Did someone say WALL·E? Watch the FREE movie after the Eco Fair this Saturday (2/24/18) at 4PM inside the Seminole Theatre (18 N. Krome Ave.)!
You can also catch some short films and environmental talks inside the Theatre throughout the Eco Fair, beginning at noon!
We hope to see you there!

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FREE MOVIE TOMORROW! Get to know your Homestead Police Officers during Movie with a Cop Friday, February 23rd at 6PM at the Homestead PAL (600 SW 14th Ave., Homestead, FL 33030). Come enjoy a FREE screening of Despicable Me 3 while strengthening community relationships!

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Homestead Eco Fair 2018
This is what it looks like when your K9 has your back !! What a treat from the Homestead Police Department during Take Your Child to Work Day.
There's a bidding war going on at the City's Procurement department! It's part of a lesson about auctions for Take Your Child to Work Day! #homesteadfl #auction #takeyourchildtoworkday
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Justin Stephens
· January 16, 2018
My power bill here in Homestead is ATLEAST 25% higher then anywhere I've ever lived, even though I use less power then ever. The company here is SO bad i'm actually considering selling my house and m...oving if I can't afford to go solar. No exaggeration! They buy there power from FPL mark it up and sell it to us unlucky enough to be in there puny grid.Its profit revenue for the city.. basically tax that they tax again! Had I known all this I would have bought a house a few blocks over out of there grid. I hope someone considering buying a home in there grid would reconsider. I certainly will See More
Ray Bennett
· February 1, 2018
Power and water were off at my house. Called City of Homestead to reconnect my power and water.
Not only did i pay $150 for same day reconnection, but the technician ONLY turned on my power. But here...’s the worse part; when I called customer service to report this issue, they called the technician and he had THE AUDACITY to say he DID turn on the main water line! So, customer service told me if I want him to come back they would have to change me another $150!
I’m no plumber, but when I saw the valve at the main water line, common sense tells me the valve is off.
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Pilar Tabares
· September 13, 2017
HPS has always had a lack of urgency when dealing with service related issues but, with such large number of customers affected by lack of electricity they should have stepped their game up. I asked of the technicians I saw working on 288Th street when estimated service would be restored and he told me that a transmitter blew, which was "bad news". He said it meant a tree was down and when I offered to show him which one I thought it might be, he brushed me off. FPL has been working to restore their customers day and night, restoring energy late in the morning, sending texts to their customers on when service will be restored in their area, but, not HPS. They take their technicians off the road at 10pm. Im writing a complaints to governor rick Scott. And complaining to better business bureau. See More
Mike N Barb Allender
· September 19, 2017
Our neighborhood has worked for days cleaning up after Irma. There were no instructions from the city on how to pile our debri. Yesterday we had a contract crew come through our neighborhood tearing t...he piles apart because they could not take anything other than leaves and tree debri. Now the neighborhood looks like crap again. We have been trying to figure out when our bulk pick up will be. Have tried calling the number on the bottom of garbage pickup schedule and the mailbox is full and No one will answer the phone. Would be nice to have some communication. See More
Pedro Miranda
· September 19, 2017
I live on 43 ne 17 st homestead fl and I have a avocado tree leaning on a fpl wooden posts with at least 4 different cables running across possibly power lines as well. I called homestead utilities ...on Monday at 10 am to explain my dilemma and the woman on the line
Went crazy when I told her I was going to take care of it if nobody from fpl would show up. I have kids and I'm hoping to resolve this issue. It's obviously dangerous. So far no one has come by to at least talk with me about the huge tree on the wires. Obviously she was no help and no word from fpl.
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Michael Slager
· December 14, 2017
Hps billing department and there supervisor suck and have the worst customer service. takes 4 days to figure out why my water bill went from 6000 gallon a month to 29000 gallon and nothing changes at house and it goes back to 6000 gallons( I don’t have a pool nor does my neighbors) basically I was robbed by you guys See More
Susan Sorrentino
· January 10, 2018
Thank You for reviewing the Dec and Jan. 2018 Spotlight art show at the Seminole Theater. My Oil Paintings were all made over the past 6 months. I was inspired by the agricultural life that I found in... homestead when I retired Here. Thank You for this warm welcome. I honor you by showing my "Homestead Harvest" Oil Paintings here for 2 months. I love homestead and the Spotlight program for visual artists. Thanks! See More
Victoria Sharpe
· September 16, 2017
This is ridiculous still no power. Across the street power for two days. The street to our right power since yesterday. The street to the left power for the last three days. I talked to a HPS worker a...bout my husband being disabled and the heat getting to him. Was told to take him to the hospital if he can't take the heat. The hospital told us they aren't a hotel and he'd have to be having some sort of heat stroke for him to stay. Being that we don't have a car we are having a difficult time finding ice. What the hell Homestead! See More
Kevin O'Connor
· July 28, 2017
Their website to pay your utility bill has been an issue for months for me. My email is registered but my password is not . Every time I change it , the website replies that I must create a new accoun...t. So I try to create a new account and it says I already have a an account. I am so done with this. Just let me drop off my payment like I used to before George closed that office also. Horrible service! See More
Marilyn Garcia
· October 13, 2017
Why is my bill so high after Hurricane Irma??? The City of Homestead are a bunch of crook's how is it my fault a hurricane hit us and now I have to pay an extra $280.00 on top of my regular bill!!!!!!
Melana Davison
· September 22, 2017
I am now 13 days without power and with no power, i have no water. Promised to have service but none in sight.
Tenkiai Wong
· September 28, 2017
Waterstone is in homestead. We need government funded land lines. Also the street in front of the Homestead waste Dept needs to be fixed already. Why can't they do that at least? It's not expensive. T...heir fancy buildings on the other hand are expensive. They are using our tax dollars only to their convenience. See More
Jason Jensen
· November 29, 2017
The city of homestead is openly hostile to people that come to City Hall or council meetings- I was disallowed speaking even while I followed all published rules to speak in open comment of that meeting.
Sasha Nicole Adames Tirado
· February 1, 2018
Worse customer service I have ever received in my life. HPS is completely uncooperative and has zero empathy with the customer. All they care is to collect money from ANYONE but can't provide assistan...ce. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! See More
Jacques Meshae
· September 21, 2017
Homestead is blanketed by corruption. I believe the government, state and miami-dade is aware. Just ask the thousands of illegal immigrants that make up half of the city. Residents thats made aware of... local events in homestead especially the theater on krome is mainly city & city government workers families and friends these events are not intended for immigrant families or low income families who reside in the city and keeps it going which is why the homestead little newspaper that goes out every now and then rarely makes it to those areas. They make it seem like they're over protective of illegal immigrants only to keep the city as a safe haven for them because they know their hard workers and that guarantees the money they make flows right through LITTLE OLD CORRUPTED CITY OF HOMESTEAD. We know what happens when immigrants get of line in Homestead,Fl its on the books its no way you cant find it) From the mayor& city council, to the police chief, the officers, now even the city staff but i must say some of the maintenance workers i encountered around homestead cleaning were pleasant maybe because these are the lower end jobs within homestead's government and they're not effected by the corruption. They are bullies and mangement in office needs to be replaced offering a more transparent government something they lack. Their target audience for events, social events even city meetings my opinion are middle class, city worker, government workers fam.&friends when the city is made up of mainly farm workers, low income residents, illegal immigrants and small %of small business owners. Their job market doesn't match the cost of living here. The cost of living is higher then the pay rate and im not going even to start with the utility services...i believe the world knows already. My grammer is not the best here but all I want to do is get the message out. I was always told " If you dont speak up, how do you expect to be heard." (Please share) See More
James Duncan
· September 12, 2017
i live in homestead at 357 sw 6th ave. we need to know how long power will be out. makes no sense at how slow they are working
Iris Aviles
· December 15, 2016
Homestead Public Service
Water Energy & Sanitation
The Prices Are Ridiculously High
Most residents Live On Fixed Income
They have a recycling fee for cans on the bill?
We should be getting credit for this not being charged! We the residents provide the Aluminum! Residential storm water fee?
You are already charging for Water charge service! Then at summary on the bill Other Total? Really Residents look at your Bill & Charges let's come together & address these issues!!! So You get home to find they have Cut your Utilities, You're Disabled Or have someone in the household Who has Asthma and is constantly on a Nebulizer! The City Don't Care! They want that Bill Paid! Won't even work with the Customer as Paying whatever You can until Bill is Up to date!!!
Some of us live check to check and don't qualify for light assistance program!!!
Where is the Customer Service Center for HPS? Taken away! Why? It's much needed here in Our City! Oh let me guess we would have to Pay More On Our Utilities Bill!!!
Instead of Building Fancy Columns that aren't of any use at City Hall Wasted City Money! come up with a Solution that will help residents Instead of Shutting Their Utilities OFF!!!
See More
Paul J Feeney
· October 18, 2017
I guess this city doesn't like to hear from its citizens, and the police protect the politicians so that politicians protect the police.
Edwin Cartagena
· August 1, 2017
I hate the fact they know that homestead is infested with flying piranhas and dont fumigate against them regularlyx they belive 1 a year is more than enough to combat these mosquitos. Its something my employees no longer can work on the farm. Animals are have be kept captive in cages againt mosquitos. And one walks outside and they goulp you. See More
Paloma Aymat Del Llano
· September 18, 2017
Thank you to all our city's workers in doing an amazing job. In special to Vice Mayor Patricia Fairclough. ���

Blasting Notice: SDI Quarry located off SW 167th Avenue is scheduled to conduct blasting today, February 22, 2018. Residents may notice loud noise or vibrations, which are normal parts of these blasting events. Blasting usually occurs between 9AM and 3PM.

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HPS Energy customers, this is a picture of the cause of yesterday morning’s outage on the east side of town. This hit to the electrical switch gear affected approximately 6,000 homes and businesses and caused additional unseen damage to underground cables, which contributed to the outage yesterday evening as well. Crews have switched out the affected components and repair work is in progress.

In January, HPS Energy crews also responded to an outage caused by an electronic circuit card that failed in the electrical substation that feeds the east part of town. Crews have since been switching out electronic circuit cards on substations throughout the City to reduce the chances of failure.

You can report outages or maintenance issues to and HPS Crews will be ready to respond 24/7.

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Spring is in the air in Homestead as preparations begin for the annual Homestead Easter Egg Hunt. Hundreds of families will enjoy an evening of crafts, food trucks, and an egg hunt Friday, March 23, 2018 at 6:00PM. The Egg Hunt will begin promptly at 7:00PM. Children of all ages will love the balloon artist, obstacle course, and slide. Younger children will have their own Toddler Playland to explore and have fun.

Tickets for the event go on sale Monday, February 26, 2018 and can be purchased Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM at Parks & Recreation (350 SE 6th Avenue, Homestead, FL 33030). Tickets are $5 per child ages 2-12 and children under 2 are free. Call 305-224-4570 for more information.

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Searching for some FREE FUN this weekend? Look no further than the Homestead Eco Fair Saturday, February 24th 12PM-4PM at Losner Park (104 N. Krome Ave.). You can connect with local environmental groups, enjoy FREE yoga and martial arts classes, take pictures in our photo booth, and learn about sustainability with KIDS' ACTIVITIES! Plus, you won't want to miss the FIRST EVER Eco Fair FILM SERIES inside the Seminole Theatre. More at

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FREE MOVIE! Get to know your Homestead Police Officers during Movie with a Cop Friday, February 23rd at 6PM at the Homestead PAL (600 SW 14th Ave., Homestead, FL 33030). Come enjoy a FREE screening of Despicable Me 3 while strengthening community relationships!

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February is almost over! Have you checked out the exciting classes and activities at the William F. Dickinson Community Center? Find out about membership by calling 305-245-4934 or stopping by the Center at 1601 N. Krome Ave., Homestead, FL 33030.

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THIS FRIDAY! Get to know your Homestead Police Officers during Movie with a Cop Friday, February 23rd at 6PM at the Homestead PAL (600 SW 14th Ave., Homestead, FL 33030). Come enjoy a FREE screening of Despicable Me 3 while strengthening community relationships!

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CALLING ALL SEAFOOD LOVERS! Check out the Stone Crab & Seafood Festival hosted by the Rotary Club of Homestead Charitable Foundation NEXT WEEKEND Saturday, February 24th 11AM-6PM and Sunday, February 25th 11AM-5PM at the Homestead Sports Complex (1601 SE 28th Ave.). Enjoy LIVE MUSIC, Seafood Vendors, Cooking Demonstrations, and KIDS' RIDES! Admission is just $10 for ages 16+ and FREE for 15 and under. All proceeds from the event will be used for college scholarships, Homestead Soup Kitchen, and other local charities.

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THIS SATURDAY! Join us at the Homestead Eco Fair Saturday, February 24th 12PM-4PM in Losner Park (104 N. Krome Ave.) to connect with environmental organizations, ENJOY FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE, kids' activities, LIVE MUSIC, and more during this FREE community event. More information at

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Join the City of Homestead and Homestead Police Department at we partner with the Florida Department of Transportation to end aggressive driving. Learn more at

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The Offices of the City of Homestead are CLOSED TODAY, February 19, 2018 for Presidents' Day. We will reopen at normal business tomorrow, February 20, 2018.

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Don't forget! Sunday, March 11, 2018 is the FREE Biscayne-Everglades Greenway Ride. Pick from 3 ride options from easy to tough! Registration starts at 9AM and the ride starts at 10AM. Ride departs from the Homestead Sports Complex at 1601 NE 28th Ave., Homestead, FL 33035. Call 786-229-1001 for more information.

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The Offices of the City of Homestead will be CLOSED TOMORROW, February 19, 2018 for Presidents' Day. We will reopen at normal business hours on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.

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