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Brenda Hockett
· April 16, 2018
Seriously I have a traffic ticket and I’m a honest citizen and want to take care of it. It has been 39 days since my traffic ticket and I have a week left to show up in court (which I can’t make it or I get a warrant for my arrest?!?! How stupid is your system that it takes 45-60 days for my speeding ticket to show up but you will arrest me and charge me additionally if I don’t show up before you even have it in your system?!?! See More
Eddie Conley
· November 3, 2017
That one star is more than they deserve. I'm out living on the streets because of these worthless bums. and bums just like them all over the world. Your religion of protecting people is alie and you'r...e all worthless pigs. The only thing you protect is your right to run your big mouths. And your Jesus is alie. Ha. I hate your guts. It would have taken more water than is in the oceans to lift the ark up to mt. ararat. Your religion is the mark you pervert sickos. You say how bad drugs are {and they're worse than you make them to be} and push protecting each other's perversion, and say how honorable a war hero's death is. Your pig rats. You say in the tribulation 1/3 of the people will die. That's today; avg lifespan 80 years, about 1/3 of 120 or whatever it is. Sickos are dumping bodies in the earth left and right and then saying they are protecting them. I guess in the end you are : about 7 billion dirtbags saved every day (babies included). By they way, if you read this and think I'm crazy or believe in jesus, you're a sicko. How can you save what's not afraid to die, except get on everyone else's side and pick on someone that wants to live. See More
Edward G. Klapproth
· October 19, 2017
You can't get a human to answer your questions. I need help because need to use a walker and have a large oxygen tank and yet I am to appear as as witness yet I don't know if I can bring these in with... me and if the court will provide assistence. See More
Jodi Mauro
· August 23, 2017
My issue was getting to the Court House. In the 4 block walk from the garage I was twice approached by aggresive people wanting money. On one corner I had to avoid a disoriented person peeing on the b...uilding. But the worse and very unsettling to me was the filthy, man who exposed himself to me.
Don't know when Vegas got this out of control but I never want to be in that area again.
Between what I encountered and the heat walking so far about 11am this senior citizen felt like a victim not someone willing to do my civic duty.
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John Copeland
· July 9, 2017
Website is messed up...
Jury Summons had a web address that is not valid
(stupid form will not allow me to enter the web address)...
after finally finding my way and registering
(again stupid form will not allow me to enter the web address)
Jury Home Page>Information> What to Expect> Where to Park> and Info Video ALL get "File not found" Error pages!
Seriously? C'mon Clark County web developers, Get it together!!!
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Peter Dingfield
· August 23, 2017
It wasn't a bad experience. I wouldn't say I liked it. Being summoned for jury duty is always good but never great. This was my sixth time. It was a great deal easier than Washington State. D...efinitely made the process easy to understand and for that I am grateful. See More
Chris Goins
· February 16, 2017
This courthouse is lucky it isn't burned to the ground. How can u literally sit back and not do anything about ur pigs (cops in case u don't know what that means) this is what is wrong with this world.... All the crooked police in this world one of these days somebody is gonna wreak justice on the entire police system because it is crooked as a mother fucker. Nevada courts and any other crooked courts can burn in hell. Also any crooked cops should be lynched. Just my opinion can't come at me freedom of speech bitches. Reap what u sow assholes!!! See More
William Morgan
· August 17, 2017
The truth will set you free!! Wasn't there for myself of course. I was morall support for my best Freind "SOMETIMES". Went well , I paid for her lawyer and got charges dropped. Couldn't be much happie...r with the outcome of the case. Judge was fair and very understanding . See More
Neal Rigger
· October 5, 2017
So much integrity and honesty with in this department.
Lisa Nulsen
· November 30, 2016
For the first time in years! I left the court house very happy and satisfied. Judge Potter has been very helpful & had very good guidence so my daughter to be adopted by her dad! Very much appreciated
Steve Sanson
March 30, 2013
I have great respect for Judge Frank Sullivan; he is also our Veterans In Politics International Endorsement recipient. I do not understand why Judge Sullivan would hire a man-beater that would chock ...out a 23 year old petite woman restrained to a chair (defenseless) and use the phrase “you are in my house bitch” Let me remind all of you that wear a badge and think that you are above the law. Tax payers pay your salary, your pension, your healthcare, the equipment you use, and the building you claim is your house. Without tax payers you would be in a different line of work.
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Kasey Page
· August 13, 2015
I just now watched the story involving the patricia doninger incident. I can't express how bad it made me feel Clark county courts what a sick joke you have become. I hope this will serve as a lesson others in positions of power. See More
Heather Folgo
June 12, 2013
So Patricia Doninger is a Domestic Violence Commissioner !!?? She is doing a great job of protecting people, especially women, from being abused...NOT!!!!!! She failed as a judge, she failed the syst...em, and above all,she failed as a woman. She disgusts me as does Ron Fox. I am sure her behavior in the past (maybe her entire life) has been unethical, there just happened to be a video this time. That woman was clearly telling the truth and looked to Patricia Doninger as a figure with authority and as another woman thinking she would get help. Pathetic See More
Rebecca Britt
· June 11, 2013
Patricia Donninger, you're a pathetic excuse for a judge. This poor woman goes in for a simple divorce hearing, did nothing wrong, gets sexually abused and then arrested for it. You're as much to blam...e. How can the court system even allow this behavior. Judge Patricia Donninger and Marshal James Kenyon should be fired, as well.

I applaud Monica Contreras for standing up for herself. I hope she finds a good lawyer and sues the hell out of the county!

Shame on you Clark County Courts! Shame on you! Thank God I live in Texas.
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Terri Rangel-Swarens
· July 29, 2017
Traffic department was so quick and easy! Got my number and was called in 2 minutes to the window. Staff was nice and professional.
John D. Pedrosa Jr.
· November 11, 2015
Sick bastards, I just saw the Ron Fox court incident and y'all disgust me. And the Judge ignoring the pleas of the young lady, she should be behind bars as well..... trying to be above the law and abu...sing power....that's Nevada for ya.... See More
Will Meyers
· July 24, 2017
Dude was so nice I enjoyed all of the total experience
Dean Clark
· October 30, 2014
Patricia Donninger I am ashamed to know you are an American and you should be fired you worthless piece of crap. I ho[e you get what you deserve.
Justine Snow
· September 9, 2013
Robert Stephen Jackson belongs in jail. He shot 5 people on the Vegas Strip in 2007 and NOTHING has been done about it yet. Move out of the area if you can, you are living among guilty criminals caugh...t on video surveillance that walking around free. Disgusting. See More
Tom McCourt
· March 3, 2017
I was an observer in Chief Judge Cedric Kern's YO Court. This is an amazing program, saving the lives of young Las Vegas participants every day.
CASA Volunteers Swearing-In Ceremony
Project SOAR March 2010 Graduation
Nevada Supreme Court Justice Michael A. Cherry and Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court Discovery Commissioner Bonnie A. Bulla, have been selected as recipients of the 2018 Liberty Bell Award. The…

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Seventeen new CASA volunteers have opened their hearts to children who have endured abuse and neglect. The volunteers took an oath to speak on behalf of kids. The volunteers, including a tax speci…