told me to give him joint because we are all sick of court and nothing will change, except a lot changed!!!! In those court hearings we got into a fight because he refused to stop spanking my child and admitted to a child protection case where his wife slapped my then 5 year old in the face!!!! when the judge explained that it wasn't okay to spank her, because at her age, she does not associated hitting as a punishment she associates it with the parent hitting her....he stood up and said aggressively that he was at the point where hes ready to just give up his rights!!!! After a few more court hearings and a discussion with the guardian ad litem I agreed to share custody because I clearly couldn't change the situation much without lots of proof of his abuse (what more do they want?) what changed was I agreed to weekends plus 2 weekdays which was not put in that order, only weekends were.... then the judge ordered child support to stop (also not explained to me) and that he isn't forced to pay back support without me filing a civil suite (????is he paying people off or what because this is not right!!!!)
And the judge sent the order to the county I live in to stop my assistance for her though I am allotted more than half the time with her said the judge in court!!!! And to top it off its in the order I pick up and drop off because he lost his license for not paying child support (he didn't even meet her until she was 2 and didn't see her again until she was 4 then started taking a bigger role due to me having another baby and having my tubes tied so for a while I could not care for her especially on my own!!! But without that financial help how is the single mother of 3 expected to do all the driving especially because it is not my punishment it is his and he has a wife for that and a mom is dead and dad an hour away, his mom is 10 minutes from his house AND IM NOT HIS MOMMY OR WIFE!!! I have never been in trouble with the law but he has a lengthy record!!!! #goodjobjusticesystem #imgonnachangethelaws
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Shujaat Ali Khan
· July 20, 2016
Folks: I want to share what happened when I got pulled over by Officer Murphy of Fridley PD on rice creek rd earlier today. I passed his squad car and saw that he had turned around and following me his lights on. I pulled over and waited for the officer who came out of his car. He was very kind and asked that I watch my speed going forward. I want to commend officer Murphy for this professional, upbeat and polite interaction. In these tough times it must be hard to focus on serving and protecting us but we need a lot more young officers like Officer Murphy to keep us safe. Best of luck to good officer and Fridley PD and all other PDs.

Thank you

Shujaat Khan
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Vincent Kunicki
· September 26, 2017
God bless and Protect these great men and women that wear the blue!!
Daniel Berganini
· July 4, 2016
Fridley used to be a great place to grow up and raise a family, but things have been going downhill dramatically over the last 10 years or more...
Jill Evers
· August 2, 2016
Got into a major accident in Fridley. They had names, birthdays, addresses, directions vehicles were going and who ran the red light all wrong. I would have more confidence in the police if their re...ports were more accurate. At least get the names right. See More
Robert Draper
· August 22, 2016
Their worthless police department will run red lights without a siren and ruin the day of the poor citizens with the green.
Sharon Taylor-Hagstrom
· December 30, 2014
We love the summer programs recommend to all people I know here in Fridley
Teresa Goerish
June 5, 2012
HELP Westwood Intermediate School earn free reading materials.
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They are 90 votes behind a San Francisco school trying to win the same materials....
If you have time, please log on and tell family and friends to go to:!prettyPhoto

Go to the end and you will see “Westwood Intermediate”, please vote for them and
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Thank you for your time!
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Roxy Sanovia
June 28, 2012
There is trichloroethylene in our water in Fridley MN we need granular activated carbon water filtration for the city.
Jim Stubbs
September 11, 2013
We need you to spray the stickers at the dog park. They are just awful!!!
Tamara Elick Lawrence
August 24, 2013
Air pollution in Fridley ... Parents of Fridley do you not care about the air that your children breathe?
Michael Pogue
· January 29, 2014
Fun but need more snacks
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